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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Non-Catholics Waking Up To the Fatima Message?

Non-Catholics Waking Up To the Fatima Message?
By:  Eric Gajewski

As each day passes and the news seemingly indicates the clash between world powers on the horizon, I, ask the question, “Are more non-Catholics waking up to the Fatima message”?  On top of that do they not see the urgent need of getting Russia consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?  We, of course, know, that heretics have an improper understanding of Mary and will even try to demonize her to some extent but how can the heretics deny the underlying tone and message of Fatima now given all that we see geopolitically happening?  Did She not already forewarn us of these things to come?

Recent talks.  I have recently been trying to speak to people locally who are not Catholic about the importance of praying for the Consecration of Russia.  I would invite all to do so as well.  We are truly at a pivotal point in time wherein not only are countries at stake but more importantly souls.  Everything seems so volatile but we know God is in control.  We must remember that this is Heaven’s peace plan and not the world’s nor the Novus ordo’s idea for peace.  How much longer can man and churchmen go on disobeying the Mother of God without the Father finally making the strike? 

100 year anniversary.  May 13th has come and gone and we still await for compliance by the hierarchy of the Church.  Don’t hold your breather.  Antipope Francis is not the true Pope and Benedict XVI will sadly, it seems, be, fleeing Rome soon.  The Consecration will be done late as we know.  As mystic Ruffini said, “…it will be the Pope after Benedict XVI” to do the consecration.  God is never late but man tends to be.  Once the Will of God is carried out through the commands of Our Lady the world then can begin to enjoy true Christian peace.  There are many now saying that October 13th will be even more of a closely watched date than ever before.  Only time will tell.  We just need to stay in the moment and continue to control what we can control.  Give your will to God and be at peace.

"Stigmatist Ruffini & the Consecration of Russia Done Late" 

Vatican II Progressivism.  It keeps getting worse and worse doesn’t it?  Some of the principles of the Novus ordo Religion began at Vatican II and subsequently since then it hasn’t gotten worse.  Vatican II was the launchpad for the new religion of man.  The formal schism is close and many more are awakening to this.  The good news is many more are beginning to see exactly what Archbishop Lefebvre saw so many years ago.  This “faith” simply isn’t ours and this is what Our Lady was trying to warn us about in the real third secret of Fatima (in part).  New gospel, new faith new liturgy, new bibles, new doctrines, new canon law and JP Ii even admitted it was the Church of the second Advent.  What in the world is that?  No, thanks.  Pope Paul 6th called it the Conciliar Church and so on and so forth.  Do not be deceived by the modernist twisting of Fatima as we see Francis doing!

Keep being proactive in spreading the message of Fatima.  Its “the message” for our times because there are so many souls being lost and so many errors now being spread.  We look no further than the Vatican itself.  It is all of our duties to do so and by doing so special graces will be sent your way via the Immaculate Heart.

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