"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Far Deeper Problem Than Francis

Far Deeper Problem Than Francis; 
A Message in this Modernist Madness
By: Eric Gajewski

It can be said that Francis is both a punishment from God but also a gift from God. On one hand, he is a punishment, for he is leading souls further in the “new religion of man” which flies under the banner of “liberty & equality”. Catholic? Not hardly. FreeMasons, Jews and nearly all the enemies of the Church love Bergoglio. However, to be loved by the world, is to be an enemy of God Himself.

His latest stunt is to incorporate the environment into the new religion. Is this encyclical binding? Absolutely not it is just more “empty paper” to be used for bathroom. Further reaffirming that Vatican II NewChurch, objectively speaking, is not the Catholic Church. In order for “someone” or “some church” to be Catholic you would first have to hold and teach the Catholic Faith which these modernists do not do. Their version of “Catholicism’ is not Catholicism at all for Tradition cannot lie but a nonbinding “pastoral council’ and Popes can. Francis the destroyer continues his warpath and so many other heretical apologists try to make excuse for his erroneous doctrines.  Francis smiles, kisses feet and hugs babies and people “fall in love” for so many could care less that he doesn’t teach the Catholic Faith. Vatican II is the impotent humanitarianism warned about by Pope St. Pius X. So, in this sense, his poison, is passed along to others and Truth is concealed for the sake of the new “kool-aid’ gospel of man that Vatican II started. Indeed, Francis leads the lemmings off the cliff under the banner of “false obedience”. But there still is a deeper problem than Francis.

Secondly, Francis is a gift from God and how so? Francis is so “out there” that many “conservative” (pseudo traditionalists) types still clinging to some hope that Vatican II was Catholic, are now starting to see more clearly. No doubt, conversion is a process, therefore, coming to the harsh reality we are in a crisis is a process. In my daily work I speak to many souls from around the world and this is the feedback that I get.  They are no longer willing to call us “heretics” and “schismatics” but will now actually listen to what we have been saying all along. Make no mistake, the end of Vatican II will be the “formal schism”. In the modernist search for “truth”, a supposed Pope (Francis with Master Jesus) will unite all religions/humanity. This will be proclaimed “infallibly’ (invalid/illicit excathedra). A real Pope cannot do so.  Francis is causing more and more individuals to see the charade that he represents (Vatican II) and now they are turning back to traditional devotions. They are turning back to the Rosary and the message of Our Lady of Fatima. They are rejecting and leaving the New Mass. He gets more theologically “goofy” and in return some are getting more disciplined as a result of his incoherent lunacy. 

Unlike the other Vatican II wolves who have led (Popes) he does not even pretend to be a sheep he is content with strolling thru the fields as a wolf saying he is sheep.  Conversion is nonsense, no “Catholic’ God, old covenant not revoked, we are not in the age of “Christianity’ anymore (yes he did say that), gunmaker/owners are not Christians, etc. He needs more than just prayer he needs a world suffering for his conversion. Resistance is the Catholic answer in this crisis. The churchmen will eventually straighten it out as they always do, therefore, when the upcoming chastisements come, look for these prelates to have their “Saul to Paul” experience. In great irony, Our Lady indicated in the real third secret of Fatima, that, this new road, leads out of Rome and into Portugal. The world gets worse and the Conciliar Church in its new ‘democracy” (flying under the banner of “living tradition’) is adopting more and more of these errors/heresies. But there is still a deeper problem than Francis.

The problem that runs deeper than Francis is, the sad reality, that so many, will “look away’, say their too busy or altogether try to make excuses, not only for Francis, but for Vatican II itself and its subsequent destruction of the true Faith (as traditionally taught). Too many are still spending time in front of TV, going out to pursue idle desires, video games, the bars/clubs, and tending to the latest technological toys. It is these same people who call us heretics! In all honesty I don’t know how some of these people tie their shoes and undergo the responsibility of raising a family let alone provide a coherent theological analysis of this crisis. The Vatican II modernists are “frightening’ to talk to. I say that in all honesty and in charity. We have recourse to Our Lady and we ask her to dispense those graces necessary which are needed to remove the “cataracts” of the inner eyes over these heretics.

What is the deeper problem? In my opinion it is two fold: first, ignorance, and secondly willful negligence but both sinful.  Modern man is ‘steeped” in sin and when supposed “Catholics” adopt more of that sin, that is now being passed off as truth, in a false light, man interiorly rots away. The Conciliar Church is loaded with worldly and heretical men who are more interested in man’s rights than the rights of God. The evidence is nearly daily (see the Vatican using religious liberty to sell the Palestine treaty). Some are more interested in watching “Duck Dynasty” than reading Pope St. Pius X. True story, on facebook, I was once accused by someone at the University I graduated from of ‘studying the faith too much”. All the while on her facebook there were incoherent rants about how much she loved the TV show Duck Dynasty. These are the people of the Conciliar Church who embody, the “even deeper problem”.  God has cutoff grace to these individuals who don’t want truth and put Duck Dynasty ahead of Faith, therefore, they love Francis, and yet they are theologically clueless and heading off the cliffs with Francis. Still further, there are many who I encounter, who, know “something” is wrong and they don’t want to investigate further because they are afraid of the “reality”. They know deep in their hearts, the resistance is right, and yet due to willful negligence, which arises out of self-love, they are unable to go further in their investigation. This great apostasy is simply too much for them. Therefore, in my opinion, they attempt to stay in ignorance over the reality we face. And yet, “Is this the response of a true confirmed Soldier of the Divine Catholic Army”? Yes, the Eagle is about to say it. The far deeper problem than Francis and the Council is YOU! It is you who don’t want to study; it is you who are fearful to arrive at the truth; it is you to afraid to speak up; it is you who are afraid to hang around those crazy rad-trad “heretics’. It is quite sad to see so many spineless souls so inebriated in self-love to want to “shout” the truth from the mountaintops without fear or recourse to consequences that might occur on the account of rendering the truth.

In summation, Vatican II is not the truth it is lie. It is a lie covered in the “oozing chocolate goodness” of the modern world which no longer has any concept of what Truth is. Don’t believe me? Ask the Supreme Court, who, today, hammered another nail into the hand of Christ.  As always with any of my criticisms there must be a solution. The solution for our times is the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Rosary and Scapular. Yea, it is a process, to arrive, at the conclusion, that Vatican II is not catholic and the Conciliar Church is counterfeit, therefore, I am here for those who would like to understand the problem more deeply. Moreover, charity is bold and in this lukewarm pacifist age of “love wins” (sodomites new victory verbiage) true love is raising a fist and someday soon when Our Lord and Lady give me the “green light’, the Day of Restoration, will commence and we will take back this world for Christ by using “just force”.  In the end, don’t let it come down to Our Lord pointing the finger at you at your judgement with Him saying ‘ Away from me fearful one”. He will say this all on the account that you thought you were not a problem but you were. Until then, the “dumification” of the world by Francis and these modernists continues. Ave Maria!

 Pope? Who Me?


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  1. Pope Benedict's co-pope, Francis, is a symptom of the deeper malaise. But he is a hell of a symptom.

  2. Is there hope for this man Bergolio who is so lost and goofy? Will he be converted to the Catholic faith or will he just die in his sins leading so many others astray?

  3. DEMOLITIO CONSUMMATA EST. the end. God wouldn't forgive them .