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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, July 4, 2016

Huge Army Exercise Begins

Huge Army Exercise Begins

William Mount 

A HUGE United States Army Exercise named UWEX-16 changes course today and begins it’s Unconventional Warfare (UWEX) phase
Not much is known about this new exercise except it is designed to get the public used to seeing soldiers in the populated areas.

The exercise to control the US Food Supply ended yesterday and is currently wrapping up with great success
What the US Army leadership is worried about is the fact that the US Dollar may crash within 60 days and this means the Food Distribution Network may break down – empty Grocery Shelves across the nation
In response to the planned economic collapse the Over 800 FEMA camps are now ready as holding cells for around 10 Million US Citizens as a Prison Labor Force to support certain Corporations Owned by the United State Corporation – Per US Army Regulation 210-35.
If things get really bad really fast you will need to be ready
If Welfare and Food Stamps get cut it will devastate the Minority Populations as Whites generally receive around $150-300/month and many Minorities receive over $450/month per person
Food riots will ensue and those rounded up will be placed in these FEMA Camps permanently
If FEMA authorizes a General Round Up then here are the four phases that will occur:
1) Looters will be rounded up and permanently detained in these camps.
2) Leaders of Militia Groups will be rounded up. Those they do not find will have Warrants put out for their arrest and the local Police will do the rest
Keep in mind – FEMA Leadership HATES Cops – no matter what you are told in their classes. Police are to be used as Cannon Fodder – they are considered “Local Yokuls”
3) Political Leaders who support the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc will then be quietly Dealt With just as the Past Director of the United Nations was dealt with the day before he was to testify against Hillary – Morgan Lykketoft
By the way – Lucifer – Marcel Lazar – the one who hacked Hillary’s  Emails – disappeared yesterday out of a High Security Lock Down Prison
This is why we pray for Hillary – that she turns back to GOD
4) General Round Up – You speak out against those who oppose the Bill of Rights – you will be rounded up.
So – how do you think they will deal with 50 Million People in camps designed for 10 Million People?
Rethink Gas Chambers – Hitler….and 35,000 Guillotines
On each FEMA camp is a large Warehouses  with 15 – 20 Gas Mains coming into the building and No Heaters and cameras on the ceilings
Either way folks – be ready for what is coming.
We gave up our freedoms for security and now we have neither
Please pray that those in charge turn back to GOD immediately – what many call the Prime Creator, King of Kings and Lords of Lords
The Living GOD will now shake the Financial Foundation of the world to wake up the leadership of Planet Earth and show them they must do as GOD says or face the consequences – so HE has so it, so it shall be.
The course they have taken will lead to their own destruction very soon – they need to wake up
Pray that your families are not effected in this coming Melee
In fact – pray instead that this Melee is cancelled
The News You Need
Dr William B. Mount