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Saturday, July 9, 2016

TradCatKnight Radio, Michael Hichborn "Corruption In The Catholic Church"

TradCatKnight Radio, Michael Hichborn "Corruption In The Catholic Church"
Talk given 7-8-16  (aprx 1hr)

Michael Hichborn is a well known public figure in the pro-life movement.  He is the founder and President of Lepanto Institute.  Michael spent seven and a half years as  American Life League’s Director of the Defend the Faith project.  In this capacity, Michael has researched and produced an annual report on organizations receiving grant money from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  This annual report, exposing dozens of grantees that are promoting abortion, birth control, homosexuality and Marxism, has led to a nation-wide review of the CCHD and a tightening of its guidelines.

Michael has also conducted research on Catholic hospital systems that are involved in the performance of abortions and sterilizations; he wrote a detailed report on abortion and contraception-providing organizations receiving money from Catholic Relief Services; and produced a detailed report on Obamacare and its danger to women, preborn babies and the elderly.
In addition to his work as Director of Defend the Faith, Michael hosted the online video series, The American Life League Report.  This popular video series features expose’s and explanations of the Culture of Death and its work in our country and in our Church.  The videos can be seen at the American Life League Report channel on YouTube.

Prior to working at American Life League, Michael helped open two Catholic schools in Fredericksburg, VA.
Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Christendom College in Political Science and Economics and a Master’s degree in Education from American Intercontinental University.
Michael lives in Virginia with his wife, Alyssa, and their six children.

Website: lepantoinstitute.org
Facebook: facebook.com/Lepantoinstitute
Twitter: twitter.com/LepantoInst

Articles covered in the talk: http://www.lepantoinstitute.org/uncategorized/usccb-confirms-that-its-funding-request-to-congress-includes-contraception-and-condoms/



Topics included in this talk: mission of the Lepanto Insitute, the Catholic Media Game, salvation of souls, the power of the rosary, message of Fatima, attack on family and marriage, bishops and laity turning the other cheek, corruption in the Catholic Church, Masonic/Marxist infiltration of the Church, charismatic movement, economics behind the corruption, the sodomite agenda and MUCH more!

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TradCatKnight Radio, Michael Hichborn "Corruption In The Catholic Church"