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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bishop Fellay Taking Orders From a False "Mystic"?

Bishop Fellay Taking Orders From a False "Mystic"?
This would not surprise me in the last bit....
From an anonymous follower of TradCatKnight
Originally from the website NonPossumus
This was sent to me this morning.  Please keep information coming there is alot out there thank you..
From the website "Non Possumus" July 27-30 and more.

 From 1995 on, +Fellay has been conducting the business and operations of 
the SSPX according to a woman "mystic?" called Madame Rossiniere.  This 
woman who receives her information "from the sky", who has informed +Fellay 
that the only way the priests of the SSPX can be sanctified is if 
they "listen to her orders and to establish an organization within the SSPX 
that follows her guidance 100%".  This semi secret organization of priests 
within the SSPX is from whom all higher officials or district superiors and 
governing officials are taken from. This woman has told +Fellay, who has 
swallowed her revelations completely, that he, +Fellay will be "great in 
the Church", that they must join Rome, that the SSPX is going to save Rome, 
the Church and the world, as long as they listen to her completely and 
follow her "orders or suggestions".

After reading this revelation one realizes that +Fellay, who appears to be 
completely under the influence of this person, Madame Rossiniere, has 
succumbed to a "Charismatic/Pentacostal" visionary of sorts - that only 
through her and the establishment of this "secret order of priests" can the 
SSPX and later the Church obtain sanctification - in other words 
sanctifying grace from this person and not the sacraments.


TradCatKnight:  This would not surprise me at all.  No Saint will go down as accepting Vatican II as he does now.  It assuredly could explain all of his illicit actions against those trying to preserve what Archbishop Lefebvre taught.  There was no Saint to ever say be obedient to heretical authorities (their teachings) let alone one that was establishing a whole new religion (cult of man). Bishop Fellay has long lost it.