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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, May 29, 2017

From Manager to “Managed”

From Manager to “Managed”
Eric Gajewski

Looking back on my own journey I seen the hand of God at every step albeit painful at times.  I was a on the road to nowhere really fast thinking I was doing as God intended.  I switched majors Sophomore year in college and decided “business” was the way to go.  It led me to pursue titles, mammon and women.  I am grateful for those days of study but never knew how dark the days ahead would become due to my selfishness.  Perhaps, some of you have a similar story?  I went from being manager to be “managed”, that is, by God.  How difficult it was for someone to be in control of everything to now being in charge of nothing and letting God’s will be done.  On a microcosm level it summarizes the spiritual life from “self” to the Sacred Heart.

Controlling everything does not indicate true happiness.  I thought I was happy at the time but of course I was not.  I was pursuing my dreams not God’s.  He allowed me to see what I would become and what I became was truly a monster.  I became attached to many worldly things and my heart would not rest.  Many have this thought that if everything goes there way they can be happy.  The reality is that true happiness comes from making Jesus happy and what the self wants as opposed to the Sacred Heart are two different things altogether.  Are you trying to help save souls?  Do you make reparation unto His Heart?  Do you spend ample time in prayer (solitude and silence).  Do you even know yourself (self knowledge)?  Or are you so distracted by the business of the day that you still think you are happy until “your world” begins to collapse.  Job understood all things were God’s and when the appointed time came God restored all things unto him and then some for being faithful.  How will it be for you in the upcoming tribulation?

Pride wants to control and manipulate.  If we wait then on Gods time will we see why something was not good for us (our souls).  Pride causes impatience.  We want to be in control in our fallen human nature, however, God, has a much higher seat and is the one truly in control.  Do you find yourself trying to control every little detail?  This is not a good thing.  Now, I am not suggesting that there be no order and structure but when we arrive at the point that we are having anxiety over the littlest things then we know we got a problem.  The devils, full of self, want to control humanity (aka the New World Order).  Through Christ we have true freedom and liberty but what is being sold now by the politicians and church hierarchy is truly void of God’s Plan.  This is why Our Lady at Fatima was trying to warn us!  Don’t “swim” with the majority these days brethren.

“Only those who do My Will…”  It is quite frightening to hear Our Lord say that there will be souls who performed miracles (and had other gifts) who will lose their souls.  Why?  They didn’t stick to the Plan (aka His Will).  We must cautiously discern everyday doing God’s Will.  Christ, showed what lengths are done to be obedient to the Father’s Will.  It is painful to move from self to resting solely in His Sacred heart.  It requires we lose all things at heart for His sake.  Yet, we are secure for if we have God with us who can be against us?  Let us all pray that we grow in holiness and continue to discern God’s Will  for sometimes we think we are doing God’s Will but are only truly serving ourselves and hell.  In the end, much like my former career, we, must all move from “manager” to being “managed”.  The devils did not want to do this and they revolted now how about you?