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Friday, August 19, 2016

Fr. Beck: Doctrinal Declaration Is NOT Laity's Business?

Fr. Beck: Doctrinal Declaration Is NOT Laity's Business?
This goes to show you the level of delusion and buffoonery in the NeoSSPX
This was written by a traditional catholic posted in a traditional catholic forum
I have added my comments at the end...
Sheepdog here, bark, bark, bark!

Fr Beck gave a sermon last Sunday, Aug 14 2016, in Saint Marys, KS.
It was all about the GREAT Saint Marys.  It made Saint Marys
sound like a gift from the Blessed Mother and the people in
Saint Marys are so holy and supportive of Fr Beck. 

Well, that is OK, except for the fact that there is already a huge
amount of pride here. 

What's missing from the sermon is news of the personal prelature
recently accepted by Bishop Fellay, news of visiting Novus Ordo
priests saying Mass and hearing confessions, and news that the
Saint Marys Academy and property will become the property of
Rome (as I understand it). 

For some of us who know what is going on behind the scenes,
behind the sweet and nice sermons, the sermon was like smoke
and mirrors.  For myself, it was kind of sickening.

I'm sure I will be attacked, but I don't care.  I'm really sick of the
deception, lack of information and the nonsense that the SSPX will
convert Rome.

I was afraid to call it deception until I heard what Fr Beck thinks
about the laity. 

In a video, Bishop Williamson talks about the Doctrinal Declaration
of April 2012.  It was kept secret for one year.  Why? 

Compromise is the new flavor of the day for the Society...
Fr. Beck is quoted as saying:

The only problem in the Society is INTERNAL, a quarrel between
priests, [the Doctrinal Declaration] is absolutely not the laity's business.
And that's why all of this has been kept secret

The Faith is NOT the laity's business ???

Here is the video: 


At 1:09:20 he mentions what Fr Beck said about
the Doctrinal Declaration of April 2012 which was kept
secret for one year ... "It's not the laity's business". 

TradCatKnight: For those ignorant the NeoSSPX has abadoned their founder's position of accepting the Council (in general) and undertaking "operation suicide", that is, to get into modernist Rome land and think they will convert them.  Two problems with this thesis.  First Modernist Rome has openly stated the goal was to Conciliarize the NeoSSPX which means they have NO INTENTION of converting.  Two, how is the NeoSSPX going to convert when their leaders are are ALREADY compromised and blind?  What Fr. Beck jsut said was how the NeoSSPX leaders reacted to those who wanted to know what was going on in 2012 during the talks with Modernist Rome.  They gave the same nonsensical answer.  Deception and distrust are two words now associated with the Society.