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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another Vatican II Success Story: Pittsburgh Diocese

Another Vatican II Success Story: Pittsburgh Diocese
Pittsburgh Diocese experiencing a loss of parishioner’s and priests.  
Could we argue this a “good thing"
 By: Eric Gajewski
It seems here in America we have our own “little Germany” which is struggling to keep the faith alive but what faith you might ask?  Is what Vatican II teaching “our Catholic Faith”?  Or is it something alien.  Oh, I don’t know let’s say the “cult of man” perhaps?  This recent story of the "dying" Pittsburgh diocese is simply Gods way of saying “when are you blind people going to get the message”.  The poor Bishop wants to do a whole lot of other things but HE WILL FAIL and why?  God is not behind Vatican II.  Even changing around the liturgy to make it more traditional will not suffice.  Tamper with Truth thence you mess with God Himself and Pittsburgh is seeing this principle in action as this harsh reality is now seen before all.  Grace gets shut down and Ezekiel's bones are all that remains.

This is nothing new truly.  This is just an “aftertaste” of that diabolical Council which will one day be made null and void.  More and more people, including, here, in the Ohio Valley, are saying NO to the Novus Ordo.  Bishop Zubik says we need better homilies.  Okay and how is that possible if you are using as a foundation the Vatican II cult of man principles that every Catholic is suppose to follow (in order to be seen as in the Church)?  No, what the Bishop needs and the rest of the Novus Ordites is to lay down and reject this new Religion they have been following (many of them blindly) and then God’s window of grace would re-open and “life” would then once again be “breathed” back into the Pittsburgh area.  He says they need more people but is this true?  In a certain sense yes but in a certain sense no.  How about more faithful people?  Give me a few good soldiers “gutted out” of all self love ready to call out the New Religion of Vatican II rather than a roomful of pandering heretics any day of the week.  What good does that do to have a couple hundred heretics occupying the buildings if we are still not pleasing God? Objectively speaking those following Vatican II do not please God

The answer for Pittsburgh is simple. Quit tap-dancing around.  Reject Vatican II and New Mass and God will bless you.  Of course there will be resistance at first but it is how God ordains things which He loves.  We must first be put through the fiery trial.  Will Pittsburgh do this under the current Bishop?  Don’t hold your breath but never underestimate the power of the Rosary.  What good are buildings if the Faith is not there?  What good is the priest if he does not likewise hold this Faith?  Can Catholics approach these sacraments?  Catholic teaching says no and thus these poor blind Novus Ordites remain stubborn saying it is “this or that”.  You know a misdiagnosis in the medical field may result in death and it is no different in the theological/spiritual world! Heresy= Spiritual death! Hence why God’s Justice is already on the way for the correction of the clergy and laity who are still not “getting the message.”

No priests, no people.  Is this a good thing?  Have these people now abandoned Religion altogether or have they simply moved off the map into REAL Catholic buildings?  Ya know, the same ones which the diocese of Pittsburgh have said were "heretical and schismatic"?  I honestly do not have the answer entirely but it would not surprise me to find out that my assertion has some truth in it.  Bishop Zubik says we need to make our worship better.  Great, now quit saying the illicit/schismatic protestant New Mass formed by the Masons and heretics and maybe God might reward you?  The Faith breeds Life and thus without it the Pittsburgh Diocese remain only but a ghost town with tumbleweeds of truth blowing by.  I live relatively close to this area and I can tell you personally the people here are just as clueless as Bishop Zubik but we must keep praying!  They, likewise, must understand, even as my alma mater, that, pseudo traditionalism, is not the answer for a restoration in Christ.  The reason being is that you cannot keep teaching both light and darkness expect God will forget the latter.  Teach Vatican II the revolution and its revolutionary Mass wilst still offering the true Mass?  Can we do this?  God’s not “hearing it” until people start growing some spines around here and truly RESIST.  In the end, these heretics, run to vain arguments, as to why their diocese is “failing” but not wanting to accept the truth of what needs to be truly done in this modernist Crisis.  Remember, leaving only a “little bit of cancer” in the body will allow that little cancer to still grow back.  Something to chew on today.  "They have the buildings we have the Faith still resonates loudly throughout the Ohio Valley/Pittsburgh area yet very few are listening

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