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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, April 27, 2014

'Deeply Flawed" Popes or Modernist Popes? The Remnant Strikes Again!

 'Deeply Flawed" Popes or Modernist Popes? The Pseudo Trad Remnant Strikes Again!

Once again, we must, as charity dictates, call out the Remnant Newspaper for their theological ineptitude and misleading of "would be" Traditional Catholics. As I have pointed out before in previous talks and articles the members of this newspaper are liberals/modernists in disguise who downgrade Vatican II to just mere errors in the Council!  When these pseudo traditionalists such as Mr. Jackson "water down" reality they create for themselves a false bridge back over into the Conciliar Church which true Catholics cannot do. This is why and how they say they are against the errors in the Council but still attend local Masses where the Faith is not.They pretend the Vatican II NewChurch is the Catholic Church. Those holding to Vatican II cannot claim to be Catholic for it is the basis of the New Religion which is leading souls into the One World formalized Church of Apostasy soon(perhaps before 2017). Anyone still reading the Remnant runs the risk of losing their soul(in full knowledge) for the implication of being able to commune with the modernist heretics when you cannot. Vatican II is not the Catholic Faith these poor men are blind. Let us call to mind Archbishop Lefebvre, who clearly taught the true traditionalist position which is that Vatican II is a null and void( a New Religion) 'Council" and does not just  contain mere errors. The Remnant is trying to "play it safe" with this impotent hybrid pseudo trad position they hold to.

 “We believe we can affirm, purely by internal and external criticism of Vatican II, i.e. by analyzing the texts and studying the Council’s ins and outs, that by turning its back on tradition and breaking with the Church of the past, it is a schismatic council.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, Le Figaro, August 4, 1976)

The more one analyzes the documents of Vatican II, and the more one analyzes their interpretation by the authorities of the Church, the more one realizes that what is at stake is not merely superficial errors, a few mistakes, ecumenism, religious liberty, collegiality, a certain Liberalism, but rather a wholesale perversion of the mind, a whole new philosophy based on modern philosophy, on subjectivism. A wholly different version of Revelation, of Faith, of philosophy! Very grave! A total perversion! How we are going to get out of all this, I have no idea , it is truly frightening.
Archbishop Lefebvre

The pseudo trads, who see no heresy, let alone a whole new religion of the Conciliar Church, are liberal/modernist wolves in sheep's clothing, dear brethren, of whom we must avoid. Mr Jackson at the end of this article even has a prayer to these two "NewChurch "Saints" He makes the fundamental error of not establishing that the modernists have completely revamped the notion of what Catholicism is due to the "man based" religion of the Vatican II, which is the basis for this Conciliar cult of man. Revolutionary "Saints", think it not! What this means, very simply is, when you have an erroneous perception of what is truly Catholic your judgements made most often cannot be Catholic! And how could they be? They are modernists, objectively speaking, not Catholics. The pseudo trads will deny this and state they are only deeply flawed. This is(true traditionalist position) simply too much for their impotent theology and position to allow for. 

Michael Matt's delusional theology!

From the article:
"This means that Hippolytus had a 20-year reign as anti-pope before reconciling with the Church soon before his death. Yet he is still a Catholic Saint, primarily because of his theological writings before he became an anti-pope together with the fact he was martyred for his faith. Therefore one thing this episode can teach us is that if even a 20-year antipope can be a saint, we can understand if two legitimate, yet deeply flawed popes can become ones."

TCK Response: First off, Mr Jackson fails to acknowledge that the Conciliar Popes teach heresy. Right to religious liberty, liberty of conscience, americanism and "ecumenism" are not just mere errors but are Infallibly taught against by the Church. Failure to make such critical theological distinctions leads the whole Remnant Newspaper into error and thus on their fence-sitting position. Where there is modernism/liberalism they do not or will not want to see. Where they think they can be(attending Mass) you cannot truly be. The issue for true traditionalists is not whether they are antipopes or not for in reality even if they are we can/could not follow them anyways. The issue is that what the Vatican II Popes teach is clearly not Catholic and is heresy in MANY cases. I have mentioned just several above. Can a validly elected (modernist) Pope who has an erroneous perception and understanding of what true Catholicism is be made a Saint? Can his judgements, which, now due to Vatican II's new man centered religion, be legitimate? Can a Pope, who, objectively speaking is a modernist and not a Catholic make such canonizations, infallible? The answer to all is clearly, no! Therefore, once again the Remnant leaves the door open to the modernist breeze which "gently" comes thru their articles. Nay, the process(canonization) has changed; the judgements have changed and why? Because the Popes have changed the doctrines. These modernists(Popes included) have reconstructed a NewChurch. Vatican II is a NewChurch, objectively speaking, with Popes, who think what they are teaching is actually Catholic, even in the face off Infallibly condemned doctrines. They still carry on and teach erroneously for they think doctrines can progress/evolve). A false "living tradition" which is supposedly inside each man and changes with the times! It is more proof Vatican II teaches/implies a "democracy" and not a Monarchy(Social Reign of Christ). 
It is the pride of the modernists which keep them from Truth as St. Pius X stated and likewise it is pride/theological ineptitude on the part of the Remnant which keeps them from wanting to see that we are not just dealing with a few errors and a supposed "virtual council' which is greater than a "council" manipulated by the 'liberal" media. What nonsense and delusion, for Vatican II in and of itself, is modernist and liberal, says the Church not me, based upon infallibly defined doctrines that we merely reiterate."It is impossible to approve in Catholic publications a style inspired by unsound novelty which seems to deride the piety of the faithful and dwells on the introduction of a new order of Christian life, on new directions of the Church, on new aspirations of the modern soul, on a new social vocation of the clergy, on a new Christian civilization, and many other things of the same kind." Language of the kind here indicated is not to be tolerated either in books or in lectures. POPE ST PIUS X- PASCENDI 
There is no middle ground in the Church! There is no appeasing the masses and world and trying to fit in with Tradition. We are not here to sell newspapers or sell out conferences! We are here to save souls and thus we must keep continuing to pray for these pseudo trads who keep leading souls astray. May God Almighty protect and preserve your soul and family thru the Immaculate Heart of Mary I pray for all and love you all! Ave Maria!

From the article:
Prayer composed to the "NewChurch""Saints":
Saints John XXIII and John Paul II, being now deeply regretful of the aftermath of Vatican II, the errors of religious liberty, collegiality and ecumenism and the persecution of the Traditional Mass, please act as our ablest intercessors to Our Heavenly Father in calling for the swift restoration of Tradition to Holy Mother Church.

*John Paul was NEVER regretful over Vatican II. And he fails to state religious liberty, collegiality and ecumenism are heresies not just errors which is the ploy of the pseudo trads to "suck" souls back into the Conciliar Church. Stay away from the Remnant my dear friends. Vatican II, like the New Mass, will be made null and void in the future. These "canonizations" likewise will be revoked. A future Pope who is actually Catholic, objectively speaking, will make proper judgements on behalf of the "Church" because he will not have a modernist mindset.


Let us call to mind the Church's judgement on the modernists. Those who deny we have had modernist Popes since the Council are to be avoided. All pseudo traditionalist groups and apologists, Mr Voris, Father Z and the Remnant included.

Moreover, in order to check the daily increasing audacity of many modernists who are endeavoring by all kinds of sophistry and devices to detract from the force and efficacy not only of the decree "Lamentabili sane exitu" (the so-called Syllabus), issued by our order by the Holy Roman and Universal Inquisition on July 3 of the present year, but also of our encyclical letters "Pascendi dominici gregis" given on September 8 of this same year, we do by our apostolic authority repeat and confirm both that decree of the Supreme Sacred Congregation and those encyclical letters of ours, adding the penalty of excommunication against their contradictors, and this we declare and decree that should anybody, which may God forbid, be so rash as to defend any one of the propositions, opinions or teachings condemned in these documents he falls, ipso facto, under the censure contained under the chapter "Docentes" of the constitution "Apostolicae Sedis," which is the first among the excommunications latae sententiae, simply reserved to the Roman Pontiff. This excommunication is to be understood as salvis poenis, which may be incurred by those who have violated in any way the said documents, as propagators and defenders of heresies, when their propositions, opinions and teachings are heretical, as has happened more than once in the case of the adversaries of both these documents, especially when they advocate the errors of the modernists that is, the synthesis of all heresies.


Given at Rome in Saint Peter's, the 18th November, 1907, the fifth year of our Pontificate.

Blessed Anne Emmerich, in mystical experience, foresaw/reiterated this unchangeable decree by the Church. 
  "I see many excommunicated ecclesiastics who do not seem to be concerned about it nor even aware of it. Yet they are ipso facto excommunicated whenever they cooperate to sic enterprises, enter into associations and embrace opinions upon which an anathema has been cast.

My Video on the Pseudo-Traditionalist Newspaper "The Remnant"


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