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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Passing Of Planet X & The Paganistic Connection

The Passing Of Planet X & The Paganistic Connection
By: Eric Gajewski

Francis is "going green" for more than one reason...

Without question the New World Order agents of evil are clever.  They have solutions to the world’s apparent problems which ultimately entangle men into their nets.  We often see these days that when one particular group is “being held down” they often prop them up with the old “equality” routine that we are so accustom to.  Masons and Socialists/Marxists love to capitalize on “social inequalities” Antipope Francis being one of them.  Then there is the whole war on poverty scheme which is ultimately going to end in worldwide Socialism just as the PreVatican II Popes warned specifically Pope St. Pius X.  I have no question that if I were to show Pope St. Pius X the website of Maitreya that he too would label him the Antichrist.  However, there is an area that is often overlooked in this endgame jigsaw puzzle and that is "how could Rome ever return to ancient Paganism" as the early Church Fathers warned?  Well, this is where Planet X enters into the equation.  Allow me to explain.

How will Rome ultimately arrive at Paganism?  This is where the whole environmentalist aspect comes into play.  This propaganda is fueling the New Age.  Many of you know I keep track (daily) of all the latest earth changes and how they are affecting us.  Yes, there is indeed climate change but it is not as the New World Order would have you to believe.  Are all of these changes the result of you not recycling, carpooling and shutting off your basement freezers in the winter?  Is it really us causing this problem we now see around us?  Absolutely not and it is downright comical that the NWO agents of deception would even attempt to take this angle... but they have.  

Geoengineering.  The reality is the same very men who point the fingers at us are controlling and manipulating the weather at least to some degree.  Many people even think this latest Hurricane (Matthew) has been geoengineered.  So they blame us but to some degree it is them thus what is the endgame?  Well, for starters it means they now can grab more control through taxing us.  Taxes  are simply another method of control from their perspective.  The New World Order MUST be in control of every area of your life.  We are like lab rats to them running in the maze.  Yes, it is just that demonic.  The more important thing to consider is that they now can start cramming down our throats how we are personally destroying “Mother Earth”.  Kind of like how the Jews needed a "holocaust" so they could get across their agendas and hide behind the farce of anti semitism.  They say they are doing what is in the best interest of the common good but is this what Pope St. Pius X said of these heretics?  It will be a tumultuous agitation, sterile for the end proposed, but which will benefit the less Utopian exploiters of the people. Yes, we can truly say that the Sillon, its eyes fixed on a chimera, brings Socialism in its train.”  Pope St. Pius X   I assure you the intentions of these men are evil yet they cover it well with their smiles thinking they are advancing or progressing society.  No, they are leading us right into the arms of Lucifer through his soon False Prophet and the Antichrist.

So what about Planet X?  We must keep proper perspective.  We must recall what Fr. Malachi Martin said on the matter (he read the real third secret).  The New Age is awaiting the pass by of Planet X to “kick things into gear”.  The reality is that our current earth changes are due to this approaching space body which most researchers estimate is seven times the size of earth.  In my opinion this star sign will begin to be talked about more in the mainstream very soon.  Planet X is causing the vast majority of these earth changes and as things get worse the NWO will scream the earth is “dying”!  They already have to some degree.  So there is already a movement right now of praying to Mother Earth which ties directly into the whole environmentalist propaganda.  AntiPope Francis even got in on the deal by saying the earth is our Mother as he stood alongside some pagans.  Now, we are moving from a man centered religion in Vatican II and turning toward the earth and soon the Antichrist himself. Because he will “save us from our problems”.  The only real problem in all of this is people’s ignorance and lack of critical thinking skills in order to piece all of this together.

 Francis the Socialist is helping prepare the way for the False Prophet and Maitreya.  The New U.N. Secretary General is also a Novus Ordo Socialist

The early Church Fathers warned that Rome will eventually slide back into its ancient Paganism and hence why Benedict XVI will soon be driven out of Rome due to all the distress going on in Europe at that time.  Italy will soon experience a frightful Revolution then Russia will eventually move through Europe and enter into Italy (Blessed Aiello’s warning).  Folks, the NWO is all a big sham and the more people follow the mainstream news the more susceptible they are to following any number of these bogus programs. So as Planet X continues to get closer it will be obviously really bad but then after Rome returns to ancient Paganism (as Planet X heads back out to deep space) and then they can say Mother Earth has been appeased!  We are safe now and all is good.  No, folks all is not good these days in Rome and in the world in general.  In fact the Vatican was struck by lightning yet again on this Feast Day of the Rosary.  Our Lady is sending these evil men a message! 

You are not the problem.  So please don’t believe that you are contributing to the next tornado  out in Kansas because you didn’t conserve energy on your latest round of dishwashing.  And no Hurricane “TAXUMORE” did not arise because you own three vehicles.  Rather than Francis tell us we need to examine our consciences more on these topics he ought examine how more idiotic he is making himself out to be.  These freaks will stop at no cost to try and control/manipulate and at the same time laugh at us in the process.  This is nefarious, diabolical and flat out evil folks this is not coincidental.  The problem they do not see is that Our Lady is raising a Divine Army for the Lord as we speak and evil is being exposed.  Perhaps when the comet eventually hits they will say “Mother Earth” is demanding more taxation from the peoples and as sad as that sounds we still have some sheeple who will gobble that up.  Make no mistake the NWO is capitalizing on the passing of Planet X to further their globalist/environmentalist propaganda.  Ultimately this new turn is leading Rome to a return to ancient paganism.  The real problem is Planet X, the reaction they seek is “we must protect the earth” and the solution of environmentalism is ultimately bringing us to worshipping the earth itself.  There is a WANTED poster in heaven and ROME has its name on it!  Beware Gods wrath is hard to behold.

 Pagans do not have to convert in the Vatican II New Religion!  And people wonder why the Vatican was struck by lightning recently YET AGAIN!!

For those Catholics/Christians who have not read Pope St. Pius X’s unmasking of the One World Religion back in the early 1900’s I encourage you read it today.  How prophetic!

 The 3rd secret of Fatima was clear apostasy would start at the top of the Church

Francis & Mother Earth Worship