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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Neo-SSPX Priest: Rejecting "Unilateral Agreement" Is Mortal Sin

Neo-SSPX Priest: Rejecting "Unilateral Agreement" Is Mortal Sin
Fr. Vernoy states in a video removed by the uploader on youtube that "to reject this gesture of Rome is mortal sin!!"  Guess I am going to hell...
The "blind leading the blind" in the Neo-SSPX

I was unfortunately not able to upload the talk sent to me via email.  It was about 5 minutes long on youtube of which I listened to and was removed by the uploader. Fr. Voigt and I make some commentary.

Fr. Voigt: Here we have a SSPX priest in Florida telling us that if we don't accept and obey this pope 
we live in mortal sin.  What nonsense!  Fr. Kramer has proof that Card. Martini did the ax job on Benedict XVI. The Jewish Zionist have the whole Vatican under its control and the silly Society is walking into an ambush with no brain in operation.  What a disaster.  Listen to this good Fr. Vernoy and weep.

TradCatKnight: We are dealing with delusional blind leaders throughout the world and the Society is no different. I mentioned this in my last article refuting Louie Verricchio's patently absurd piece that it would be imprudent to interfere (speaking out against errors) with the possible recognition of Modernist Rome.  I truly don't understand how so many are willing to continue to make excuses for Bishop Fellay and the Society's leaders.  They have lost their marbles my friends.  I, for one, know, I will not be sinning by rejecting any such gesture because Love demands a change on the part of the offender which us not us.  Love does not seek for itself, therefore, as I have been pointing out all along the Society is led by self in this quest to be recognized by the Modernists at all costs.  Silence towards Rome and her apostasy, threats to Society attendees to conform to new direction or else, punishments to those priests not agreeing all under the guise of "Lefebvre would have done this".  My friends I am at a loss for words.  Assuredly many more clergy and laity will wake up to what we have been saying all along and now not go with the compromise, right?  Yes, I am about to say it...."grow a pair and move on quit being cowards!"  Besides Francis is not even the real Pope!  It was admitted by a group pf hooligan Cardinals they ousted BXVI.  It is not conspiracy it is common sense.