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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, April 10, 2016

As Sheep Gone Astray

As Sheep Gone Astray
By: Eric Gajewski
In today’s epistle we see a clear path for the true disciple of Christ.  He did not sin, no guile was in his mouth, he never reviled back, and finally committed himself to the tree of suffering.  Now, every day we wake up we have choices to make which will ultimately decide our spiritual progress or regress.  We can decide to stay in Christ’s fold or choose by way of self to break away.  So many think they can fall far behind the fold so as to leave it only to return by nightfall but none of us are guaranteed we will ever come back.  I have seen many who say they will return when the time is right and what time is not right for conversion?  Who is guaranteed time? The time is now.

First, He committed no sin.  We know this as Catholics and yet so many still think because of this we are given a free pass to do as we please.  We have free will but this will must be freely united to His Sacred Heart to please Him.  He is our model and sadly so many still look to the world for some type of alternative route to happiness and godliness.  We see this propaganda being shoved down the throats of our youth with the actors, athletes and other entertainment figures.  We must ask ,"Do we wake up each morning and make a prayer of commitment?  Do you strive for perfection? Do you try to unite all your hearts movements with the Sacred Heart of Christ, Our Source and End?We say we do but our actions speak loudly otherwise.  We are too entangled in the nets of this world.  We spend too much times on things that do not matter and often neglect the only One who thought we did matter.  So much so He was willingly to be the sport of the Jews in mockery. How deep is Thy Love!

Second, no guile was in His mouth.  Christ, our Model of Selfless Love was void of self.  Therefore, we too, must make that commitment into deceiving no man.  Control and manipulation is the way of the devils which I learned all too well.  Truth liberates wilst errors can only enslave.  We live in a world which screams out freedom, liberty and equality and has none of it!  Because modern man is a carnal creature, a selfish, slimy, slithering, surface dweller which is blind due to being void of grace.  We proudly say in some way every day “that we do not need God!”  If you examine your conscience this evening you will find like me how you have failed Jesus in this matter. Let us keep our tongues free of poison and in order to do this our hearts must first be clean.

Third, He never reviled back. He never sinned in anger even in the Temple flipping over tables.  Since He is our Judgment His Voice always would attempt to put hearts on the right path no matter what His Face was showing (at the time).  Let us face it we are all “trainwrecks”.  We are all foolish but those who consistently want to be with Him will demonstrate this daily in their actions. They know where the river is and will make camp around it.  So many say they love Christ but truly love the world and her distractions.  The man or woman who truly loves Christ is not found in the bars and clubs on Friday nights.  They are not found passing up prayer for the nights ball game.  Where our heart is there also is our treasure and so many have empty or even closed hearts.

Lastly, He committed Himself to the tree of suffering.  It is our Cross which molds us and yet due to original sin and nature we do not want to be molded by the Divine Hand.  We abhor pain and affliction and yet this is the Way to heaven!  How do we honestly expect to stand before Christ as sinners avoiding this same tree when He being sinless did not?  What excuse shall we have? What shall we mumble at our own Judgments?  The time for conversion and repentance is now not tomorrow or next week or next year or next time God “hears” my prayer. He went willingly and yet we, due to self, do it unwillingly because often we fear (in the unhealthy sense).  If we truly loved Christ we would do it willingly and say thank you not “please do not ever do that again”.  This is what I learned ever so more deeply on a bed of suffering this past week.  It is funny but Wisdom often speaks to me on this bed.  The Way is not complicated and yet we make it out to be this way because we are always searching for an alterative route.  Have you wholly resigned yourself to this tree? Have you truly given up your life for Christ in so that Christ now alone can live and suffer in you?  In the end let us not break as sheep from the fold each day.  Thus, challenge yourself today to be more committed at the start of your day and let us all pray we can stay fastened to this tree and not merely point at it.  For knowing is not enough we must “live it” through grace, amen.

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Harken heareth an eagle speak! Souls not right the time is ripe. Men bent on self deceived by the modern worlds false light. Who bounce from one distraction to the next never engaging against the self in inward fight. Your time is short. #Gods #justice Each day has its noon and night. For you wilst never become what you want tomorrow if you consistently decide to put it off this day.
Repent, make reparation wilst you still have time amend your life!