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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Illuminati Prefer Nukes for Human Sacrifice

Illuminati Prefer Nukes for Human Sacrifice

James Perloff 

Nuclear bombs constitute the ultimate burnt offering. The gratuitous 1945 atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan’s Christian center, immolated tens of thousands. The bomb was dropped directly over Urakami Cathedral, the Far East’s largest Christian cathedral.

and according to James Perloff still have a sentimental attachment to using it
for mass murder.
“My concern is that Israel’s next false flag may involve high-yield nuclear missiles. These could conceivably attack America cloaked as Russian bombers, or Russia cloaked as American bombers, igniting a Third World War to produce the coveted World Government.”

The Secret of Nagasaki 

This is an abridgement of To 9/11 and Beyond: The Rothschild-Israeli Obsession with Nuclear Weapons.    See the original post for elaborations and supporting citations. 
by James Perloff
• Recent revelations linking the global elite to spirit cooking and pedophilia came as little surprise to those familiar with the Luciferian New World Order. Burnt offerings to Satan have been one of its hallmarks, from child sacrifices in ancient Canaan to Bohemian Grove’s “Cremation of Care” ceremony.
• Israel, the Rothschilds’ proxy state, was proclaimed in 1948. By 1949, it had already launched its nuclear weapons development program. Wikipedia says Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion was “nearly obsessed” with them.
• Two months before John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Hilaire du Berrier’s intelligence newsletter revealed Ben-Gurion had furiously resigned due to Kennedy’s ultimatum demanding Israel halt its atomic program. Michael Collins Piper’s book FINAL JUDGMENT, linking Israel to the assassination, got corroboration in 2004 when Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu said Kennedy was killed for opposing Israel’s nuclear weapons development.
images (95).jpeg
• Before Israel existed, the Soviet Union had been the Rothschilds’ first proxy state. In FROM MAJOR JORDAN’S DIARIES (1952), George Racey Jordan revealed the Roosevelt-Truman administration had shipped Stalin both blueprints and materials for making atomic bombs on orders from Harry Hopkins (White House front man for Zionist bankster Bernard Baruch). In THE FIFTH MAN (1994), Roland Perry documented that banker Victor Rothschild passed Britain’s own atomic secrets to the Soviets (as MI5 inspector he had complete authority over state security during World War II).
• Victor Rothschild was Jacob Rothschild’s father. Many believe Jacob and his cousin Evelyn de Rothschild are the world’s most powerful men. Evelyn honeymooned in the Clinton White House, and rumors persist that he had a penthouse view of the World Trade Center’s destruction on 9/11. This article   shows that Israel and treasonous American Freemasons in the Bush Administration and CIA were responsible for 9/11.
• Like Dresden and Nagasaki, the Twin Towers’ destruction constituted a mass-scale burnt offering. That it was also NUCLEAR is gaining wider acceptance. 
Two days after 9/11, Benjamin Netanyahu told NBC’s Tom Brokaw: “In 1995 I wrote a book called FIGHTING TERRORISM, and I said that if we don’t arrest the tide of militant Islamic terrorism, then the next thing that will be is not a car bomb in the World Trade Center, but a nuclear bomb.” Netanyahu, perhaps realizing he’d disclosed too much, elaborated: “Now it wasn’t a nuclear bomb, it was a 350-ton conventional bomb.” 1:21 mark
Though Netanyahu revised “nuclear” to “conventional,” how did he know the bomb’s specific yield? How did he even know it was a bomb? Supposedly planes destroyed the Towers. [Makow-Of course, Mossad was responsible for 9-11 and for much false flag terror.
• Less than two months before 9/11, “Lucky Larry” Silverstein acquired the World Trade Center. He avoided 9/11 thanks to a fortuitous doctor’s appointment, and received an insurance payout of nearly $5 billion. Netanyahu was such good friends with Silverstein that Israel’s newspaper HAARETZ reported Netanyahu would call him every Sunday.
• The nuclear explanation of the Towers’ destruction was pioneered in a 2006 book by William Tahil, “Ground Zero: The Nuclear Demolition of the WTC.” He discussed the molten steel, WTC dust samples containing inexplicably high amounts of elements produced by nuclear fission, and seismology recordings with two enormous spikes consistent with explosions, not collapse. 
• Tahil’s conclusions are being corroborated by thyroid cancer occurring in 9/11 first responders at more above-average frequency than any other cancer type. This is a signature of nuclear bombs: they emit iodine-131, which embeds in thyroid glands.
• Many 9/11 phenomena were consistent with nuclear explosions. The Towers’ inner contents vaporized: no furniture, computers or toilets survived. All turned into dust; as did the concrete, instead of falling in chunks. Not only is a nuclear bomb the most powerful explosive known, its blast–unlike conventional explosives–endures for several seconds, enabling it to inflict considerably more damage. 
South Tower explodes.png
(Left. This picture of the South Tower caught a huge upward burst of energy.)
Tremendous force was also needed to hurl sections of the Trade Center, weighing multiple tons, hundreds of feet, such as this piece impaled in the American Express building across the street.
A common objection to the nuclear hypothesis: “Where are the post-9/11 Geiger counter readings showing radiation in New York City?” Not all nuclear bombs discharge lots of radiation. “Tactical” or “battlefield” nukes emit minimal fallout; otherwise one’s own army would suffer. What types of warheads does Israel stockpile? Although that’s an ironclad secret, Israel would clearly emphasize “battlefield” nukes. In war with its neighbors, it wouldn’t want radiation blowback to Tel Aviv.
• The site of the Towers’ destruction was called “Ground Zero,” which my 1994 Webster’s dictionary defines as “the land or water surface area directly below or above the point of detonation of a nuclear bomb.”
• As the Trade Center’s new owner, Silverstein could have granted access to Israeli agents with suitcase nukes, which are small enough to carry in backpacks. If, as Netanyahu implied, there was one bomb per Tower, a logical place for such nukes would have been the buildings’ deepest points: the service pits carved in bedrock beneath Elevator 50, the only elevator that (1) ran the entire length of either Tower, and (2) went to the Towers’ deepest level, Sublevel B6. It was also close to each building’s center. 
This position would have created a virtual “launching pad” for a nuke; surrounding bedrock would have largely contained the blast’s sideways/downward force. The main force would have followed the path of least resistance­–upwards through the hole in the bedrock, its expanding energy surging fastest through the elevator shaft until hitting mass above the “airplane strike” zone.
• This scenario might resolve the mysterious damage to other WTC structures. Buildings 5 and 7 blazed with fires; Building 6 had an enormous crater that went to its lowest basement level.
These fires could not have started before the Towers’ destruction. Otherwise, video of the burning Towers would show additional smoke plumes, and newscasters would have said, “We have another building on fire.” Some suggest these fires resulted from bombs detonating as the Towers exploded. Yet given the terrorists’ success in bringing down the Towers, why would they fail to collapse the smaller structures (except Building 7 at 5:20 PM, in an obvious controlled demolition)?
Nuclear blasts at the Towers’ lowest points may provide the answer. Underground, WTC buildings interconnected through a 3-foot-wide storm water drainage system. It was a dual system, with the South Tower connected to Buildings 5 and 7, the North Tower to 6. From the Towers’ lowest points, flood water would be sump-pumped through pipes to the storm drain. Thus atomic blasts here would not only follow the path of least resistance into Elevator 50′s shaft, but into the storm drain. Nuclear bombs’ secondary force could have propagated through the underground pipes and shot up through buildings 5, 6 and 7, igniting them.
Falling debris could not have caused the smaller buildings’ internal fires. Debris impacted edifices outside the Trade Center, but none caught fire. THEY WEREN’T CONNECTED TO THE WTC’S UNDERGROUND SYSTEM.
• Building 7′s collapse is called 9/11′s “smoking gun.” But might Silverstein have had an even bigger smoking gun had he NOT “pulled it”? Building 7 survivor Barry Jennings reported stepping over dead bodies as he left the blown-out lobby. Perhaps for Silverstein, demolishing 7 was better than trying to explain those mysterious fires and corpses, which didn’t fit the official narrative.
• My concern is that Israel’s next false flag may involve high-yield nuclear missiles. These could conceivably attack America cloaked as Russian bombers, or Russia cloaked as American bombers, igniting a Third World War to produce the coveted World Government. The Rothschild-owned THE ECONOMIST is notorious for its annual predictive covers. “The World in 2017″ displays Tarot cards; the “death” card shows a nuclear bomb exploding.
The world needs vigilance and prayer as never before.


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