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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, November 13, 2016

5 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Freak Outs in Response to Trump’s Win (VIDEO)

5 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Freak Outs in Response to Trump’s Win


Yes, this is America, LOL

Even with all the melodramatic histrionics, notice none of them are actually making good on their promises to move out of the country (or, in Cher’s case, to blast off into outer space).


‘Depressed’ De Niro backs anti-Trump protests

Robert De Niro gave anti-Donald Trump protesters across the United States his backing Friday as he spoke about how “depressed” the tycoon’s win in the presidential election had made him. The 73-year-old star was on the red carpet at the world premiere of his new film “The Comedian” in Los Angeles when he was asked how he was coping with Trump’s victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.
“How am I doing? I’m very depressed,” the famously laconic “Raging Bull” actor told reporters. “We have to just wait and see how things go and keep our eyes ever vigilant on the new government.” Asked if he thought the protests were an appropriate response to the outcome of Tuesday’s election, he replied: “Yes, absolutely. Things aren’t being done right.” READ MORE

Michael Moore calls on Donald Trump to Step Down as President-elect

Film-maker Michael Moore has called on Donald Trump to step down as President-elect before he even takes office.
Moore joined thousands of people in protesters in New York on Saturday morning, before he managed to get inside Trump Tower. After making his way into the Donald’s Central Park skyscraper, Moore attempted to get to Trump’s office.
The award-winning film-maker managed to scale Trump’s famous escalator, however he was stopped from going any further by security guards. Moore was then escorted back down to the lobby, however before he left he wrote a note to Trump.   ‘Mr. Trump. I’m here. I want to talk to you,’ the note read. READ MORE