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Monday, November 7, 2016

Cardinal Muller Reiterates There Are Two Popes...

Cardinal Muller Reiterates There Are Two Popes...
Maurizio d’Orlando 
The problem is per Catholic teaching that is not possible.  we know as a fact that Benedict XVI was forced out of office.  He is still Pope.

 Dear Friends,
Why are there are so few English translations regarding Card. Müller’s
declarations that there are two living Popes?

In a new interview yesterday Card. Müller repeats the concepts he exposed
in the resounding declarations made in German to the Radio Vaticana, which
have not yet been officially translated. See Father Kramer’s very accurate
English translation for the content. 

In the fresh interview (which was given in Italian, this time, not in German
as the previous one) he repeats that there are two living valid Popes.
See the interview published yesterday in Italian here below (hoping that
some native English speaker may volunteer to translate it).

Today Antonio Socci has published an article in Italian based on such new
interview of yesterday. See here below

Socci reports the key passages where Card. Müller confirms that that there
are two valid popes. This is the same concept that also mons. Gänswein – as
well as Pope Benedict himself – had expressed before.
Socci focus his comments mainly on the following statement of Card. Müller,
who is the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, let’s not
“Benedetto e Francesco (…) si dedicano pienamente alla missione
del successore di Pietro, e questa è una grande ricchezza per la Chiesa”.
“Benedict and Francis dedicate themselves fully to the mission of the successor
of Peter and this is a great asset (wealth) for the Church.”
Socci says that this a revolutionary answer since so far we have been told that the
papacy cannot be a shared ministry between two Popes. There is also no sign –
Socci adds – that Bergoglio has accepted such sharing. There I think Socci may be
wrong, since Bergoglio has initially said that he was just the Bishop of Rome, just
in line with Benedict’s innovative formula of renunciation, where he said “ … with
full freedom I declare that I renounce the ministry of Bishop of Rome, Successor
of Saint Peter, …” plena libertate declaro me ministerio Episcopi Romae,
Successoris Sancti Petri, ….. renuntiare See in English

Socci goes on asking what kind of a strange renunciation is this, with a Pope who
keeps fully to carry out the Petrine ministry? Here Socci, I think, is not precise.

In the Canon Law, at can. 332 § 2, the renunciation of a Pope is mentioned as
renuntiare muneri” (to renounce the office), where office and ministry are
not equivalent terms.  See in English

Socci is however very correct in stating that the situation is revolutionary. As a
matter of fact, since the end of the Council of Ferrara / Florence in 1439 the
concepts of conciliarism and of the synodal papacy seemed to have been fully
rejected by the Church. Has the clock been set back to before the Council of

In Christ Rege per Mariam Reginam

Maurizio d’Orlando 

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