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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail

TradCatKnight Mail

Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox... 

Eric, Here is the PDF of “Chiesa viva” 493, May 2016.
Best regards.
The PDF can be unloaded on our website: www.chiesaviva.com
Dr. Franco Adessa


Please continue with your guests.  These interviews are great. Off griding and Dr Amato. I can only hope more people will wake up as to what is really going on. Also your website with the blogs are incredible, I can hardly keep up. Most importantly however are articles on the spiritual life and prayer. Thanks
Salve Maria, Chris G

Listening to your blog. I am in total agreement and wish to learn more, Jim M

Hi Eric,  I'm an tech support guy by trade. I would like to donate a high quality usb microphone for your radio
shows. I have some extra ones. If you accept this donation, it would be great. Just tell me where to
send it to. Kind Regards, Luke
TCK: Thank you for your charity. Yes please send it
Trad I subscribe to your youtube channel and love your videos Idk if I have 
a pic of niburu/planet x or what but would love to send it to you and see 
what you think
Regards, Kelli  
TCK: Send it!
Hi Eric,
Thank you for the work that you do.  In the past I attended the FSSP and accomplished the First 9 Friday devotion and the First 5 Saturday devotion to Mary. Since the FSSP compromises Tradition, does it make the promises and the accomplishments of these devotions invalid in any way?  Thank you. Jason K
TCK: No 

I find it to be very foolish to bring 12 serpents to the Vatican.
Regards, Filomea S

 Good morning Eric,
Just a quick question for you.  What are your thoughts on the SSPX St. 
James in Pittsburgh?  I have been attending the Latin Mass attached to to 
the diocese of Pittsburgh.
Thanks, Bill
TCK : I am red light on the Neo-SSPX masses in general.  That is not to say you may find some Society priests truly upholding what Archbishop Lefebvre held and maintained.  I can only speak for myself but you will get varying opinions on the matter from those in the Resistance.
Hi I was recently online and saw a post that showed a document that all 
seminarians had to sign before their subdeaconate agreeing with new code, 
new mass, new ordinations etc. have you seen it? I would love to find again 
and I havent been able to. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Regards, Molly G
TCK:  Search tradcatknight then the key words on google it should pop up.  I post alot of information and it becomes difficult tracking on my end:)

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