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Friday, August 5, 2016

Dying NeoSSPX Chapel in Phoenix

Dying NeoSSPX Chapel in Phoenix
Sent to me via email...
Posted by Phxgroup on a traditional catholic fourm...
We are a group of adults who have been members of Our Lady of Sorrows for many years some of us are founders who have been here from the very beginning in the late 70s 

It should be of no surprise to anyone that we are unhappy with the new church ,
The fact of the matter is everyone we have talked to has complaints ,some have just a few
like the horrible sound system that makes following the Mass or hearing the sermon nearly impossible or the permanent suspension of traditional devotions and groups like the Holy Name Society or closing of the book store.

Others , Many who are established members have just left due to number of complaints being so many

All you have to do is take a trip one Sunday to the other traditional masses around the valley and you will see for yourself how many former OLOS parishioners attend

Ask the kitchen staff they will tell you Sunday doughnut and coffee sales are down by half for this time of year

Ask the Ushers they will tell you collections are down and complaints are growing ( be careful which usher you ask though some are more loyal to Fr. Riccomini then they are the church or the faith and they will report you )

The church is dying as a community . Older established members are already going and gone
soon it will be families with children, the only reason most of them stayed at all was the school
but as other traditional parishes grow with our former members they too will be able to open schools

We were going to list some of those complaints ,ones we heard over & over but this our first post is already long enough we will though list a few

The sound system

The closing of the book store

The lack of one single statue in the church

The disbanding of the Holy Name Society

The suspension of blessing religious articles

The ending of most evening masses

we could go on and on as there are a lot more but as we said this post is long enough  

At the vigil last night I was shocked at how empty the chapel was. There were maybe 3 dozen people in a building that can easily fit 300. Where is everyone? On any given Sunday you would see at least a 100. At Christmas that place was standing room only. 

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