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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Netanyahu Begs Obama: Don’t Let Putin Disclose Nibiru?

Netanyahu Begs Obama: Don’t Let Putin Disclose Nibiru?
As reported previously, tensions between the United States and Russia remain high following Vladimir Putin’s chilling ultimatum to Barrack Obama: “Tell the world about Nibiru, or I will.” For a complete understanding of the situation, please read our previously published articles Putin Warns Obama: Tell The World About Nibiru or I Will, White House Dispute Over Nibiru Disclosure, Superpowers Nibiru Dispute Nearly Sparks Nuclear War  Putin Not Bluffing About Nibiru Disclosure, and  White House Nibiru Envoy Arrives in Moscow. These articles lay the foundation for the perilous situation currently facing civilization, as we know it.

Now, a new player has entered the game. Last night, United States President Barrack Obama fielded an urgent telephone call from Israeli Prime minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, who, according to typically reliable sources, urged the president to prevent Vladimir Putin from going public with any knowledge about Nibiru. Reasons for Netanyahu’s sudden interest are open to 
Tabriz facility overview 
speculation. Are his motives benevolent? Is he trying to spare his people knowledge of impending doom?
Our Washington source uncovered a dark shadow looming over the Israeli government, damning information that proves Netanyahu’s motives are fueled by thoughts of self-preservation, not from a desire to protect his people or preserve Israeli lives. Netanyahu has been personally overseeing the final phase of construction on a deep underground survival bunker.  This structure is located in southeast Israel, near Ey En Yahhov, a few kilometers from the Jordan border.  This ultra-secret facility, our source learned, has been under construction for several years. German, Japanese, and American engineers have assisted designing and constructing the thirty square kilometer superstructure located beneath the Israeli landscape.
In a small nation like Israeli, secrets are hard to keep. However, Netanyahu has concealed the construction phase from prying eyes; he created a two-kilometer perimeter around the construction site. The area is protected by an electric fence, motion sensors, infra-red detection equipment, and is patrolled by hand-picked members of the Israeli Defense Force, with orders to “shoot to kill” anyone penetrating the defensive perimeter. To mask the true nature of the program, the Israeli government posted warning signs that the area was off limits due to Hamas shelling and rocket fire.
So, the question remains, why is Netenyahu desperately seeking Putin’s silence on Nibiru? Common sense suggests that Isreali’s citizens would be delighted to know the government is acting on
their behalf by creating a safe and secure location to survive Nibiru’s wrath. According to our source, there will be no salvation for the common Israeli citizen. The underground facility, complete with all the amenities of modern day living, was constructed exclusively for the Isreali parliament, people like Netanyahu, Reuven Revlin, upper echelon military personnel, and people with occupational skills needed to preserve Israel’s existence once Nibiru passes.
Right now, Netanyahu fears that Israeli will turn against its government if people learned the truth. Daniel Weinstein, an Israeli political science professor at Columbia University, said, “I am not saying I believe in Nibiru. But I can say with almost absolute certainty that if true, and if the Israeli government were building a survival shelter to house the Parliament but exclude the general population…Well, the country’s population would likely attempt a coup, a revolt, to overthrow the government.”
Putin’s ten-day moratorium on Nibiru disclosure expires on 22 July. Meanwhile, all one can do is wait to see if the Russian president defies Washington by going forward with  that scheduled announcement.