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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, July 9, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail...

TradCatKnight Mail...

Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox...

Excellent interview (Michael Hichborn) and I admire that man enormously and pray to our Blessed Mother to keep  blessing you good men!    Keep it up, it will grow with the Lord's grace and love.
Also enjoyed the interview with Walid Shoebat.  He has always spoken up and not held back.  Good people.  God's militant.   ~Rosemary B.

I stumbled onto your site a few wks. ago. Great ,I really dig it. I am a  protestant, 57 yrs. old and have known Christ 50 of those. In your view is  Latin imperative to being a Catholic? I love the history   and tradition of  your church. Where I live, a village in N.W. Mont. there is no church that 
is not of the Vatican II persuasion.  Gary C

TCK: Latin is the language of the Roman Church/Latin Rite.  The New Mass is a modernist/masonic massacre.

Thank you for the all information, this helps me greatly. Through this information and prayer I can discern more properly on what to do in terms of my vocation.

God Bless, Frank L.

Hi Eric,
Last Sunday in Toronto there was a gay pride parade.  Canada’s prime minister attended the event.  Children were brought there by some people to witness the abominations.  That is truly child abuse!  Faggots were have anal sex right in the middle of the parade.  Disgusting!  These people are worse than animals!  They are complete slaves to their passions.  There is no more reasoning with such people.  When will physical force be the right time to stop this madness?

Regards, Tony La Rosa

I listened to your talk on pornography.  Thank you.
I wish the Church had more of a ministry in this area. It's a habit that makes one feel so shameful that the habit is kept secret, even from one's spouse. I contrast that with an alcohol or drug addiction where the addict is often painted in a heroic light. 

Thanks again for your efforts.
My best to you, Kevin B


I recently listened to your interview on the Leak project. I am fairly familiar with what is normally reported about Nibiru. I found your technical description of some effects interesting.
Have you done an interview where you list the Nibiru events as you see them happening? If so could you send me the link? If not, could you do a program where you discuss the technical events,
how you think they will play out, and their chronological order if possible.

Thank you  J.C.

TCK: Check out the birth pangs section on my youtube channel or you can search tradcatknight birth pangs/planet x on google.
That video was very informative! Thank you for it! We could add in our prayers our future spouses and so that they honor the Blessed Mother as their role model and so that we will fall in love with our them. I know it may sound childish or cheesy, but children are pure at heart. And this may not help other people, be it also may help people. Anyway thank you for your time!  Dominic D.

Dear Eric,
  I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying all of the many different guests you have had on your radio show. I am learning so much. I listen when you are on other shows as well. I was wondering if you could tell me where to get blessed candles for the three days of darkness. God bless and keep giving us this valuable information. Thanks, Mary J

TCK: Best bet is to search on google for it. When in doubt google it, lol

I wanted to let you know to continue to be steadfast and courageous in your ministry.  Surrender and trust.  You are on the right path and are not alone.  This is my journey and with my mission too.

Be assured of my prayers and hold fast to the Truth!

Totus Tuus In Jesus & Mary, Malia M

Good day. I follow you on Twitter. I wanted to know if you're against
him, because it seems you believe Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is still
the pope. Your response would be much appreciated.  Edebe V.

TCK:  Yes benedict XVI is still the Pope Francis is an antipope.

A great youtube on typology of BVM, I guarantee you will love it.

Regards, Justin R


Listing to your video with Walid Shoebat on "Our Lady of Guadalupe"

One of the hosts started talking about all of incidences of mothers killing 
children and so on. What the host needs to research is the connection of 
Antidepressants and other "mental medications" to mass shootings and other 
savage killing of this nature.

What you will find is a direct connection and that those on these 
medication as behind most of these types of events.

Ann Blake Tracy PHD for example has been documenting mass shootings and 
almost all of the shooters except 2 I believe were on these drugs. Either 
coming off of them, going on them or adjusting their medications.

Just wanted you to know.

Regards, Darlene


For your illness Eric: If you have any Middle East grocery stores in your area, call them and see if they sell black seed oil.  It saved my life more than once when I had severe respiratory infections.
Both the Chaldean Catholics from Iraq and Muslims recomended it and they all buy it.
NO Harmful side effects.  They sell it in little or big bottles behind the counter.
Of course, you could also order online from perhaps the Natural News Store.
Call the toll free number for the Fatima Center in Ft. Erie
For free small vials of Fatima Water the volunteers bring from Portugal.  You should always have some of those on hand.  1 800 263-8160.  Use with faith and confidence
Miracles for myself and others with this.  Carole M

Keep up the good work, Eric, you are remembered in my prayers, and as a fellow eagle, I am looking forward to the triumph of her Immaculate heart.
In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, Brent

Hello Eric,
Thank You so much for the thorough information that you provide to the 
readers. It is one of my first places that I check for the most updated 
news. Just a quick question. Would you happen to have the address and phone 
number or Mass schedule for Fr. Patrick Girouard in Aldergrove BC? My 
husband has been offered a job in that part of the country and we would 
like to contact Fr.Girouard for further Mass information. Your imput in 
this matter is greatly appreciated. God bless you and your work and thank 
you for the radio programs that are always so packed with pertinent 

Regards, Julie F


What is your opinion on the warning?  I stumble upon your website and have been much informed.  It has been a blessing.  Thank you for all your help with information on planet X  and the Catholic information.  I never had a formal Catholic education.  My teaching came from my family and they learned it in a much different time from now.  God has blessed me with so much and always leads me to places were the truth is spoken.  God bless you and much prayers for all your work. Alvinita L

TCK: There will be a warning or mini days of darkness about a month before the three days of darkness as to whether the illumination of conscience takes place I do not know. The new age speaks of the same event coming which makes me hesitate....

Dear Eric,
I have recently subscribed to your channel.
I have come across something quite disturbing and am not sure if it is a hoax or some new evil we are being exposed to by way of cern.
Have you heard of the Mandela effect?
I was hoping you would investigate it further. Do you know of any reliable sources who could give us the truth on this matter?
Kind regards, Rita Vella 

TCK: I will try to been very busy

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