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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, May 20, 2017

TradCatKnight Radio, "Archbishop Lefebvre: The Antichrist Approaches"

TradCatKnight Radio, "Archbishop Lefebvre: The Antichrist Approaches"
Talk given 5-20-17    (aprx 1hr 50 minutes)

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Join me for the next hour and fifty minutes as I go through the latest endtime and Church apostasy news.  I cover some questions and provide some meditation points to consider.  I cover a complete sermon from Archbishop Lefebvre (1987) in which he says the Antichrist's time approaches.

… They have not wanted to reveal [Our Lady of Fatima’s] secret. They have buried the message of the Virgin Mary. Without a doubt this message was supposed to prevent what is happening today. If her message had been known, it is very probable that we would not have gone so far and that the situation in Rome would not be what it is today. The popes have refused to publish the message of the Most Holy Virgin. The punishments pronounced by the Virgin Mary are coming. The apostasy foretold in the Scriptures is arriving. The coming of the Antichrist approaches. This is clearly evident.
Faced by this completely exceptional situation, we must also take exceptional measures.”
— Archbishop Lefebvre, ordination sermon at Econe, 29 June 1987

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“Every grace granted to man has three degrees in order; for by God it is communicated to Christ, from Christ it passes to the Virgin, and from the Virgin it descends to us.” (St. Bernardine of Siena)