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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, February 5, 2016

Mainstream Meddling....

Mainstream Meddling....
By: Eric Gajewski


verb (used without object), meddled, meddling.
1. to involve oneself in a matter without right or invitation; interfere officiously and unwantedly

In an hour where truth has become lies and the lies run rampant throughout the mainstream, men still stay glued to the TV and "follow along" with the masses.  Men no longer want to have to think for themselves so they outsource this function and have someone else do that for them as well.  The great Plan of the New World Order was to obviously infiltrate and run every sector considered "mainstream" whether it is social, political, economic or religious.  Error has no right publicly and yet this is essentially all the mainstream gives us these days whether it is Fox News or the Vatican it truly makes no difference.  So when will men grab back their common sense by turning away from the mainstream? Rather than flow down stream with the mainstream (because it is easier and less painful) when will men decide in grace to swim upstream against all the pressure and head towards where truth remains?  

Youtube has more truth than CNN, Fox, NBC or any other MSM outlet.  Yes, that is a sad reality!  The MSM networks are giving you the news they want you to hear in hopes of swaying you into what they hope to obtain (control) from the masses.  The puppets for the NWO work for these networks which often are given scripted news.  When will men quit meddling with the lies?  From the latest false flags to the latest lewd distractions men's hearts and minds are being filled with darkness.  People keep waiting for the Zombie apocalypse to arrive and yet it is already here and those following the mainstream are one of them without ever realizing it. 

Quit meddling with the world by thinking the mainstream is reporting "reality".  The world and the mainstream are ONE.  From "new life" in outer space to the latest ufo spotted in the world virtually everything is staged.  The last time I checked there are still things called books.  Spend those hours you do have free by not giving your soul over to the TV and these lies.  Stay free!  Grow in holiness and spend time with Christ and not the sham artists of the mainstream who are preparing the world for the reception of the Antichrist. An eagle has clear vision because it is naturally a smart creature but it is through the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ that we can cut through all of the lies and deception.  An eagle is not distracted...

Consider the Religious aspect of the mainstream.  The enemy knew they had to gain control of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican so as to spread their new doctrines and principles.  This was to weaken our Faith and at the same time prepare men for the coming new messiah.  Did not our Lord warn even the elect would be decieved?  Look at all the Novus Ordo and Pseudo traditionalist sites out there today and often you will find the Jews pockets involved.  Yes, it is an information war but sadly the majority who know this are not willing to lend a hand financially to help balance the scales somewhat. St. Anthony the Great warned that when the Church and world art one then you shall know that we are at the beginning of the end and Antichrist would be close.  I will take it one step further. When men actually believe what the world is telling them is truth then we know the antichrist is close.  Replace Tradition with obedience replace Holy Religion with "spirituality". If I can convince the man in front of me  the glass of water I have handed over to them is actually Coke I can deceive! The Vatican II Modernists are the Great Hoodini's of our time!  Be ye careful O' sinner for when you turn on the "boobtube" you now tamper with the world very acutely.

Bishop Williamson: True and False Obedience 

On the question of obedience. What a concept I don't have to think but just obey!  This is Tradition because they (authorities) tell us it is (hermeneutics of continuity) not because it actually does line up on paper.  Archbishop Lefebvre was not so foolish as the masses were (prelates included).   This was how the enemy knew Catholics would fall and how they could ultimately envision the ushering in of their new messiah.  The enemy can get out their new religion (Novus Ordo) called "Catholic" and the majority will "soak it up" because they are the authorities and would never mislead us! How practical! False obedience will assuredly send many souls to hell in this Vatican II crisis but when I sit to ponder I realize these souls "soaking up all the garbage" were already living in hell.  Quit meddling with the world by swimming with the other "preconditioned fish" following along in the schools of the mainstream.  Where has critical thinking gone you ask? It has been swept under the rug of OBEY. Quit meddling with the mainstream and find true freedom...

Protocols of Zion:
Protocol #12:4 - “NOT A SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT WILL REACH THE PUBLIC WITHOUT OUR CONTROL. All news items are received by a few agencies from all parts of the world. These agencies will be entirely in our control and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them.”

FULFILLMENT: Jews control the media in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, & Germany.
~ In America alone, Jews own CBS, NBC, ABC, Time, Newsweek, US News & World Report, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.

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