"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bishop Fellay: Vomiting More Poison

Bishop Fellay: Vomiting More Poison
Commentary: Pseudo-Traditionalist Bishop Fellay continues to demonstrate he is a traitor of Tradition and a liar. 
As always charity cometh with a rod for correction

In his latest interview Bishop Fellay continues to demonstrate that he is a cloaked modernist/liberal. 
Bishop Fellay has long "lost it" and those following him willfully are already lost as well. Let us continue to pray to the Mother of God that she may alleviate his blindness. The fact is, Bishop Fellay by his new doctrine and subsequent actions thereof to verify this new direction has already separated himself from Tradition.

Question? Do pseudo traditionalists realize they are poisoned? Answer: No, much like the man with the early stages of ebola or cancer does not realize he is "dying", pseudo traditionalists, like Bishop Fellay, in their blindness, do not realize they are not spiritually healthy. In great irony, we can prove, in the Resistance, that we are actually following what Archbishop Lefebvre taught and the Neo-SSPX cannot. When you present this to the Neo-SSPX priests/laymen they just keep quiet or walkaway (ask Fr. Hewko). This is called pride, a deep rooted disease, which has long grabbed a hold of the Society, for what has been going on, is not the work of Our Lady and Lord. If this were the case I would clearly support them. This is why they omit so much of what Archbishop Lefebvre had said concerning the heretics who occupy our buildings. 

 Why do they keep using Archbishop Lefebvre's name? Your guess is as good as mine but I suppose every Disney World has to have a Mickey Mouse to stand behind. Bishop Fellay following what Archbishop Lefebvre actually taught is like saying a sane person follows the tail of a skunk...it just is not a reality. But such it is in Pseudo trad land filled with the John Venari's, Chris Ferrera's, Michael Matt's, Rorate... As the days goes by more and more fall out of the Neo-SSPX seeing Bishop Fellay for what he is and those who likewise follow blindly. These past few weeks I've have had several more conversations with those who have said "enough is enough'. One family out in the midwest who were actually coordinators for their chapel and another female in Texas who said people are leaving their Neo-SSPX chapel "by the groves" and their pastor is complaining.  Who can blame them. It is of course sad but are we not defending the Truth? If the Saints were willing to lay down their lives for the Truth and we know that Vatican II is not the truth (which Bishop Fellay thinks is the truth) then why do people criticize me for exposing these snakes? Answer: People no longer care about truth.

Archbishop Lefebvre: The Conciliar Church is not the Catholic Church; we must reject vatican II wholesale: the conciliarists are heretics.
Bishop Fellay: The Conciliar Church is the "visible Church"; we can accept 95% of Vatican II (and fit ourselves in) and the conciliarists are just making "little wee-bit errors": ecumenism, collegiality, etc)
BUT WE ARE the TROUBLEMAKERS :) Whoever honestly believes that deserves to "stay in the poisoned Neo-SSPX chapels (due to pride).'

More proof the poison has trickled down from Bishop Fellay to his "lemmings leadership?'

BUT What did Archbishop Lefebvre say himself? 
Who are the REAL dissidents?

Bishop Fellay is a snake in the grass and has been caught red handed more than once in recent memory. He is self led and a terrible theologian. His concept of Tradition is completely different than the Archbishop's. But the question remains "Why do so many stay with a group whose leader(s) consistently demonstrate(s) himself to be double minded and full of lies? He is not forthright at all. The answer: "dopey joes"...people who cant think for themselves nor who can think critically.  Putting aside doctrine for a minute would you stay with a girl/boy friend if they constantly lied to you? You will notice in his recent impotent attack against the Resistance there is nothing theologically objective about it. But how many times in return do we have to demonstrate on paper how he is a sellout? How much more do we have to show until the remaining in the Zionist funded Neo-SSPX say "enough is enough"? Bishop Fellay is poisoned and those following his "new line" are just as poisoned. In all honesty Bishop Fellay has to come out and say these things publicly against the Resistance because even he knows (deep down) his own ship is sinking! I would too if I were trying to salvage what I could. I should know how pseudo traditionalists think I attended a Society chapel for sometime.

Bishop Fellay (with that warm smile) greets Pope Benedict XVI with a FreeMasonic handshake

“Look at the caricature of Tradition that calls itself the ‘Resistance’, for example: it is a non-Catholic spirit that is almost sectarian. We wish to have nothing to do with it; it is a movement that is withdrawn into itself, with people who think that they are the only good and just men on earth: that is not Catholic.” Bishop Fellay, spoken like a real St. Athanaisius

Even if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Jesus Christ." St. Athanasius
Do yourself a favor and check the statistics as to what is withdrawn and who is "really listening in?"

I evangelize all over the globe via social media moreso than probably any Society Priest or the "snake in the grass himself" We are withdrawn from the Conciliar Church because it is poisoned with a new religion as your founder said, DUH! Has Modernist Rome converted? In the negative BUT Bishop Fellay thinks they are Catholics. He is a poisoned individual who needs prayer (lots).

If you scroll all the way down at the bottom of tradcatknight you will locate a real time map of all the Crusaders worldwide currently online "tuning in"...

In his latest vomiting, Bishop Fellay, speaks with exuberence about the Motu Proprio and yet how misleading this is. The true Mass never needed to be "freed" yet no mention of this.  This is how pseudo traditionalists think not someone who actually follows Archbishop Lefebvre. Pseudo- traditionalists like Bishop Fellay see the "conservatives" in the Conciliar Church as "Catholics" wilst their OWN FOUNDER did not! Bishop Fellay is already a "boiled frog' who says "come on in guys its not so bad in here". When I attended a neo-SSPX chapel I can recall the constant used car salesman tactics of the pastor(s) trying to convince me Rome is not "that bad". Really?? Did Archbishop Lefebvre not warn us to stay away from these pseudo traditionalists because they are poisoned? Answer: Indeed, he did and for good reason. We now see what happens when you "rub up" along side of the modernists for so long...you actually begin to think their "Catholic!" Therefore, Bishop Fellay, in great irony, is a perfect example of why you keep your distance from heretics. His definition of Catholic was not Archbishop Lefebvre's definition of Catholic, therefore, how can one trust a man who doesn't even follow what their own founder taught and laid down in principle? The answer is, of course, that those (for the most part) still attending Neo-SSPX chapels, are boiled frogs themselves. They have long lost it too.

Resistance (Canada) weighs in:

What a great display by Bishop Fellay to continually want an agreement with men who never held the Catholic Faith as their own founder taught. And what is the "loose" argument he vomits? "They (Resistance) think their the only Catholics left..." This is called used car salesman talk ladies and gentlemen. Divert attention off of the objective facts of the case (his heretical/schismatic declaration) How do those with use of reason not see  this charade? So now were sedevacantists, demoniacs, false resistors, etc. yadayadayada...yawn....I honestly want to know what these people are smoking. Perhaps they legalized Marijuana out by Bishop Fellay because he and the Society have not  made sense in their attempted refutations whatsoever.   Bottom line is Bishop Fellay is a dressed up modernist/liberal who came out of the "closet in 2012", like the US Supreme Court which recently came out and backstabbed Our Lord. The poison and disease is there but the "already diseased" cannot recognize it. Who is the dissident? Menzingen and Bishop Fellay! Who is the troublemaker? Who is double-minded? Who has been lying consistently? Who keeps diverting attention off the facts of the case? Bishop Fellay, Bishop Fellay, Bishop Fellay the troublemaker...the more I hear him talk the more I am convinced wheels aren't "spinning upstairs."

For those who are not aware, Bishop Fellay, several days before a "possible agreement" between Modernist Rome and Neo-SSPX, said, that there could be a possible split/schism in the Society. We now can look back and see why he said this as he accepted Vatican II "in light of Tradition", accepted New Mass as legally promulgated and new code of canon law. He KNEW already there would be backlash! Yet we are the "troublemakers" for holding to what Archbishop Lefebvre taught???  That is DIABOLICAL my friends. That oozes with the spirit of control, deceit and manipulation; it is not of God yet the Society has been consistent in their diabolical behaivor since. Dont believe me? See below:


Just as an alcoholic eventually vomits up "the poison", for all to see, so does Bishop Fellay, over and over BUT there is no need to go to AA meeetings... "I and my Society are healthy", please!  Bishop Fellay has been "off the deep end" a long time now.  Bishop Fellay has been officially "upgraded" to stage 4 "theological cancer"  Yes, compromise is a cancerous tumor and it is not a pretty sight on the eyes

 Ah Yes... but the Resistance doesn't have the "proper fighting" spirit;) says the man who cant keep his stories straight, tells his priests to keep silent about Vatican II before the "agreement" and deludes his own mind with thinking he is following the principles of the Archbishop. The only real question remains how much Valium does Bishop Fellay have to take at night to fall asleep? I'll give him one thing he is a great salesman...The reality is his Neo-SSPX is sinking/crumbling. I know because I deal with a WHOLE lot of people worldwide and their feedback is echoing the same tone.

Modernists cannot properly identify who is actually Catholic and yet the Neo-SSPX and "pseudo trad land" gets all "gitty" when they are called Catholics by heretics??? If you can figure that out I will send you a gold star for your refrigerator!
Don't be fooled by these traitors my friend, the eagle!
The Zionist funded Neo-SSPX is poisoned, period! Stay out of their buildings and quit donating to them...  
Compromise with Truth is, objectively speaking,  mortal sin
If you need help getting out of the Neo-SSPX and into the resistance contact me at apostleofmary@hotmail.com

Source: http://www.sspx.org/en/fellay_interview_tradition_schneider_sarah_Francis


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