"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, June 22, 2015

TradCatKnight Radio: " The Frogs Boil..."

TradCatKnight Radio: " The Frogs Boil..."
Talk given June 21st, 2015, The Resistance

This talk covers the latest birth pang, resistance and conciliar church news.
In addition, I cover specifically the topic of the "visible church". Further, I cover Francis
and "climate change; his marxism and the new age creation of a world "free of suffering!"
I discuss more of the Order of the Eagle and cover how big the pot is (Conciliar Church) where the "frogs currently are boiling". I cover how more and more are leaving the neo-sspx and the Vatican II universal/mass deception. The new tradcatknight mobile app is available as well as tradcatknight radio now being available on MP3!

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Pope John Paul II, the Saint? No, Pope John Paul II the Universalist

Resistance News:
Bishop Faure held a great conference in Australia

Archbishop Lefebvre on the 'Visible Church"



Francis and "climate change"


Francis and more masonry

Interior life: "Imitation of Christ" On the Doctrine of Truth

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TradCatKnight Radio: " The Frogs Boil..."


  1. More birth pangs.

    Looks like the first European Games have kicked off in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Apex of the Communist Revolution (by Marxist definition: global) would seem to have decreed a phoenix theme arising from the cauldron in 'the Land of Fire'.

    Azerbaijan, is the ancient land of fire. All the pagan fire worshipers had their temples in the landscape of natural gas fires which feature such landmarks as Yanar Dag (burning mountain) and Door to Hell. While not part of pagan Rome (which lost the Parthian wars) as part of Greater Armenia, this region was part of the Byzantine empire. So it won't miss out on the revival of the Beast when pagan Rome rebooted unites the old empire East and West in the global Communist state.

    And the rising phoenix did not disappoint. None other than Lady Gago proferred the schmalziest rendition of the Communist anthem "Imagine" you ever heard. That is at 1:20


    And the Phonecian 'bull from the sea ' mythology got full play at 1:33 as the orgin of Europe.

    The entire opening ceremony of the 1st European Games 2015 was a paen to the rising of the Beast from the bottomless pit.

    As one might expect Pope John Paul II visited Azerbaijan (2002) and kicked off the one world ecumenical religion of all faiths and creeds. His cult will be going strong in the land that is often depicted as a Persian carpet of tolerance and peace.

  2. Brother,
    When are you going to make the MP3s available for download? That way we drop them down on our iPODs to listen to in the car, on a run, or mowing the grass, etc. Having them only available to listen to off the website is not different than listening to them off the YouTube channel. But progress is being made and thank you for that!

    1. I already did that if you look toward the bottom of this blog and every blog the link is there..its also the second link on the right hand side on this website

  3. Hey love your Catholic shares; half of family converted to Catholicism-me-Bible reading-Took Ted Cooper's 90 Day course 3x-nondenominational hang out where they will have me :) So-LOVED John Paul Really like no frill short lived Benedict not so sure about Francis...the whole change was weird- 21 year old swears by Pope taking on the Global Warming-Personally would like Vatican/Churches to agree on the actual "rules" everyone struggles with now-Yes or No Contraception- move on with the horrible priest of yesterday stuff-Devil LOVES to get comfy in church etc. Wish Pope would address Sudan/Darfur Radical Islam more aggressively responsibility to each other LOVE the art and interesting earth happenings you place out there!