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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Who Is The True Pope And Why It Matters Now

Who Is The True Pope And Why It Matters Now
By: Eric Gajewski

If you are of the opinion that Francis is the true Pope you will soon be in a quandary.  If the New Age camp is right concerning Francis being a puppet for them and that he will aide Master Jesus (the False Prophet) in the formal uniting of humanity what will those who hold Francis as the Pope say then?  There are varying evidences which support my solid claim that Benedict XVI is the true Pope as many of you know, however, I believe most are just playing the sit and wait game.  Yet it is important to distinguish who the true Pope is now lest any person think that what is coming after Francis will be a true Pope.  Let me explain.

If Francis is a true Pope and he “resigns” this will lead many into thinking “his successor” will be the true Pope and yet the False Prophet (the one coming after Francis) will not be a true Pope.  In fact, per his own writings he will refuse such a title and yet Francis would aide Yeshua Ben Joseph in the setup of the formal New Age Religion.  A true Pope could not do that the esteemed theologians are clear on this.  Unfortunately, the sedevacantists jump the gun a bit in declaring Vatican II NewChurch as the Apostate Church which it is not.  Even Blessed Anna Emmerick made the distinction.  Sedevacantists also try to avoid a wide range of approved prophecy which supports our position because of the reality that “Popes” were mentioned.   Our Lady at Fatima said the true consecration of Russia would be done late (implying after WW3 had broken out) by a true Pope.  This is in part why I do not believe in their thesis.  Outside of that I do not believe the Vatican II Popes (outside of Francis if you think he is one) were manifest heretics.  However, people need to think twice about “condemning” sedevacantists altogether because many of them simply do not want to partake in the destruction as we do not.  From my estimation a difference in analysis/qualifications in certain areas set us apart from them.

If Francis is Pope then the False Prophet holds Apostolic Succession?  What is interesting is that from their own writings they say once Master Jesus takes over Rome (aided by Francis) that TRUE Apostolic Succession will begin!  So what about those still blindly following Vatican II now?  They are being setup to take the mark of the beast thinking to be obedient "Catholics" so it seems.  The reality is Francis is a true antipope so it really doesn’t matter what he currently does.  In one ear and out the other essentially. 

Pope Benedict XVI is the long awaited Fatima Pope who in my opinion knows it.  The consensus of Catholic prophecy states that a future Pope would strike down the Revolution and that the most glorious Council ever in Church history will set things straight.  Yet if Francis is Pope and he gives way to False Prophet and Rome is destroyed as Scripture and various approved prophecies say where would the true Pope be (if you hold opinion like me that there would always be a Pope)?  The formal New Age Religion will not house the Catholic Sacraments at all it will be an entirely different beast if you will (pardon the pun).  You will have to sign yourself over to Lucifer himself through the False Prophet and his minion Antichrist so this is WITHOUT A DOUBT NOT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH yet certain prophecies suggest prelates will join in!

There are far too many saying “just wait”.  The evidence is there folks BXVI was forced out (per canon law makes him Pope still) and his renunciation was invalid.  BXVI fits the bill perfectly for the Pope to flee Rome as I have covered Francis doesn’t at all.  Another piece to this puzzle is the notable mystic Ruffini who stated that the consecration of Russia would be done by BXVI’s successor.  We know it will be done late.  Assuredly FreeMason Francis isn’t doing it as it should be quite clear that he is in on the game (preparing for the Apostate Church) and so it sets up for a scenario wherein BXVI will flee soon with some conservative Cardinals and be killed.  His successor, in union with, whatever Bishops are left at that point, will do, the actual consecration and then the tide begins to turn in the world.  It is a pretty simple flow chart actually.  Sadly, it will be real grim when we have the False Prophet, Antipope Francis and seemingly no Pope (as BXI flees into Europe) for a while.  It quite possibly could be 2 years if not more (true period of sedevacante)before we get a true Pope.

When you put ALL of the pieces together in this endtime puzzle it becomes quite clear who is the true Pope.  Sedevacantism simply doesn’t work given all the factors and to hold Francis “as Pope” will lead one to a New Age dead end.  Benedict XVI stated in his memoir's that the Church soon would have to essentially start over from the beginning, therefore, in my opinion, he knows he is the one to flee.  Do not be fooled by any of the novus ordo/mainstream sites trying to paint this differently for it is all just a charade.  In addition, pray that all see Vatican II was a sham and that we get a formal denunciation of Vatican II by Benedict XVI.  The remaining few cardinals who survive the chastisements will setup shop in Fatima (in my opinion) and have to elect a new Pope.  It is amazing how minds and hearts can quickly change when God throws the world into complete chaos and darkness.  Finally some Cardinals will see their erroring ways on this Revolution. We await Peter II the Holy Pope to lead us through the Great Storm.