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Monday, August 8, 2016

98% Of CRS Employee Political Donations Go To Pro-Abortion Candidates

98% Of CRS Employee Political Donations Go To Pro-Abortion Candidates

Contributions for political campaigns are recorded and monitored, and made available as public information in order to ensure transparency in the political process.  The information found in these recorded contributions are closely monitored and analyzed by political parties and research organizations in order to look for trends in certain demographic groups.  Oftentimes, when one files a political contribution, the donor provides information on their employer or gives some indication as to what line of work they are in.  And when researchers examine various demographic groups, such as by location, job type, sex, or religion, they tend to find a diversity of contributions and opinions within each.

CRS candidates 04
For instance, when conducting a general search on www.opensecrets.org for the search term “Catholic” listed under employer/occupation, we find 6,293 records for listings such as “Catholic priest,” “Catholic Health,” “Catholic High School,” and even “Catholic Relief Services.”  As expected, in making a cursory examination of the contributions listed across those 6,293 records we find a widely diverse spread of donations to Democrat and Republican candidates alike.  In other words, a statistical analysis of the political contributions by individuals working for Catholic institutions provides a general idea as to where Catholics in general stand with regard to political candidates and parties.
But when narrowing the search to employees of Catholic Relief Services, we see that the diversity narrows to the point of near exclusivity.  In fact, of the 191 contributions for which we could find public records, 187 went to politicians who actively work to serve the abortion and contraceptive industry.  That’s 98% of all public records for employees of CRS.  In total, we have been able to obtain public contribution records for 52 CRS employees.  50 of those employees donated to openly pro-abortion politicians.  Statistically, this indicates an overwhelming one-sidedness, with almost no diversity of opinion among those working for CRS.
CRS candidates 05
What this data reveals is that the culture of Catholic Relief Services is not one that is friendly to pre-born babies or the Catholic faith it claims to serve.  In fact, as we see that employees of CRS are donating almost exclusively to candidates diametrically opposed to the Catholic Church, we can easily conclude that it’s because their faith isn’t Catholicism — it’s the Democratic Party. And given this, it becomes a little clearer why CRS would annually facilitate tens of millions of dollars to organizations that commit abortion, perform sterilizations, and distribute contraception.  It also explains the bevy of other problems found at CRS, such as its publication of manuals and programs promoting condom use, the implementation of contraception-promoting programs like Healthy Choices 2 and Shuga.
The list of CRS employee donations found in the public records is comprised primarily of higher-level employees, including two Executive Vice-presidents, two Vice-presidents, and two Chief’s of Party.  The Chief of Party is the one responsible for leading and conducting major projects.  Most disturbing of all, however, is that one of the employees contributed over $1,000 to Emily’s List, which exists for the sole purpose of having pro-abortion women elected to public office.
CRS candidates 07 
Jennifer Nazaire has worked for CRS for over 19 years.  She currently serves as CRS’s Manager for Fellowships, Internships and Volunteers, Talent Development and the Human Resources Department.  Nazarine donated a total of $1,100 to Emily’s List once in 2005 and twice in 2007.   The ONLY stated mission of Emily’s list is, “We elect pro-choice Democratic women to office.”
CRS candidates 06
CRS candidates 08 
Mark Palmer has been with CRS for nearly 18 years, and currently serves as Executive Vice President and CFO.  Palmer made three donations to Planned Parenthood ally Barack Obama in 2008, totaling $1,500.  In 2003, he gave $250 to “catholic” presidential candidate Wesley Clark, who said, “no one is going to take away a woman’s right to choose when I’m president of the United States. It’s that simple.”
CRS candidates 09
CRS candidates 10 
Michael Wiest had been with CRS for over 18 years, ending his career as the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Fund Development until his retirement in December of 2011.  It was Wiest who responded to the criticisms of noted moral theologian, Dr. Germain Grisez, who exposed the fact that CRS had an official policy to provide information on condom use in third world countries.  Wiest, and his wife Toni, both made substantial contributions to Barack Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012, and to the Democratic National Committee’s Services Committee, totaling $1,300.
CRS candidates 11
CRS candidates 12 
Bill O’Keefe is the Vice President of Government Relations and Advocacy for CRS, and has been with the organization for over 13 years.  In 2014, O’Keefe told CNN’s Belief Blog that CRS is “proud” that it does not evangelize.  This year, O’Keefe contributed $500 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.
CRS candidates 13
CRS candidates 14 
Carol Bothwell served as a member of CRS’s executive leadership team as the Vice president and Chief Information Officer from 2007-2014.  After retiring in December, 2014 continues to advise CRS on a part-time basis as the Director of Technology Innovation for Development.  In 2009, Bothwell contributed $250 to the Democratic National Committee’s Services Corporation.
CRS candidates 15
CRS candidates 16 
Melinda Burrell worked for CRS in various capacities for over 13 years, last serving as the Chirf of Party for a program in Pakistan.  Between 2004-2012, Burrell contributed a combined $6,400 to Barack Obama, DNC Services Corp, Democratic Party Committee Abroad, Tom Perriello (who said, “I firmly believe that abortion should not be criminalized”), and Patty Murray (who has a 100% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice).
CRS candidates 17
CRS candidates 18 
Dane Fredenburg has been with CRS for over 15 years, and is currently serving as its Chief of Party for Malawi.  Since 2004, Fredenburg donated a combined $2,250 to Barack Obama and John Kerry.
CRS candidates 19
All other political contribution records we have discovered for CRS employees are as follows: