"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, June 29, 2015

United Sodom & Gomorrah of America

Facebook Launches 'Celebrate Pride' Tool Which Puts A Rainbow Filter Over Profile Pictures

Facebook has launched a tool that lets users show their support of marriage equality. Facebook’s “Celebrate Pride” tool was announced by co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg. The tool was launched shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is now considered a fundamental constitutional right guaranteed under the 14th Amendment.

 By visiting the “Celebrate Pride” tool on Facebook, you will see a preview of your profile picture with a rainbow filter. If you click “use as profile picture,” then your existing profile photo will be uploaded with the rainbow filter that is similar to Zuckerberg’s photo above.
“I’m so happy for all of my friends and everyone in our community who can finally celebrate their love and be recognized as equal couples under the law,” said Zuckerberg in a Facebook post. “We still have much more to do to achieve full equality for everyone in our community, but we are moving in the right direction.”

Facebook is not the only technology company that showed its support for marriage equality. Apple has been supporting benefits that covers same sex partners since 1993. Google, Amazon and Microsoft also filed friend of the court papers in a U.S. Supreme Court case involving the Defense of Marriage Act, according to CNET. Those companies insisted that the lack of federal recognition of same sex marriages negatively affects company morale and makes tax benefits complicated. 

The President Hosts a Reception in Honor of LGBT Pride Month


Huge crowds for Berlin Gay Pride after historic U.S. ruling

Several hundred thousand people filled the streets of Berlin for the city's Gay Pride parade on Saturday, a day after the US Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage nationwide.
The crowds were a riot of colour under grey skies, with many demonstrators in costume -- including US embassy staffer Tim Standaert, who painted his torso blue with an enormous red heart as he waved a rainbow-hued Stars and Stripes flag.
"We are all different, we are all the same," was the theme of this year's march, which comes a day after the landmark Supreme Court ruling that all 50 US states must carry out and recognise same-sex marriages.

Germany introduced civil unions for gay and lesbian couples in 2001, but they do not have the right to marry and are still also forbidden from jointly adopting children.
Earlier this month the upper house of the German parliament adopted a resolution calling for the legalisation of same-sex marriage, which is opposed by Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives.


Planet X will be kicking in some meteorites, comets and more to ruin the days of the sodomites.

How Catholic Bishops Accepted Sodomy
There is something in the insidious character of Progressivism that is reminiscent of evolution. At some point in the past, scientists could agree that inorganic matter could not change into living bacteria, and bacteria into people. A juncture came, some of them falsely asserted, when it was decided that if the element of time were added, the equation could happen, and did happen. So, adding the factor of time, the principle that only life could produce life could change. With time, non-life produced life. What is missing in this sodden philosophy is that either chemicals can come together to give life, or they can't. Time is simply not a factor. 

When the New Church bought into the homosexual movement, something like this happened. All the scriptural accounts about the infamous nature of sodomy are true. But for the Second Vatican Council and its sequel with toleration for the heresies of non-Catholics and for sin, Sacred Scripture was seen to be not inspired by God. So, those condemnations were either forgotten or considered only as applicable to the times when the books were written. The consequence is the explicit or tacit acceptance of sodomy by the Hierarchy, priests, religious and laity. That is, they nurtured a criminal act 

Nations Are Accountable to God for the Sin of Sodomy

St. Augustine

"Sins against nature … like the sin of Sodom, are abominable and deserve punishment whenever and wherever they are committed. If all nations committed them, all alike would be held guilty of the same charge in God's law, for our Creator did not prescribe that we should use each other in this way. In fact, the relationship that we ought to have with God is itself violated when our nature, of which he is Author, is desecrated by perverted lust."

Further on he reiterated the charge that by this sin man corrupts and perverts his own nature:

"Your punishments [O God] are for the sins that men commit against themselves because, although they sin against You, they do wrong in their own souls and their malice is self-betrayed. They corrupt and pervert their own nature, which You made and for which You shaped the rules, either by making wrong use of the things that You allow, or by becoming inflamed with passion 'to make unnatural use of things which You do not allow' (Rom 1:26)."

(St. Augustine, Confessions, book 3, chap. 8, p. 65, apud Atila S. Guimaraes,
Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia, TIA, 2004, pp. 23-24 )

‘Gay Ministries’ Serve
the Homosexual Revolution

The controversy over a Mexican “gay Catholic ministry” called the San Elredo Comunidad, or the Lesbian and Gay Community of San Elredo, illustrates how well these politically-based and politically motivated Trojan horses serve the homosexual cause, as opposed to serving God, the Catholic Church, and the individuals caught up in the vice of sexual perversions who need to be extricated from the public mentality.

The San Elredo Community, an official organ of the Diocese of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, headed by Dominican Bishop José Raúl Vera López, O.P., is an “inclusive” ministry which caters to male homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgenders, transvestites, leather and bondage devotees, sadomasochists, and a sundry of other “sexual orientations.” It was founded in 2002 by former New York publicist, Robert F. Coogan, who was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Saltillo by Bishop Vera López.


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