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Saturday, March 5, 2016

False Right Roberto de Mattei & Benedict XVI

False Right Roberto de Mattei
& Benedict XVI

Patrick Odou

After the death of John Paul II, Card. Joseph Ratzinger was elected and ”inaugurated” under the name Benedict XVI. For this series of articles entitled, Real Council & Virtual Council, Benedict is the last Conciliar Pope that I will analyze. The disastrous pontificate of Francis, which can be seen as a punishment from God, began just 4 days after the speech of Roberto de Mattei at Krakow. 


Let me take a brief look at just some of the fruits of this ex-perito of the Second Vatican Council, Joseph Ratzinger.

Although Ratzinger could not vote, as a young suit-and-tie priest-theologian, he participated at the Council as a perito, and was the disciple of a leading progressivist of the Council, Fr. Karl Rahner. So, like his predecessors, Pope Benedict had been present at the Council and actively involved with it. He would spend the next five decades implementing it.

As reported in Informations Catholiques Internationales on May 15, 1969, Joseph Ratzinger was “previously suspect [of heresy] by the Holy Office.” Nevertheless, the seriousness of this suspicion did not prevent John XXIII from accepting him at the Council as a counselor-theologian of Card. Josef Frings or Paul VI from appointing Ratzinger as a member of the International Theological Commission.

assisi benedict
Benedict follows JPII's footsteps & prays with other religious leader at Assisi in October 2011
Later, as a Cardinal, he headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – CDF – during John Paul II’s reign and supplied theological support for JPII’s ecumenism and global antics. He is recognized for implementing - and even “saving” - the Catholic-Protestant Accord on the doctrine of justification at Augsburg October 31, 1999.

As Pope Benedict XVI, he continued the annual inter-religious prayer meetings at Assisi. These meetings are, indeed, the “abomination of desolation.” No matter how grave they were or how this gravity has increased with their continuous repetitions, today they are considered passé in comparison to so many other horrors Catholics are witnessing.

Ecumenism and dialogue with Schismatics, Protestants and all types of heretics plus dialogue with Jews, Mohammedans, Buddhists and pagans were common events under Ratzinger’s pontificate.

Benedict never rejected any part of Vatican II, but rather made efforts to interpret the Council according to a “hermeneutics of continuity” and not as a true rupture with Church doctrine of the past as it actually was. (see Atila Guimaraes, The Official Hermeneutics of Rupture - 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Popes wearing sombreros
Like his predecessor & his sucessor Benedict followed the same agenda to destroy the solemnity of the Papacy; the media did not oblige them to do it
As Cardinal and Pope, Ratzinger fooled many within Traditionalist Catholic circles into thinking that he was, as Michael Davies put it, “a friend of Tradition.” Other traditionalist leaders also fell under Ratzinger’s influence and supported the ecumenical lines coming from the Vatican, expressed, for example, in Dominus Jesus.

Benedict’s pontificate was marked by endless schemes to converge the New Church of Vatican II and the traditional Faith. He used contrivances and tricks such as the Motu Proprio, indult Masses and hybrid Masses, and he laid out the groundwork for the adhesion of SSPX leaders to the Conciliar Church.

The breakdown of the sacrality and dignity of the office of the Papacy did not diminish throughout the term of Benedict. (e.g. here, here and here)

During his pontificate, more and more women entered important positions of teaching and administration within the Catholic Church. In 2004, Card. Ratzinger, as head of the CDF, signed a document, duly approved by John Paul II, entitled, Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World.

That document was a way to prepare the Church for the ‘Year of the Woman, which the UN promoted in 2005. Sarah Butler was appointed to the International Theological Commission and Mary Ann Glendon was named president of one of the 10 pontifical academies.

Bold denials of the existence of Limbo and even of the existence of Heaven as a physical place were made by Pope Ratzinger himself.

Next, in the wave of Vatican II’s Ostpolitik, he betrayed the Chinese Underground Church, instructing the suffering Chinese Catholic Church in the catacombs to surface and unite with the Communist Patriotic Church. He also revoked all previously granted privileges and faculties that allowed underground Catholic Bishops to ordain other Bishops and priests, thus dooming the future ofthe Underground Church.

altar girls
Benedict encouraged womens' participation in the Mass & Church positions
I believe it is safe to say that most of the moral scandals that have rocked the Church since Vatican II have been, in some way, connected to Joseph Ratzinger. As Prefect of the CDF, he was responsible for innumerous cases of covering up for pedophile priests, to such a point that a Texas judge named him a defendant in one of these cases and summoned him to give a deposition in court. He only escaped the court appearance because, before the case was heard, he was elected Pope and acquired immunity as a head of State.

As Pope he produced an earthquake in Catholic Morals when he affirmed that the use of prophylactics by a male prostitute is a first step toward morality. Ratzinger – who, with Mattei, tries to blame the media for the evil caused by the Council – was always close by some pedophile or homosexual scandal.

His encyclical Caritas in Veritate is a clear effort to promote a Universal Republic, the United Nations, egalitarianism and self-managing Socialism.

resignation lightning
On the day Benedict announce his "resignation", lightning strikes St. Peter's dome
On February 28, 2013, Benedict XVI announced his retirement from the papacy, and a bolt of lightning struck the Vatican dome. In the manner of a modern-day president of a republic or large corporation, he left his sacred office after eight years, inducing Catholics to envisage the Papacy more as a presidency than the sacred monarchy that it is.

This series of articles on Real Council & Virtual Council, which I now bring to a close, has proved that the disasters following Vatican II are the direct result of the actions and ideas of the Conciliar Popes, Bishops and priests –not the media.

Therefore, the affirmation of Benedict XVI duly endorsed by Roberto de Mattei, that the media created a “virtual Council” without any blame placed on the “real Council” and those who made and implemented it, is absurd.

This effort of Mattei has no other aim than to save Vatican II. It corresponds well to the mission of the false right, which is to anesthetize and fool traditionalists and conservatives in order to shepherd them to serve and obey Progressivism.