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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

There’ll be no Lepanto so long as there’s a false Church

There’ll be no Lepanto so long as there’s a false Church


I keep reading how, if this Islamization of Europe and North America gets worse, there’s going to be a civil war.  A ‘new Lepanto’ is in the works.  How is that?
What do our ‘conservative Catholic’ friends think of Our Church today?  They treat it as if the true Church Militant has some resemblance to the bishops, buildings, schools, hospitals, and vast majority of people living among them.  They make blurred distinctions between someone who holds the Faith and someone who’d like to pretend to, between a Catholic and a Protestant or a ‘nice person’.  They hurl insults at faithful Catholics shocked at their betrayals crying, “Why do you attack us?  We’re on the same side.  We only differ in ‘strategy!”

Why is it every atrocity a liberal Catholic contrives is always some strategy for success?  Why is their constant promotion of statist power a matter of ‘prudential judgment’ when there’s nothing prudent about it?  How can these esteemed Catholics claim to be soldiers who support the cause of Christ, and the rest of us ‘armchair warriors’, when their entire reputations are contingent upon paychecks from enemy institutions?  Why do our former, pre-Francis friends keep trumpeting their loyalty just as they stick in the knives?
That’s why we could never have a Lepanto today.  A Lepanto requires a Church and a faithful people.  If you can’t draw a clear line between the Church and the thing outside it, how can you understand the Jihadi?  If you can’t see an eternity of Hell awaiting heretics and their abettors, then a thousand years of hopeless Islam on the other side of Christendom seems equally absurd to you.
And don’t hand me that “the Church was ever thus” line. It was not ever thus.  We live in a terrible, terrible world and it’s the Church’s fault first, not the world’s.  The world has always belonged to its prince.  The Church, as it was ever thus, was absolutely necessary to the integrity of civilization.  Even at its decaying frontiers, its healthy proximity infused some grace.  That was then.
Francis is not a pope of Lepanto.  He’s not even a Catholic. He’s not a repentant Peter.  He’s a Judas.  He may as well wear a turban because he’s done nothing but please the ruthless followers of Muhammad, giving them everything they want, and swinging his clumsy rhetorical club at any Catholic who gets in their way.  He oversees distribution of many millions of state-funded dollars worldwide for Islamization of once-Catholic communities. That is his Church and it’s not yours or Christ’s.
No.  This isn’t Lepanto.  This is what happens, what has always happened, to Christian societies whose bishops fail, since the time Our Lord first permitted Islam to arise and become the fate of their abandoned sheep.
I’m sorry, but if you want to have a Lepanto, you have to have a Church.

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