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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

We Need the Faith Not Faithless Rome

We Need the Faith Not Faithless Rome
By: Eric Gajewski

There is not one Resistant minded individual that I know of who thinks that the legitimate authorities are not such.  We are not sedevacantists.  I love the Church and I love the Faith yet the Faith is not being maintained in Rome.  Therefore, we have a huge problem.  Having said that, the NeoSSPX leadership has been itchy for many years now, to be identified as “Catholics” and given some canonical setup in the Church.  Are the leaders of the NeoSSPX delusional enough to think that Francis’s recent outpouring of “mercy” towards them was a sign of conversion?  What in the world!!  Bishop Fellay said in positive fashion “Look, Francis says we are Catholics!” yet Francis himself  doesn't teach the catholic faith therefore we got another problem.  There are so many used car salesmen tactics being employed by the SSPX leadership that it is hard to keep up with them all as they pass through my email.

Love For Eternal Rome Sadness for Rome herself.  We will always be faithful to Christ by being faithful to Tradition and thus our love is mixed with sadness because we see Modernist Rome about to give way to Pagan Rome.  The worst has not yet passed brethren. In fact we haven’t even entered the Great Storm.  We do recognize the authorities as such we also recognize we cannot commune with them nor be recognized by them until they convert.  They are material heretics and are in material schism with the Church as Archbishop Lefebvre and Father Hesse pointed out and the formal schism is nearly upon us.  Unfortunately the Society has already gone to far in their formal acceptance of Vatican II as a Catholic Council.  Stating they are looking for clarifications of the novelties from the authorities is not a Catholics response at all and why.  Because it is clear Vatican II is the basis of a New Religion.  Therefore, we keep distance from the compromisers.  However, with every supposed ending there is a new beginning. 

The NeoSSPX continues on implying those who keep themselves distance from these poisoned authorities have somehow “ruptured” from the Church.  This is very fundamentalist and "John Salzaish".  In their fundamentalist approach I am sure they would say the same to St. Athanasius.  Ask your self the question is it  a supposed rupture from the Church or a “distancing ourselves” from the heresies?  Can Catholics attend places of worship which are apart of the problem?  The answer is no and so many simpletons of the NeoSSPX leadership and their fundamentalist cheerleading apologists simply are to blind at this point to talk any sense with them.  Talking with the authorities does not mean we can work with them, be recognized by them nor commune with them and if we were to do so without them first repenting we would be sinning!  To say the Society is soft and delusional is truly an understatement.

Be active.  I talk (daily) with more individuals in the Novus ordo than I do with those who identify themselves as Resistant.  I try to be proactive in helping these souls understand why they are following various heresies.  The philosophical approach of the NeoSSPX is pure delusion.  I am always tickled pink by certain pseudo traditionalists who argue that if we were to come into the Novus Ordo buildings we could make them Catholic again in 10 years, 20 years, etc.  This is beyond madness brethren.  Do these people not realize how close we are to the great persecution?  As if buildings are going to matter real soon?  It is a part of the coming chastisements that God actually takes away our buildings (largely) because of heresy and compromise.  It is just a reality "the buildings and recognition" are more important than the Faith to the Society’s leaders.  This has been demonstrated over and over again by their actions (especially to those who are actually following Lefebvres real principles and position).

Latest used car salesmen tactic.  Bishop Fellay now argues that men spend too much time focusing in on the human side of the Church rather than the Divine.  Yet it is on the basis that by staying alert on the human side of things that we can lose our souls.  Did you ever imagine the day when you would hear leaders of the Society say that a hybrid Latin/N.O Mass would be a good thing.  Or that to be labeled by Francis a “Catholic” would be a good thing?  Or making sure all the priests kept quiet about the heresies/scandals coming from Rome so that they could get a recognition?  They are pathetic and desperate and need our prayers to say the least.  Or how about how wonderful it would be to be used for the new evangelization!   The leaders of the Society have been poisoned for a long time now brethren.  Make no mistake they lost sight of the human side of the Church and now see the modernists as….”ehhh, there not so bad”.   I have heard such propaganda with my own ears while attending a Society chapel.  It is getting better they say?  How so?  The pseudo trads haven’t repented?  So then why does the NeoSSPX try to join forces with them?  It is not because the Resistance has ruptured folks it is because the Society has gone lax and has been liberalized.  It has been "wined and dined" and been fooled.  They have been rubbing up alongside of the modernists for so long that they now very definitively find themselves in “Compromise Land”.  I do not need the heretics to recognize me as Catholic what I do need to do is to continue to pray and evangelize that they might convert before the Storm comes.  I am Catholic, period and on top of that I can prove how the Concilairists are not.

The son who loves who Alcoholic Father.  This son ought not allow the Father to drink and yet by cooperating with the Conciliarists (unrepented/ no intention of converting) we would be going out with twenty dollars to go and buy our Father that 24 pack of Budweiser.  We only add to the problem not solve it.  This Society’s leaders as blind as they are do not see this and why?  Because they themselves are now secretly “bing drinking” with the Father.  What is next for the Society?  One Cardinal recently said the Society would eventually accept the heresies of Vatican II.  The Society has already slid into accepting the Council so this would only be the next logical step. 

The wolves in Rome are clever.  They will take the Society apart in stages without them ever realizing it.  The sad thing is the Society may collapse entirely without the aide of even “drinking with the Father” further.  The mainstream/novus ordo and pseudo trad websites are everywhere and sadly the majority are either heretics or compromisers.  Wait out the Storm folks and do not let any Pseudo trad tell you that you are in schism or have ruptured from the Church because you simply wont attend these buildings which does not house our Faith.  The Society nor any pseudo trad is saving the Church in fact they are hurting it. Churchmen in general are about to be largely pruned from this world so that God get the right people in place to get this true Counter Revolution started.  That is your answer from above as to how the restoration will commence.  They have the buildings we have the Faith.  The Faith is more important than the buildings or any appearance of being called Catholic by individuals who do not hold the Faith (they are Universalists) nor have any intention of repenting (but only tricking as admitted by some cardinals). Thus, this is why God must intervene.  Unfortunately Bishop Fellay follows a false mystic who has led him off the path of reason and prudence and into the land of delusion. 

Being Called a schismatic, heretic or sedevacantist obviously bothers the Society’s leaders but should it?  A man full of himself would fear these erroneous labels and get angry.  You will often see this tone/disposition with the pseudo trad apologists (and those in Society itself) who support Fellay.  They will say “It is justice”, “we deserve this recognition”.  Is it “justice” to be recognized by heretics?  Is it okay with Christ to be working with those who destroy or even compromise the Faith?  These people are full of self love and simply cant stand "upon a reality" without caring what others think (those who have lost their minds).  That is the reality and this bothers them and they know it.  Therefore the Society’s leaders (and those supporting them) not only are theologically inept they are interiorly blind and still full of themselves.