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Monday, July 4, 2016

AntiPope Francis: Say YES To Everything!

AntiPope Francis: Say YES To Everything!
By: Eric Gajewski
He may not want to look "over his shoulder" at us real Catholics but perhaps the cheerleaders will suffice...

This blog is in response to Crux’s "latest gem" covering Bergoglio.  Here comes the latest from the impostor “Pontiff” who suggests to the public that he has no intention of slowing down his “reforms” in the Church!  He suggests to the diabolical mainstream/Nous Ordo media that the “ultra conservatives say “no to everything”.  Can anyone of us "awake" argue otherwise that Bergoglio is a classic modernist who has a completely new and erroneous view on what the Church is, who is the Church and what is even dared to be labeled Catholic and why?  Because Bergoglio is likewise a classic Universalist and Universalism stems from the diabolical sect of FreeMasonry.  Say yes already (he mutters under his breath)…to perversion under the banner of “understanding and mercy!”  No, thanks I’m Catholic not a modernist like you.  Let us dig deeper...

 Francis on the highway to hell!

Francis has no intentions of “slowing down”.  Does this statement actually surprise anyone who can see through the sham called Vatican II?  When have the modernists ever slowed down?  They have been at work constructing this New Church which goes under the label of the "cult of man".  They continually attack (directly or indirectly) real Catholics all the while making excuses and even the patting the backs of the heretics and sodomites.  Have I not warned you since Francis came on the scene, that, indeed, it would get intensely worse?  Francis is theological pervert, a heretic, who must say these things openly and publicly before he goes ahead and does them because quite frankly I believe he knows that we know the endgame is upon us.  Those truly resisting are not fooled whatsoever and just as he doesn’t care about “slowing down” we have no such intention on slowing down to expose this enemy of the Faith and why should we?  This is what it means to be a Catholic at this point.  We are Resistant.  We don’t fit in with the freakish doctrines and latest movements in this NewChurch we are aliens to the aliens themselves who have occupied our buildings for over a half century.  

 Francis: If you want to be happy do not proselytize. To argue about doctrine is simply too much work.

He doesn’t want to openly oppose us because he deep down believes that everyone is in this “Church” therefore if he did it would ruin his own erroneous belief structure.  He over-blows and distorts this notion that we would say no to everything.  We seek to be Catholic and thus follow Tradition and if it was good for the Popes and Saints before Vatican II it is certainly good for me.  For Francis?  EEHHHH, not so much….He must continue to set ablaze the Church like the modernist arson he is to completely bring down the true house of God and fulfill his role before the False Prophet arrives on the scene soon.  Im not worried about him looking over his shoulder we know his eyes our fixated upon this world and the new tower of babel being constructed.

Bergoglio: Singing in the Rain!

God forbid we should be confrontational.  As much as I would like to debate more I simply don’t have the time but to say altogether that we should not be confrontational when dealing with the matters of the morals and faith is simply not a Catholic statement.  But does this surprise you coming from a John Lennon prototype such as Bergoglio?  He cant stand war, the Crusades, death penalty, etc so it only follows suit that he doesn’t want to be confrontational (at least at this point).  He's going ahead alright without looking over his shoulders because when did a modernist ever care about the narrow way called the Catholic Faith?  This is further evidence of his progressivist nature.  He is even telling you point blank, “I don’t care what you think Im going to do it”.  Truly, Bergoglio needs to be locked up for more than one reason.  Forget about supposedly removing him from office (he is not the true Pope to begin with) we need to be talking about putting him in a penitentiary or mental asylum for his theological perversions.

 Bergoglio: Old Covenant not revoked.  
Jesus:  Tell me why I died again?

“They do their job I do mine”.  Yup, we continue on the Faith and you continue to destroy it because that’s what modernists do.  He has a job to fulfill as the New Age freaks have likewise stated in their own documents and he is doing quite well.  He is fully under control of Maitreya’s camp this goes without question.  “He wants an open Church”.  You can say that again much like a side show at the circus where all the freaks need to have their own time under the spotlight of "equality”.  Welcome to the Francis Circus.  So let the good times roll with the transgenders and sodomites; let the rainbow Luciferian flag of “oneness” be raised over the Dome of St. Peter.  Truly Lucifer is enthroned here.  Where the environment and poverty get a platform and we crazy “ultra conservatives” get the cold shoulder.  Bergoglio is truly the fraud of all frauds.  Bergoglio is the “mad hatter” of this Vatican II WonderLand.

Francis says “his predecessor” was revolutionary!  You can say that again.  Benedict XVI was the epitome of double-mindedness.  He too had his share in this destruction of the Faith but we must continue to pray.  In the end, Francis is a “say yes to everything” kind of guy because he is a Universalist who continues on changing the unchanging (established) boundaries of the Church.  Sadly, Catholics will continue to get the cold shoulder from this heretic unless we accept this everything he purports and yet we have no intention of leaving the side of Our Lord.  Ah! But Eric quit talking about the  "Church".  Quit it with your simplistic responses I shall respond.  We are trying to expose these modernists who have taken over our churches such is the due course of charity.