"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Saint Odile Prophecy on WW3, 3 Days of Darkness & the Antichrist

Saint Odile Prophecy on WW3, 3 Days of Darkness & the Antichrist

Saint Odile was born blind to Duke Attich (or Adalric), Lord of Alsace, France, in the 7th century. Her father sent her to the convent of Baume-les-Dames near Besancon, where she was miraculously healed by St. Erhard, Bishop of Ratisbon. Thereafter she became known as Odile ("Daughter of Light"). In thanksgiving, her father allowed Odile to convert the family castle into a nunnery. Odile lived there in piety until her death in 720. 

Most of St. Odile's prophecies concerned her own time and local events, but one prophecy attributed to her is a detailed description of World War II, which was fulfilled in every detail. Here is her warning about World War III and the Antichrist:

"There will come a time when war will break out, more terrible than all other wars combined, which have ever visited mankind. A horrible warrior will unleash it, and his adversaries will call him Antichrist. All nations of the earth will fight each other in this war. The fighters will rise up to the heavens to take the stars and throw them on the cities, to set ablaze the buildings and to cause immense devastations. Oceans will lie between the great warriors, and the monsters of the sea, terrified by everything that happens on or under the sea, will flee to the deep. Battles of the past will only be skirmishes compared to the battles that will take place, since blood will flow in all directions. The earth will shake from the violent fighting. Famine and pestilence will join the war. The nations will then cry "Peace, peace", but there will be no peace. Thrice will the sun rise over the heads of the combatants, without having been seen by them. But afterwards there will be peace, and all who have broken peace will have lost their lives. On a single day more men will have lost been killed than the catacombs of Rome have ever held. Pyres will be erected greater than the greatest city, and people will ascend the highest mountains to praise God, and nobody will want to make war anymore. Strange signs will appear in the skies: both horns of the moon will join the cross. Happy will be those who will have survived the war, since the pleasures of life will begin again, and the sun will have a new brilliance...

"Woe to those who, in those days, do not fear the Antichrist, for he is the father of those who are not repelled by crime. He will arouse more homicides and many people will shed tears over his evil customs. Men will set themselves one against the other and at the end will want to re-establish order. Some will try to do so, but this will not succeed and thus will end up even worse off than before! But if things will have reached the summit and if the hand of man can no longer do anything, it will be put in the hands of Him, who can send down a punishment so terrible that it will not have been seen before. God has already sent the Flood, but he has sworn never to send one again. What he will do will be something unexpected and terrible."


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  1. "Thrice will the sun rise over the heads of the combatants, without having been seen by them." Three Days of Darkness.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The Anti-Christ must counterfeit Christ. A counterfeit is something closely resembling the original. A counterfeit coin, for example, if the original is gold and stamped with the head of a king and his insignia, you could never pass off a counterfeit that is lead and stamped with the head of a warlord and a hex.

    As Christ holds the three-fold office of prophet (teacher), priest and king - the Anti-Christ must also be recognized in these offices. He must make war with the saints and overcome them, he must make war on the Church, he must be revealed at the time of the Great Apostasy. He does not rule over Babylon the Great - the world dominion of the Empire of the City (the Eighth Beast of the Apoc arising from the iron metal of Rome) or exercise the Pax Judaica at that time - but the Anti-Christ as the Son of Perdition must be revealed in his offices at the time of the Great Apostasy or St Paul got it wrong in Thessalonians.

    The daily sacrifice, the holy sacrifice of the mass, must no longer sweep the entire world from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same before the Abomination. Then will they blasphemously institute the sacrifices of livestock for the Noahide one world religion of all faiths and creeds which looks to its Judaic hierarchy.

    This ecumenical cult was initiated by Pope John Paul II in the decade of the 1980s.

    that makes Desolate can be raised - the Third Temple of Jews in Jerusalem. The Judaic Imperium and their empire of the city now headquartered in London suffers no rivals and they can not raise this thing until the holy sacrifice of the mass is underground.

    But where the Corpus Christi is - there will the eagles be gathered together.

    St Briget of Sweden gave 1980 as the decade when the altars to the Anti-Christ would be raised:

    "In the year 1980 the wicked shall prevail; they will profane and sacrilegiously defile the churches by erecting in them altars and idols to Anti-Christ, whom they will worship and force others to do the same".