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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, November 14, 2016

WW3 Buildup: Russian Bombers "On Alert" & Britain Deploys Missiles on Russias Border

WW3 Buildup:  Russian Bombers "On Alert" & Britain Deploys Missiles on Russias Border

The conflict is heating up in Syria
About an hour ago Russian Strategic Bombers were placed on Full Alert as pilots were recalled and the bombers began to be loaded with munitions – Bombs.
In addition, within a few hours the Russian Carrier Kuznestsov and  a host of Surface Ships and Nuclear Submarines arrives in Syrian waters and are currently loading up their planse with – more bombs.

In the mean time – the United States has kicked off a New campaign called “US Raqqa” which uses the Terrorist to retake the city of Raqqa from forces loyal to Syria and President Assad. Apparently the retaking of Raqqa may be the last hops for the US to destroy the legitimate government of Iraq.
So desperate are those in Washington DC to hold onto this War that the Final Assault begins during the Super Moon – a sacrifice to their god Lucifer (Satan).
The US (Through the Hillary War Machine) is supplying them with artillery shells filled with Chlorine Gas as it was used last night near the International Airport of Aleppo. This means – without a doubt – US supplied Chlorine Gas was used by White House baked Forces.
Without a doubt – which makes all those involved in this war connected with the White House Staff “War Criminals.” This is beyond treason and will be dealt with when President Obama leaves office – and he will leave. There is no immunity that can be granted to overlook this war crime.
In the mean time somebody is not  happy with the current state of affairs around the world.
A major Underground Intelligence Network was just destroyed asn Southern New Zealand just had a series of Earth Quakes – the largest measuring 7.8 on the new Richter Scale.
Please note on the map that the US Undergound Intelligence Base is exactly where the Major earthquake occurred.
This is the base where the Rothchilds normally run to when they feel they are in trouble.
So hang on folks – it is going to get rough.

Britain deploying long range missiles on Russia’s border for first time since Cold War

Britain is to deploy batteries of high precision long range missiles on Russian’s border for the first time since the Cold War. The long range rockets will be moved to Estonia next year amid fears Russian President Vladimir Putin could be planning to invade the country. The rockets are part of a huge military build-up by NATO countries in order to defend the
Baltic States.  Around 800 UK troops will deploy to Estonia next year as part of a 15-nation force, including soldiers from the US, France and Denmark. The Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (GMLRS) fire as many as 12 missiles per minute and are capable of blowing up Russian tanks over a range of up to 45 miles. READ MORE