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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fr. Voigt, Conflict & Climax

Conflict and the Climax

Which of you can convict Me of sin? Do we not say correctly that you are a Samaritan and have a devil?  Our Lord answered quite clearly "I have no devil but I honor the Father and you dishonor Me."  This is conflict clear and simple:  Christ verses the Jews, Supernaturalism in opposition to naturalism.  In effect we are dealing with God in battle with the Chosen People.
The chosen people have chosen to reject the eternal destiny that God wished them to spearhead.
That's it and this global conflict is simply about the viewpoint that determines one's destiny.

Every point of view determines the goal that an individual wishes to achieve.  Our Lord points us to the love of the Father through the love of the Word of God.  If you are of the word and guard that word, the you are a Samaritan for you defend the validity of God's eternal word.
If the word of God finds no place in your heart then you are not of God but of the devil. It is the touchstone of every stride in the Catholic's life to come to know and practice this Word from God.  In the Jew as in the devil, their true father, there is the common practice of the ad hominem  argument.  Attack the person and avoid the issue. We have seen this recently in an interview with good Bishop Fellay on Conflict Zone. 

The antagonistic inquisitor pounded the bishop with the cry of naturalism.  There is no God Who would condemn the Jews for killing His Son.  So why are the SSPXers such anti-semites?  Bishop Williamson is once again trampled under the bitter tongue of the semite for having denied the numbers of the Jews murdered in prison camps which were created by their fellow Jews.  Naturalism reigned supreme in that interview and the supernatural role of the church was trodden underfoot without a whimper from the good Bishop.  

Naturalism focuses on man and what man wants.  Man is supreme and there is no one to whom he will answer.  His heaven is here on this earth and pleasure is the principle that reigns over all.  Get whatever you can get and by whatever means.
Conscience, the voice of God, hidden within the individual's heart is now silenced.  Man has become a number in the socialistic state that denies its subservience to its Creator. We are in for the conflict of the ages:  Christ vs. Lucifer.  But there is one catch.  Our Lord is completely in charge of the whole affair and His Word rules.  What is the word that consoles us in the midst of the perfidious Jewry under the banner of Satan?

"Woman, thou shalt humble the proud.  Mother, it is your privilege to bring back your children to the destiny won upon a Cross on Golgotha.  You are the chosen one and your humble obedience will flip this serpent on his backside never to be upright again."
God has spoken and His Word is prophetic, eternal and creative of the victory that we will see.  It is coming and then let the reign of Christ the King show each of us the way to eternal life.  The Church will fulfill her role of being both supernatural and supranational.  It will be despite the naturalism that is poisoning every area and corner of our society.  The stones of naturalism cannot harm the Son of God.  Abraham saw His day and rejoiced; the Jews saw His coming and shuddered.  Their world view would come to nought while the Christian love of God would lead all sons of Abraham to the Promised Kingdom.
Satan's deceit of the glory of the sensual life shall be swept away by the return to our Lady's Purity.  The arrogance of the mighty shall be battered by the humility of a simple maiden.  Nothing of the devil will remain and his Jewish Zionist cohorts will not achieve a single moment of a false peace.  The world awaits the new age about to be born and it will come in as an age of the Mother of God or it will not come in at all.  Let us storm heaven with continuous rosaries to give Our Lady all the power she needs from we who are her heel.  Make those five first Saturdays of reparation.  Wear that precious scapular and be proud that you have been chosen to fight this battle to a victorious climax.  God bless and protect us all in the mantle of our Lady.

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Richard Voigt