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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Follow up: No More Just War?

Follow up: No More Just War?
By: Eric Gajewski
You know what to do when the Vatican II Modernists speak Francis specifically. 

I recently reported upon (this past week) the latest tragedy coming from the Novus Ordo.  This entails a proposal to have Francis write up an encyclical condemning the Church’s traditionally taught “just war” teaching.  This should come as no surprise to TradCatKnight followers as I have said that the new ecumenical program of Vatican II was only preparing the way for the formal Apostate Church.  It also should come as no surprise that Cardinal Turkson (NWO environmentalist puppet) was one of the leaders of this conference.  Perhaps, in addition to his “environmental puppeteering”,  he will now be asked to be the lead cheerleader behind this specific agenda.  All in all there were bishops from Japan, Nigeria and even a Nobel Peace Prize winner (how lovely) who attended this “landmark conference”.  Vatican II is a sham it is the greatest tragedy that has been allowed and will one day be made null and void.  The Pacifist Protestants of NewChurch would have you to believe that you have no right to defend yourself at all.  Instead of militancy these heretics preach dialogue and convergence.


Sadly, those who identify themselves as “Catholic” equate truth with the mainstream media.  Or even worse, they think that whatever is coming out of Modernist Rome is pure.  When will people realize this is all a circus?  These men who preach peace with their new doctrines are at war with Christ and the Church.  Make no mistake you have every right to defend yourself, your family and on a much broader scale the right to defend our nation and the Church!  These heretics must be resisted firmly and publicly and perhaps it is no wonder so many of these Bishops and priests just block me  when I confront them on social media.  The majority are cowards and it is sad to see them in the state that they are.  God’s wrath will soon pour out upon these unfaithful churchmen sparing not even the faithful.  There is no accountability anymore coming from their superiors thus we laymen must do the job.  In fact it is not option but imperative that we do so at this point.  The solution the NWO offers in terms of creating this phony equality amongst religions/humanity does not address the topic of sin and thus their program will never work.  For if the true Christ is not at the heart and center of the society it is bound to fail.  Thus Maitreya, the new age “Christ” cannot bring the world peace but only ruination.  Phony christ equates to phony peace

The attack on “just war” did not start with this “landmark conference”.  No, it has always been embedded in both the disposition (spirit) and doctrine of these protestant pretenders who now occupy our buildings.  They are by very nature a sect who hide behind the name “Catholic”.   Their day is coming assuredly but until then we must continue to shout from the housetops and use every means necessary to keep the faithful on the right path and that path is not Vatican II. True peace is not possible without proper doctrine (Truth) for it is Christ who brings peace and these modernists only distort Him and His gospel.  True traditionalists "keep the Fortress" and the modernists keep building their new tower of babel.  Where are you to be found?  Do you stand with Christ by rejecting Vatican II?  Or with the modernists in accepting the Council?  In summary let us pray for that soon day that God Himself clears the table for us so that we can start anew. In the meantime as these heretics keep leading souls to hell let the faithful keep giving them hell. Don’t back down when they say you cant say that! Say yes I can and I just did.  Enough is enough. Keep on doing so for they deserve far worse.  Until the new Crusade commences let us keep at war with those who don’t want it.

New World Order: Problem- Event- Reaction- Solution.  The NWO has different options/paths to take in efforts to formally unite humanity and implement the One World Socialist Republic.Here are just two of those paths.

Problem: War/Terrorism   
Event: Start a false flag or major war
Reaction: Terrify the People
Solution: End War altogether/Terrorism= Unite all Religions/Humanity

Problem: Poverty/Social Inequality
Event: Economic Collapse
Reaction: Desperation
Solution: Look to State and coming Antichrist for the answer; accept the Socialism offered and mark of the beast.  New Age=sharing= socialism