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Monday, November 7, 2016

TradCatKnight Radio, Trevor Loudon "Communists: The Enemies Within"

TradCatKnight Radio, Trevor Loudon "Communists: The Enemies Within"
Talk given 11-7-16   (aprx 40 minutes)

Disclaimer: Not all the views of my guests represent the TradCatKnight/Catholic position.

Note: Audio quality is dependent upon skype connectivity which is typically not great. Maximize the volume on both your computer and the youtube video itself.

Trevor Loudon is a celebrated author, filmmaker and political commentator from New Zealand, who has been researching the radical left for more than 30 years.
  • Trevor recently finished his hard-hitting political documentary, the Enemies Within.
  • Trevor Loudon discovered the long-hidden relationship between notorious Hawaiian Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis and the young Barack Obama in 2007.
  • After extensively researching Obama’s ties to the New York and Chicago Marxist movements, Loudon began publishing his findings online, catching the eye of such prominent voices as Accuracy in Media and syndicated radio host Glenn Beck.
  • In 2009 Loudon exposed the communist roots of Obama “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones. After an extensive campaign by Glenn Beck and others, Jones was forced to resign from his White House position.
  • Since 2011 Loudon has toured the United States promoting his two books “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within” and “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress” – an extensively footnoted expose of the rapidly unfolding Marxist takeover of the United States government.
  • Loudon has addressed more than 400 conservative, tea party, religious and Republican groups in more than 37 states.
  • Loudon has interviewed many people from both sides of the struggle over the years to former Western intelligence offices, to government undercover operatives inside the communist movement, to former KGB officers.

This research has given Loudon unique insight into how extensively often minuscule communist parties have been able to manipulate, and even control policy formation in many Western countries – particularly the “main enemy:” the United States of America. Loudon’s research shows that this is not just a historical problem, but is a very grave and looming threat which will not only impact America’s national security but indeed her very survival.

Website: trevorloudon.com
Book: amazon.com/ENEMIES-WITHIN-Communists-Socialists-Progressives/dp/1490575170

TOPICS INCLUDED IN THIS TALK: his background, books and new film, communist infiltration of labor and the political parties, infiltration of Catholic Church, liberation theology, his analysis on the elections, why is America so important to the Communists?, Gorbachev's warning, what can we do?, Soros, Clinton, Obama, the Vatican, Russia conservatism all a front?  Putin the real deal?, geopolitics, North Korea, China, leftist alliance with Islam, ISIS and muslim brotherhood, multiculturalism, immigration trojan horse, Commie gun grab, Red Dawn scenario is a real threat, Trump assassination, economic collapse, Fatima and consecration of Russia and more!

TradCatKnight Radio, Trevor Loudon "Communists: The Enemies Within"