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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Signs of the Times (October 20, 2016)

 Signs of the Times  (October 20, 2016)

Here is the latest madness coming from the modern world

Rise of the Beauty Boys?!

It’s time to celebrate the glamorous guys who rock a bold lip better than most of us girls can.
Just this week, Cover Girl ambassador Katy Perry introduced 17-year-old New York-based Instagram makeup sensation James Charles as the next face of the popular brand--and beauty lovers went wild. Charles earned his viral badge of honor after he re-did his yearbook photo -- complete with his own lighting -- to show off his makeup skills and put all of our yearbook photos to shame.
The business of beauty has always been considered a woman's domain, but on Instagram, the boys have been showing off their skills for years -- and picking up their own fan base along the way.
Here are our 11 favorite Beauty Boys who also deserve a chance to let their highlight shimmer in the spotlight.

Click here to see the list (if you so dare)

DAYS OF LOT: CoverGirl Introduces Its First-Ever Cover Boy

Male makeup gurus are having a moment, and James Charles Dickinson is adding another. The 17-year-old YouTube sensation, known simply as James Charles on social media, boasts more than 70,000 subscribers, which comparatively isn’t as much as some other major male beauty YouTubers, like Manny Gutierrez (Manny Mua) and Patrick Starrr (both nearing 2 million each). Still, it’s more than enough for CoverGirl,
which announced Charles as its latest ambassador — and the first young man to receive such an honor. Charles, a Bethlehem, N.Y., high school senior with 428,000 Instagram followers, announced the partnership with CoverGirl via social media, with the makeup guru mentioning that he had been filming a TV commercial for the brand over the weekend. READ MORE


Transgender pupil, 18, Born boy wins the right to wear female clothes to school

Lily Madigan3
A transgender pupil who was threatened with suspension when she turned up to school wearing the girls’ uniform has emerged triumphant after hiring a solicitor to fight her corner. Sixth former Lily Madigan, 18, from Chatham in Kent, was born male but decided to start wearing the girls’ uniform as part of her transition.  But she was left devastated when school bosses threatened to suspend her from St Simon Stock Catholic School in Maidstone,
Kent, for wearing the ‘wrong uniform’ earlier this year. She was told that along with not being allowed to wear the girls’ uniform, she was also not allowed to use the girls’ toilets or changing rooms. But Lily decided to fight back and launched a petition online where 200 fellow pupils backed her cause. FULL REPORT 


Australian High School Students to Be Re-Educated on Male Privilege

The cries of social justice sweep far and wide, reaching even the shores of Australia. Now, legions of Aussie youth will be indoctrinated on how to combat white, male privilege with a new state-mandated high school curriculum dubbed “the respectful relationship.” Slated to commence in the state of Victoria in the 2017 school year, the program will have students “explore issues around social inequality, gender-based violence and male privilege,” The BBC reports:
Pay inequality, anger management, sexual orientation and the dangers of pornography will be among the topics explored by students in the programme, costing A$21.8m (£13.5m; $16.5m). Primary school students will be exposed to images of both boys and girls doing household chores, playing sport and working as firefighters and receptionists. READ MORE


Record 64.7 million non-English speakers now in America, Arabic Top Language

A new report shows explosive growth in the number of U.S. residents 5 years of age and older who speak a language other than English at home. The report by the Center for Immigration Studies, which breaks down new Census data, shows a record number of new immigrants in the country whose primary language is not English, and the fastest growing language is Arabic.
In 2015 a record 64.7 million U.S. residents spoke a foreign language at home – up 5.2 million since 2010 and up 1.5 million in just the last year. The largest percentage increase from 2010 to 2015 was for speakers of Arabic, Hindi (an India language) and Urdu (Pakistan’s national language). More than one in five U.S. residents now speaks a foreign language at home, according to the CIS report. FULL REPORT

Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth? 


DAYS OF NOAH: Scientists make live animals from artificial eggs…

Scientist viewing stem cells under microscope
For the first time, scientists have created viable mammalian eggs from scratch in the lab – and used them to produce healthy offspring. Experts say the breakthrough could one day offer new hope to women who have lost their fertility – as a result of cancer treatment, for example. However, it is likely to be many years before the technique – so far performed in mice – is reliable and safe enough for humans.
The scientists behind the discovery say the process could also shed light on the complexities of reproduction, and aiding the conservation of endangered species. In the experiments, the Japanese team – led by Professor Katsuhiko Hayashi, from Kyushu University – used stem cells both obtained from embryos and generated from mature cells taken from the tips of mouse tails. FULL REPORT


Virtual Girlfriends On the Rise

A man has told how he spends up to £1,000 a year on mundane ‘fake girlfriend’ texts – and insists he feels a connection with the woman he’s never spoken to. Ben, a 28-year-old software worker, pays $100 (£81) each month for his favourite Snapchatter to send him photos, messages and emails. He’s one of growing number of people paying for the attention – and nothing more – of minor Snapchat glamour stars.
And while cam sites and raunchy picture exchanges are nothing new, the apparent rise in people paying for basic human attention is rather more unsettling. Because rather than demanding nude pictures or racy messages, the deal is for Ben’s virtual girlfriend to send him the more vanilla and mundane communications – the type that you settle into in a longer term relationship. READ MORE


When is that Comet Coming Again?