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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, March 13, 2016

WaterWorld: Louisiana

Evil Beneath Louisiana Flood Rescues ‘Everywhere’

I have been warning you all 

By Deborah Dupré

Louisiana’s historic El Nino driven emergency flood rescue operations are occurring in so many areas, a first responder said Friday they were “everywhere.” The disaster had yet to even reach its main target, New Orleans and the remaining deep south Louisiana’s oil and gas heartland. It had only just begun drenching New Orleans’ white flight NorthShore, a fracker-coveted area north of the city’s Lake Pontchartrain.

This quietly predicted Spring 2016 calamity has placed much of oil-plagued Louisiana under water, raising questions about deep geopolitical motives, and keeping the populace ill-prepared. In the past three days, this dissappearing into the Gulf state has officially confirmed five deaths, thousands of homes and vehicles underwater, and an untold number of animal drownings. Meteorologists report the worst is yet to come. The stage is set for crisis capitalist performers to enter stage right, as spectators globally watched in horro in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Amid such “natural” events, human life is less than secondary to a more sinister goal.

At least 3 dead, 1000s evacuated as flash flooding swamps Louisiana 

Louisiana Floods Expected To Worsen

  Today’s disastrous flooding has been developing and predicted a long time. The massive volume of water testing Louisiana’s river banks, swamps, and human survival was obvious by early January. That’s when a red flag was hoisted. A “catastrophic flood surge” began pushing south along the Mississippi River. Have officials prepared citizenry well enough for losing everything in oil-rich Louisiana? Could there be reason not to do so?


Weird Weather Watch - Historic Floods in the USA. LA TX CA Strange days, indeed. 

The military arrived soon after Governor Edward Bell declared a state of emergency. It’s performance is heroic, conducting dramatic rescues. From air and water covering homes, hundreds of National Guardsmen and other first responders have already rescued thousands of stranded residents.
In some areas, what were parking lots and streets two days ago are now lakes and streams, complete with fish. 

Fish swimming along the flooded Monroe, La. streets

  Three days ago, southern Arkansas and northern Louisiana residents were first to experience the jolting shock of watching the rapidly speeding water surge inundate and cover their homes, drowning all their personal belongings as they frantically fled.


The National Weather Service in Shreveport, Louisiana, is calling the disaster a “historic flash flooding event”.
North of New Orleans, thousands have fled their homes, only with what they could quickly collect and carry, leaving the rest to be ruined. “I didn’t know it was going to flood,” is the most typical response to reporters interviewing survivors, as said in the report below.

Residents throughout southeast Louisiana are battling an unprecedented one inch of rain approximately every hour over the past fourteen hours, and face even more rain over the next 24 hours, along with threats from wind gusts 35 to 45 mph, tornadoes and a swollen Mississippi River and its tributaries. The slow-moving weather system crept nearer New Orleans and southern swamps, covered with visible oil and gas refineries, an invisible grid of oil and gas pipelines, and oil and gas profiteers always thirsting for more people’s land, including swampland, marshes, grasslands – already torn to shreds by the oil and gas industry.

“Most flood deaths occur in vehicles,” warns the National Weather Service. Flooding is the leading weather-related cause of death over the last 30 years, CNN meteorologists Jennifer Gray and Monica Garrett reported this week. Where were these services over the past two months? Does anyone feel they were well enough warned about the probability they would soon be losing everything they owned in an  apocalyptic scene. Rain predictions for the next 12 hours are same as the past few days, possibly an inch per hour. New Orleans residents brace for Hurricane Katrina-type struggles with ten more inches of rain expected
Now, add to this picture the northern states’ melting snow emptying into the Mississippi river this spring, further drenching southeast Louisiana. Prospects for area recovery for people and their properties look grim. Property  acquisition for Big Oil looks dandy. Louisiana is also losing approximately one football field’s worth of land every hour to the encroaching Gulf waters. This erosion is attributed to an array of causes, from an ill-conceived historic levee system, oil and gas drilling and, of course, the area susceptibility to storms. Only one of these profits. Both today’s scene and the big picture are heart-wrenching. It has been captured while filming the documentary, “You Can’t Restore Coastal Louisiana,” an interview with Tulane Law Professor University’s Oliver Houck.

Would the powers that be use weather warfare weapons to trigger a catastrophe such as that occurring in southeast Louisiana today? Only the naive would think not. After all, war is for one reason alone, profit. The imperialists have perfected shock doctrine, as the world witnessed in Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, as Naomi Klein documented in New Orleans and elsewhere, and as documented today in Louisiana.