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Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Real Pope Speaks: Benedict XVI states Church in “Deep Crisis” Since Vatican II

The Real Pope Speaks: Benedict XVI states Church in “Deep Crisis” Since Vatican II
By: Eric Gajewski
Addendum by Father Voigt

This story broke yesterday all over the Internet and is still being talked about today.  Has Pope Benedict XVI seen the light many are asking?  It seems that it is too early to tell given his carefully chosen words of the Church being in a “deep crisis”.  I cannot recall such profound words being utilized by Pope Benedict.  Does Pope Benedict XVI know the formal schism is close and the “fraud of all frauds”, the False Prophet, will show in Rome after Antipope Francis seemingly “bails out” in Argentina this Summer (according to inside sources)?  I do believe this is the case.  I do believe now Pope Benedict knows he is the Pope of Fatima to flee Rome with some conservatives and be sadly killed amidst the ruination of crumbling Europe and the onslaught of Russian invasion.


However, let us not get to gitty. He does not specifically mention that Vatican II itself was or still is a/the problem.  Is he carefully choosing his words for the time being? Is He awaiting for the “big slip-up”? In which it should fairly obvious, to all those, who would call themselves Catholic, that, indeed He was forced out? Only time will tell but I find it a bit odd that He would come out now and state the things He has this late in the game so to speak.  Is he seemingly sending a “flare into the sky” with this interview as a warning?  He reiterates the implication of the heresy of Universalism prevalent since Vatican II.  He sums it up by saying that Missionaries are no longer needed and why?  Because the heretical ecumenical program of Vatican II NewChurch sends out dialoguer’s not those seeking to convert. He points out this “two sided coin” being from a lack of the result of this attentiveness to try and convert via the Faith.  I may add to the true Faith for what Rome has been teaching since the Council is a Modernist’s dream.

Further, he spoke of a clear “evolution of Dogma” being professed currently which also ties in with the heresy of Universalism.  Again, I have demonstrated per the texts of Vatican II that “all are considered to be in the Church”.  For as Vatican II states the “Church” is a sign or symbol of the unity of the whole human family!  No, the Church does not represent the unity of the whole human family. This is a Masonic heresy written into the texts of Vatican II.  Pope Benedict asked the piercing question that arose after this palpable change of attitude of the Church: “Why should you try to convince the people to accept the Christian faith when they can be saved even without it?”  I would add this “attitude change” did not come from “the Church” it came from “wayward churchmen” who simply did not hold the Faith.


In addition, Pope Benedict also refutes both the idea of the “anonymous Christian” as developed by Karl Rahner, as well as the indifferentist idea that all religions are equally valuable and helpful to attain eternal life.  And further, “Even less acceptable is the solution proposed by the pluralistic theories of religion, for which all religions, each in its own way, would be ways of salvation and, in this sense, must be considered equivalent in their effects,” he said. In this context, he also touches upon the exploratory ideas of the now-deceased Jesuit Cardinal, Henri de Lubac, about Christ's putatively “vicarious substitutions” which have to be now again “further reflected upon.”   Benedict also reminds his audience that: “The Church is not self-made, it was created by God and is continuously formed by Him. This finds expression in the Sacraments, above all in that of Baptism: I enter into the Church not by a bureaucratic act, but with the help of this Sacrament.” Benedict also insists that, always, “we need Grace and forgiveness.”  Is He stressing Sacraments here because in the formal New Age Religion you will kiss these Sacraments good bye and be swept over by a new self-realization program?  I do not have the answer.


Mixed signals?  I am reminded that Pope Benedict XVI stated to the SSPX during “talks” for a canonical status that the Society must accept the Council to be “awarded” such a canonical status in the Church.  The SSPX truly still holds this status that was supposedly taken away according to many credible canonists.  It truly is not needed in this crisis without Rome’s conversion.  Yet here we see him seemingly but indirectly taking a jab at Vatican II.  So what has changed from then till now? God only knows but we must continue to keep him in prayer.  He does rightly state that without Faith salvation is not possible and that is exactly the next step of the enemy.  The next step from Vatican II “new or integral humanism” is secular humanism and thus the Jew and Mason’s dream will finally come to fruition.  That is a “Church” which we will call Apostate in which the Dogma of Faith is lost as Our Lady of LaSalette and Fatima were warning.  May God have mercy on us all for the “Bizarre World” we are about to enter into soon.  The Twilight Zone will be nothing in comparison to what we shall see soon with our own very eyes.


Isn't it interesting that the one who initiated all the changes is now saying that there is only one way to salvation and one true religion.  Now he witnesses the effects of his Vatican II Jewish construct.  It is a demonic Council which produces the fruits known to be demonic = death to the Church and its doctrine and death eternally for those who fall into the trap.  What an irony we have in our midst today.
In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Fr. Voigt