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Friday, November 18, 2016

Conciliar Church: Already In Material Schism

Conciliar Church: Already In Material Schism
By: Eric Gajewski
Vatican II “Conciliar Church”

We see the buzz amongst conservative Novus Ordo website these days the notion that a schism is on the horizon and yet we must be more precise.  There is a failure to agree upon that there has already occurred a material schism in the Church.  This is exactly why hardline traditionalists and conservatives cannot work together.  It is also what keeps us and sedevacantists from agreeing because they believe with the advent of Vatican II the “Apostate Church” is present.  This is not the case.  The False Prophet has not arrived yet to formally unite all religions and get rid of the Catholic Sacraments altogether and replace it with the new self-realization program of Antichrist Maitreya.  The fundamental question must be asked, Does Vatican II teach the Catholic Faith or another faith alien to us?”

Fr Hesse: Vatican II in Two Minutes 

Vatican II teaches “another brand of Katholicism”.  Hardline traditionalists and sedevacantists agree that heresy is being taught in the Conciliar Church but do not agree upon what kind.  There is a difference between material and formal heresy.  When these various heresies have been taken to Rome by traditionalists the answer we get in return is that there is a hermeneutics of continuity”.  This means that the Vatican believes what they are teaching is Catholic.  We, of course know, that, it is not and is rather a “hodge podge” of a lot of things not Catholic.  Yes but protestants say the same thing Eric.  You are nothing but a Protestant!  Um excuse me …but when did the Protestants ever cite Tradition and Church teaching in their defense?  So by me reiterating what Pope Gregory XVI, Leo XII and Pope St. Pius X said that makes me a Protestant?  Yes, these are the times we live in.  As I have said, we ought not view the Conciliar Church as being in a “formal schism” already as the sedevacantists suggest.  However, we certainly cannot agree with these soft websites like the Remnant or OnePeterFive who still ‘to some degree” hide behind the Council and/or New Mass.  The Council overall does not represent the Catholic Faith (even if there is only 5 percent poison/heresy) and therefore must be wholly rejected.  This was the true thinking of Archbishop Lefebvre, the late great Father Hesse and still others.  The notion that we can summarize that “there is novelty in the Council” and still say it is Catholic and able to be interpreted as a whole as such is beyond preposterous. 

TradCatKnight Radio: " Far Deeper Problem Than Francis"  

We have been dealing with a new religion that has a new philosophy (new humanism), new theology, new evangelization, new doctrines (admitted by JP2), new bibles, new “bridges”, new vocabulary, new mass and has even been called the Church of the New Advent (JP2 again).  Therefore, we have a situation wherein the authorities are saying they are giving us bread when in fact they are giving CR*P.  I will let you play hangman and fill in the missing letter. Now faithful Catholics unto Tradition ought not in prudence be communing in these buildings where Vatican II is taught altogether.  It is too dangerous to your Faith.  Thus, there is too much talk of the formal schism coming but no mention of the already occurring material schism in the Church which the conservatives sadly take part in.  Yes, even Bishop Schneider and Cardinal Burke as Archbishop Lefebvre pointed out.  The conservative types are even more dangerous than those openly professing all the heresies of the Council because we know oil and water will never mix.  Just as Conservativism and Catholicism do not mix.

It’s just about the latest Apostolic Exhortation?  Really?  Not hardly, everything that Francis has taught thus far has been in error going back to his first disastrous encyclical.  There he taught heretically that the Old Covenant is not revoked!  Where is the mention of this by the conservative crowd?  Must I mention the Environmental disaster he put out called “Laudato Si’.  Do the conservatives really think that is Catholic as well?  Goodness folks I know Francis is completely off “his horse” but these pseudo traditionalists need to get their act together and fast.  As I have taught the problem runs far deeper than Francis.  Pseudo Traditionalism is just as bad.  There can be no true Counter Revolution otherwise going forward.  I cannot be any clearer.  Those who continue on putting up the blinders cannot be a part of what God has ordained to come. Having said all of that continue to pray for these Cardinals, prelates and priests still deceived and/or not seeing clearly.  After all this is Jesus Church and our hearts should be one with His on the matter.  So let us get back to the Vatican II question and layoff ‘Amoris Laetitia” for a while.

What is still to come.  There will be a formal break from Tradition and the Catholic when the False Prophet/Antipope Francis declare all humanity to be one.  Further I would argue that, in the very least, Master Jesus will be pointing to Maitreya as the new savior and so this must be considered too.  The Great Apostasy, that is, the direct denial of Christ and the Catholic Faith wilst submitting to the new false messiah is where we men are headed.  Rome at a certain point in the future (probably after the “alien disclosure”) will not even hide behind the whole “hermeneutics of continuity”.  This is how open it will be and should be obvious to all.  Vatican II was that bridge to the formal Luciferian New Age religion of which all religions will be under the umbrella of Antichrist/False Prophet.  They will teach men can achieve divinity without the aid of grace.  They will soon attack the Church’s teaching on original sin.  This is essential to their false teachings.  Thus, we cannot have anything to do with Vatican II nor the New Mass to start with.  What good is going to the Latin Mass if Vatican II is taught there?  We must avoid heretics and schismatics even if they be only material.  You can’t help the delusional much which is why God must chastise and He will do so until it is removed from His sight forever like the synod of Pistoia.


The Question of the NeoSSPX.  There are a lot of good people who attend their chapels however I will stick to my premise that the Society is compromised.  Thy now accept Vatican II in light of Tradition and Archbishop Lefebvre (as he left things) adamantly said otherwise.  In my humble opinion “compromised” buildings must be avoided too.  Others do not see it this way and sadly we will never agree.  During the Arian crisis, there were many who would not entertain the thought of going into impious or comprised churches as well.  The Church NEVER admonished these people therefore if my premise is right than neither should I be.  It is more than just a “is this Church teaching heresy” type of question.  To others, with Sacraments being so scarce these days they will choose to do otherwise.  This is their choice and they will ultimately stand before God and not my tribunal and thank goodness for that.  As I mentioned to many “softees” about a year ago there will be a shift towards more people realizing that Francis is a TRUE antipope.  We are seeing this without a doubt even by those still technically speaking in the Novus Ordo.  When will Bishop Fellay realize this? Why is he still talking to the False Pope.  In my opinion he never will but I will still continue to pray.  My good friends we are going underground and buildings are simply not going to matter.  Our Lord is so unnerved by our continued compromising that He relayed to esteemed approved mystic Marie Julie Jahenny that He was going to take the Sacraments form us altogether!  That is really chastising us.  Forget about the Planet X system for a minute no priest for Mass or Confession!  That is truly saying something about how angry he truly is and yet the conservative types are still tapdancing around focusing in on the latest buffoonery from Francis as if this is the only substantial thing we should be focused on.  Trust me I could spend a whole tell writing otherwise of what is wrong in Vatican II and was has transpired by each subsequent leader of the Church.  In the end, we must continue to pray, offer up our sufferings, make reparations to the Sacred Heart.  Do all that we can to mitigate what will happen in general but also to this country as well as our own local areas.  The Day of the Lord is frightful to behold that the mystics say if you witness it with your eyes you will die dead on the spot.  Therefore, we ought look at that Day coming and look back at Vatican II and get this right sooner than later.  His Justice will reign down until then.

Archbishop Lefebvre

That Conciliar Church is a schismatic Church, because it breaks with the Catholic Church that has always been. It has its new dogmas, its new priesthood, its new institutions, its new worship, all already condemned by the Church in many a document, official and definitive.... The Church that affirms such errors is at once schismatic and heretical. This Conciliar Church is, therefore, not Catholic. To whatever extent Pope, Bishops, priests, or faithful adhere to this new Church, they separate themselves from the Catholic Church...

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