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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

"Catholic" youth deceived!

"Catholic" youth deceived!

vkpatriarhat.org (Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate)

Vatican Secretariat of State

At World Youth Day in Krakow, pseudo Pope Bergoglio dishonestly and cynically deceived the "Catholic" youth. In five homilies he fascinated them by naturalness, seeming simplicity and an interest in young people. The sermons were sometimes almost charismatic and full of a spirit. But what spirit? A young inexperienced Christian can hardly distinguish this spirit, and all the more so because Bergoglio kept telling the youth that God “fanatically” loves them the way they are … without repentance, without breaking with sin, without orthodox doctrine.

What fruit will this World Youth Day bear? Will the Catholic youth call a sin a sin, will they strive to live a moral life and in premarital chastity? Will they avoid the influence of rock and metal music or narcotics? Will they reject occultism which is the root of paganism? Will they believe in Jesus Christ as the only Saviour? Will they understand that homosexuality is the main driving force of the NWO towards genocide of humanity and is directly connected with the criminal juvenile justice system which steals children from their loving parents? Will they defend themselves against the Islamization of Europe today? Under Francis’ influence, the youth continue to be kept in the dark about these essential things. He just used an opiate to create a false euphoria.

By his thoughtful and purposeful speech, pseudo Pope Bergoglio almost managed:
1) to win the hearts and confidence of young people,
2) to encourage youth in erroneous belief that they need not change their lifestyle or break with sin or repent because God “fanatically” loves them the way they are.
At a time when almost all young Christians live, as a rule, in fornication, impurity and pornography, when drugs are legalized on a massive scale, when homosexuality and even worse immoral perversions are considered the norm, when the USA and the EU put their legalization as a priority of their policies, including adoption of children by homosexuals, Bergoglio does not speak about repentance but manipulatively about the “crazy” and “fanatical” love of God for us people. But he is silent on these fundamental issues. He does not say clearly that this evil and these sins separate us from God. He does not call on the youth to repent of these sins and does not lead them to the crucified Jesus in Whose Blood we find forgiveness of sins – the height of the real love of God for us. Bergoglio knowingly deceives the youth, and this is a crime!

Bergoglio’s goal was achieved! He has won favour with the youth because he created unity with them in the spirit of the world. By his stunning charismatic performance he blessed their sinful way of life. He did not even emphasize the minimal moral standards without which Christianity is dead. Winning the youth’s confidence in Krakow, Bergoglio actually made them embrace his ideology and beliefs which are truly antichristian and satanic and which he strategically concealed at World Youth Day. Namely:
1) He does not consider homosexualism, transsexualism and other deviations a sin. He allows this moral infection to spread even among priests, bishops and cardinals.
2) All religions are said to be equal and Christians, Muslims and pagans (Buddhists, Hindus) are said to have the same God. This is a blatant lie and heresy! The loving God the Father, who gave His Only Begotten Son for us, is not identical with Allah who requires ritual human sacrifice of those who have received Christ, the Son of God. Neither is the God of Christians identical with the pagan gods – demons!

It is no wonder that the spirit of antichrist, which anti-Pope Bergoglio carries within himself, was manifested again and the pseudo Pope repeatedly urged everyone to accept Muslim “immigrants”. In the sermon, he juggled the Scripture, saying they are thus accepting Christ Himself. To interpret the Scripture in this way is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. However, Bergoglio remains silent on the fact that these Islamic “refugees” carry out a pre-programmed task of nationwide Islamization and destruction of Christianity in the European territory. This tragedy already happened in the past on the territories of North Africa, Iraq and Iran which were Islamized by force and where Christians were exterminated. Bergoglio conceals even the shocking statistics of crimes committed by Islamists in recent months, e.g. in Italy. Prisons are overcrowded with Islamic “refugees”. The situation in Germany is worse because Muslims are not punished even for the most serious crimes there and if anyone resists them, it is him – an innocent victim – who is punished. Bergoglio is silent on this too. He is silent on the thousands of victims with heads cut off in the name of Allah and on the hundreds of Christian girls raped with impunity by Muslims in the EU.

Let us point out to the fascinated Catholics that in the case of Francis Bergoglio it is an abuse of papal authority. At the Council of Constantinople in 680, Pope Honorius I was posthumously excommunicated from the Church for the heresy of Monotheletism. This excommunication was confirmed by Pope Leo II. Furthermore, in the dogmatic Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio (1559) Paul IV stated that if the Pope is guilty of heresy or fell into heresy before his election, the election is invalid and all of his actions are without force. This fully applies to the current pseudo Pope Francis.
At the very beginning of his visit to Poland, Francis did not refrain from making a speech to the political leaders. He also forced the suicidal programme of Islamization on them. By his performance at the World Youth Day he de facto stabbed the Polish nation in the back, as this nation confronts the EU-imposed quotas by holding several-thousand-strong demonstrations. Not long before the Pope’s visit to Poland, IS executioners cut off heads of two men before the eyes of young children. One of the executioners said into the camera before that: “President Hollande, it will be repeated on your citizens in the streets of Paris, Marseille and Nice.” After these words he cut off the captive’s head. But Francis psychopathically repeats a mantra: “It is not right to identify Islam with violence.”

Let us point out again that Francis Bergoglio brought down on himself multiple God’s anathema by reason of heresies according to Gal 1:8-9. Whoever is in internal unity with him – a heretic – receives the same unclean spirit as well as the spirit of heresy and apostasy. Unless the person concerned repents, he will be eternally condemned.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate