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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bergoglio accuses the political prisoners who fought against Communism with crimes of Lesa Humanity and defends Marxist terrorists

Bergoglio accuses the political prisoners who fought against Communism with crimes of Lesa Humanity and defends Marxist terrorists
While in Cuba, Bergoglio refused to visit the political prisoners who opposed the Castro Regime. In the Vatican, he has also refused to receive the wives and mothers of the political prisoners of Venezuela. Their family members fought against the oppressive communist totalitarian system of Chaves and Maduro which has destroyed the country. And as a Cardinal, he collaborated with Marxism condemning the Argentinians who opposed Marxist terrorism as criminals of Lesa Humanidad. That is to say that for Bergoglio the only political prisoners for whom mercy is requested are the Marxist terrorists like the delinquent Milagro Sala. For those who opposed the Marxist terrorism he accused them of crimes of Lesa Humanity for which it asks Revenge and the whole weight of the law.

Víctor Fernández: “In these cases, the Pope says that the law must be applied without mitigating factors”
La Nación :
“Francis already spoke several times on the issues related to the dictatorship. He always insists that we should not ask for impunity and that, especially in crimes against humanity, we must apply the law without mitigating”.
Augusto Padilla(Catapulta): Victor Fernández want to apply the law without mercy to the defenders of Argentina during the 70’s but never to the subversives (guerrillas) who tried to overthrow it. The subversives were supported by Cuba with the intent to turn it into a communist tyranny.
Those who fought against Castro communism in Cuba, Venezuela and Argentina are not those “brothers in Baptism and humanity” nor belong to the “discarded” of society; the “disinherited and unhappy; those who have been robbed of the present; the excluded and abandoned to whom the future is denied; or the orphans and victims of injustice who are not allowed to have a past” of which Bergoglio speaks, but Marxist criminals such as Milagro Sala and The Marxist murderous subversives-Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo.


Bergoglio receives the Marxist-Hebe from Bonafini without her repentance and on the other hand, is not willing to receive the victims of Marxist Terrorism or the Relatives of Argentinian Political Prisoners.