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Saturday, May 20, 2017

New Evangelization: Hakuna, the music group formed by the youth during WYD in Rio

New Evangelization: Hakuna, the music group formed by the youth during WYD in Rio
"Charismania" at its finest.  Time is short before the ultimate charismatic shows up his name is Antichrist "Maitreya"
This group was born just four years ago at WYD in Rio de Janeiro. It was a journey that provided an experience that, without knowing it, would unite them in their future. 

Hakuna Music Group
"At the WYD in Rio de Janeiro, we got a group of young people together to sing at the masses and cheer them up a little. On the way back, in Madrid, the group became more consolidated and the idea of making a record came up. Our lyrics show how we live the desires and concerns that any young person has."

Since the group was created, they have not stopped giving concerts. The last one, in the Joy Eslava room in Madrid, was a big success. They presented their second album before hundreds of people.

Hakuna Music Group
"Seeing 800 people fill the room singing these songs for God ... As the marshal says, singing prays twice. It was amazing to see the laughter, and even the tears of people, it moved me very much.”

They assert that music is the best way to spread the joy of being a Christian and sharing God's message.

Hakuna Music Group
"The most important thing he has done has been to bring a lot of young people to God, who, realizing that Hakuna's songs are not the typical Mass songs, are songs that everyone likes. In this way God is accessible to everyone."

Hakuna Music Group
"Music is not only meant to be heard in a temple or Church, but also as a way to pray is very good. You can take it to work or college, listen to it in cars or on trips ... And in this sense I think that the idea is a little: take God with you everywhere.”

Although they know that they are on the right track, they are confident that they will not stop working to bring the young people to the Church.

Hakuna Music Group
"Another project we have is the Way of the Cross. We are going to record a song for each season. The songs are already composed, more or less, although we have to continue working on them during this next year.”

These university students and music lovers are demonstrating that the message of Jesus can be enjoyable, and that religious music can also be fashionable.(??)