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Monday, March 7, 2016

Mainstream “Stink” Over Resistance Consecration Coming?

Mainstream “Stink” Over Resistance Consecration Coming?
By: Eric Gajewski 

On March 19th Bishop Williamson is slated to consecrate another Bishop for the Resistance.  The Resistance which now solely follows (in principle) what Archbishop Lefebvre left behind as a position in this Modernist crisis of Vatican II.  I recall last year the major stink that ensued over Bishop Faure being consecrated and should we expect any less from the Jew/Masonic run mainstream press outlets? Is there truly any chance the Pseudo Traditionalist Camps will keep their mouths closed?  Answer, of course not and thus TradCatKnight will be there to call out specifically all those who do.  It is part of an eagles job!

Has Rome Converted?  Rome increasingly gets worse as the hours go by.  Soon a New Age False Prophet will arrive onto the scene to put the final nail in the coffin to solidify the One World Religion.  The Neo-SSPX who has been tap-dancing with Tradition for quite some time now may very well be “unilaterally recognized” by the Modernists very soon and this may cause quite a few to leave the Society (both laymen and clergy).  You either see the Modernists as they are or simply turn the other cheek.  This is the path the Neo-SSPX has chosen to take (to accept recognition/status without conversion).  They truly believe they are going to be a main catalyst for the restoration of the Church. However, the incoming Planet X system and the chastisements coming from God have other ideas.  Recently, Bishop Gallareta conceded that the Resistance is all about principle and how can it not be about that?  By the way, it was exactly Archbishop Lefebvre who stated the same (that this is about principle).  Do you trust someone and want recognition from those who openly profane your family's name?  To recognize us as something they are not? How illogical!  But not to the pseudo trad's.  Is there any doubt that these modernists are experts in what they do (deception and trickery)? The Neo-SSPX is naive to say the least.

Outside of the Mainstream. The Pseudo Trads (Rorate, Remnant, OnePeterFive’s) will have something to say as well and try to spin it as if Bishop Williamson is in the wrong.  Bishop Williamson is doing no differently than Archbishop Lefebvre thus the pseudo traditionalists have nothing to complain about.  Can we trust Modernist Rome? No! Can we trust Bishop Fellay? Absolutely not! Both have demonstrated over time they simply cannot be. Therefore the decision to consecrate is firmly supported with the facts and realities of this situation we find ourselves in. The only remaining question that seems to remain is this, "Is one bishop enough for the times ahead"?  We are very close to World War 3 and the immediate passing by of the Planet X system.  The sad reality is that things will not be as they are now.  Priests and bishops will not be able to move around as frequently (if at all in some cases) as they have been able to once epidemics and martial law are raging full blown all over the entire globe. Canon Law supports Bishop Williamson’s decision to consecrate but let us pray for even more.  God knows we have enough heretical and compromising priests and bishops already.  The Church is going underground (full blown), even more so than it is already. We must remain firm in our rejection of the Revolution wholesale for this is not our gospel and Faith.

Make no mistake there will be a “stink” about the consecration on March 19th the only question is just how big a stink?  Rest assured, TradCatKnight will be there to apply the deodorant to the situation.  Harken heareth an eagle speak! The Jew sand Masons have been put on notice by the heel of the Mother of God…

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