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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Capuchins Update: Fr. Chazal Drops Another Bomb!

Capuchins Update: Fr. Chazal Drops Another Bomb!


The Sisters Will Follow the Friars:

"The sisters will follow whatever Morgon does. They are anti deal and add some weight, I dont know how much. Nuns have not given us any happy surprise so far, most of them have been outmaneuvered by Bishop Galarretta, especially the Avrille nuns. but the relation of the Poor Claires of Morgon with the Morgon monks is much closer.
Let us hope nuns will catch up some day.
Morgon is indeed still in danger until they make a clean break, but this present situation is very reminiscent of the situation of the Dominicans before they joined, or were pushed to join by Bishop Fellay's own aversion for them.

I am very sure some are advising Menzingrad to be very careful, but the situation is getting more difficult to manage for Menzingen to keep them in. for instance Menzingen wants to vaporize and pulverize the Knights yet they cannot ignore that Morgon fully supports the Knights of Our Lady. Morgon backed the book of Francois Xavier Peron on the Synod which they banned. Father Jean boils under his lid, the Padres are very outspoken at times, one could guess that Menzingrad wants Fr Antoine to instill some discipline and is not satisfied with the half measures taken against Fr John for instance. there were plenty of third order Capuchins at the le Puy resistance pilgrimage; I would guess Menzingrad would appreciate Morgon to issue guidelines to the straying sheep. Sometimes, as with the Civitas St Joan of Arch March, they preempted confrontation, but the denial of ordinations is no such thing, but a serious step, a sign that Menzingen is blinking first. only two Capuchins showed up in Econe this year, a far cry from normal years.

Let us admit then that they have entered in a new phase and pray harder for them. We were thrown out for excluding the deal with heretical Rome, and voicing it publicly and loudly, as loud as we could, but the way Morgon is doing it might be more painful for Menzingen. If Fr Antoine succeeds in keeping most of his monks, the facts will have proven him right, just like Avrille joined the Resistance in one piece with no loss whatsoever for the Monastery. Perhaps that is the monastic way of things.

The Morgon way wants to exclude any theatrics and any posturing. they refuse to project themselves as the biggest antiliberal gun in town. that mentality is fearful and distasteful to them. I also think they want to spend most of their energy at being good monks and trust God will give them the necessary graces to confess the truth at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way. they gave an overextended benefit of the doubt to Menzingen and other liberal society superiors, which is way too excessive in my view, but there is a franciscan relish into giving the superior much leeway, trainloads of benefits of the doubt. their way is that, given the appropriate dosage of humility, the mistakes of a superior are a way to climb for an inferior. it is excruciating to us, but a pleasure to them.

For his own camp bishop Fellay should cave in to the demands of Morgon, and break the cycle, just as he should have left Bishop Williamson rot in his attic in Wimbledon, just as he should have left the Dominicans alone. to a much lesser extent than in Fr Pfluger's case, there is a revolutionary impulse in Bishop Fellay that prompts him to trigger the guillotine (only a gentle pull on a string releases the heavy blade after all).

I wouldn't be surprised if Bishop Fellay backed down and got the Capuchin candidates ordained, that is what he did two an a half years ago if i recall. but then Morgon would be rewarded for defying him and one more cycle would begin. and perhaps after some time, Bishop Fellay has to move on, and has other commitments to fulfill. who knows, it is probably Rome who is also asking him to clean house. trying to dissect the forked twists of his calculations is giving too much credit to this tormented and split in the middle spirit.

Satis, I think you have more than you need, let us not waste too much time on this and pray instead, trust, and perhaps even thank in advance Our Lady for saving Morgon.