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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trick Or Treat: Vatican II, The Really Bad “B” Horror Movie

Trick Or Treat: Vatican II, The Really Bad “B” Horror Movie
By: Eric Gajewski
The Devil divides and falsely “unifies”
Warning: Sensitive Material
Where Shiva Witchdoctors who worship devils get to bless a "Saint"
I just received yet another email from a Novus ordo priest who was very appreciative of this apostolate.  Folks, we can’t give up on our prayers nor can we slouch in offering up of our sufferings for conversions.  If we took even five minutes out of the day to contemplate the horror of hell we could truly make even more of an impact in terms of conversions (from those still in the Vatican II New Religion).  With trick or treat day coming up it is clear that those who approach the Vatican II “door” are being tricked and even if they get a treat it is poisoned.  It is a no win situation because the devil first divides which He did at Vatican II by causing this rupture from the Catholic Faith and implementing the Novus Ordo religion.  He then falsely unifies under this new false light yet it seems so attractive to the majority.  Any great theatre production needs good actors and we certainly have had our share since Vatican II in the Vatican. 

Oh, it didnt stop there!

Trick or treat.  What would you like ? A little ecumenism?  Or perhaps some delicious religious liberty?  Boy, are these tasty sweets say these blind sheep!  As I have mentioned repeatedly in my talks that if the devil was going to cause a mass apostasy from the Faith (arriving ultimately in the New Age Religion) would he attempt to accomplish it in just a few years or even a decade?  No, in order for the masses to be brainwashed into the principles of the New Religion it would require the lies and heresies be taught over and over enough so that it would simply become second nature.  Just as the children habitually ring the door bell or knock on the door... the Vatican II’ers habitually spread their errors and heresies thinking it to be Catholic.  We are now over 50 years into the apostasy and a good number are now tired of the novelties.  

Funniest Movie Monsters of All Time 

Francis has to be one of the scariest caricatures.  When I go onto the Novus Ordo websites these days I must do so by first taking a deep breath.  These websites read more like the Sunday comics as opposed to anything theologically competent.  I am not sure what Francis is.  Perhaps most would argue FrancisStein.  Whilst those following his illicit teachings are the Zombies and mummies filling the streets.  If you think you will see some scary caricatures on your neighbor hoods street soon take a look at what is going on in Italy.  The Vatican is full of FreeMasonic puppets all playing their part before the big show.  There are the sodomites and now transgenders walking about.  There are the Jesuits who are preparing for the “aliens” (our space brothers) to show up and save humanity with their new teachings.  It truly is a freak fest in the Vatican these days.  But we can still pray for the best but we ought prepare for the worst.

 Francis playing Captain Planet!
Mohahamed one of the 13 disciples

Now the False unity is widely accepted.  He started the division at Vatican II and few protested because few understood the true faith and even fewer cared.  Now, we are all one big happy family.  Francis can play so many roles this upcoming Halloween.  In addition to FrancisStein he can then dress up as John Lennon and “imagine”.  He could then cast that outfit aside and dress up as Mother Gaia.  Maybe even put on some pagan garb and prance around.  Oh wait he has done that already!  Folks, there is never true unity without the true Catholic Faith and this is something the Conciliar Church does not have.  They can have all the worlds false religions come together but at the end of the day the streets will clear with nothing to show for the effort.  The devil was cunning enough to completely repackage “Catholicism” into something else like a mad scientist and still see it to the public as “Catholic”.  The zombies and those fresh off their lobotomies offered no resistance and today we are moving ever closer to a return to ancient paganism wholesale starting in Rome.

Modern man loves his candy.  The new doctrines of Vatican II are so delicious!  We don’t even have to convert anyone anymore!  How easy!  Yet how harsh will hell be for those who propagate and follow these devilish doctrines.  Wow, the old covenant is not revoked?  And the Muslims worship together with us the same true God?  Insert scary Halloween music.  Folks, do we honestly think the Road to Heaven is in easiness?  Do we believe we can truly fill our stomachs on so much sugar and not get spiritually sick?  Modern man doesn’t care and he will go to his grave with diabetes and the inability to even see his own toes (as a glutton hungering after novelty) because he loves his candy.  Make no mistake every Halloween has its freaks.  We get to dress up as something else and break from reality for just a little.  This perfectly describes the Vatican II deception.  Men have completely broken from truth and thus reality.  

Vatican II, the really bad “B” horror movie.  Ever watched one of those ridiculously bad “B” rated horror movies? (http://www.imdb.com/list/ls006801439/)  I'm talking the ones where rabbits end up eating whole villages of people or some hairy beast ends up marrying some attractive lady and raising a family.  Yea, you know the ones Im talking about.  Vatican II, by far, is the best selling “B” movie out there.  Take a look at the cast.  Take a look at the plot.  Now look ahead to the ending.  As if we couldn’t see this one coming!  A one world religion coming?  Luther, a “Saint”.  No way, whowouldathunkit?  The blood is fake and the actors are even worse.  Come on, devil you can do better than this.  At least give me some characters which are more believable than Francis the humble.  Good news is that it is truly this bad that most get up before the movie ever ends as we all should be doing now.  Do not waste your money on this one folks!  Halloween only comes around once a year so do not forget to be constructive and pray for the dead and do vast penances.  So while Francis is out “bobbing for heresy” this Halloween and Dolan is out howling at the moon  be sure to stay faithful to Christ and keep out of those Vatican II buildings until the freak show ends wherever you maybe.  They cannot pay us enough to watch this on late night rerun.  Lastly, for those Siskel & Ebert’s out there, who found this write up offensive, spare me your negative review and find someone who cares.

This video is rated "R" for more than one reason:  
retarded and ridculousness... come to mind

Warning: Adult Content but aptly suits this blog

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