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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shoebat: Islamic Atrocities

Shoebat: Islamic Atrocities
Take a look at some of the recent news from the "religion of peace"
Warning: Sensitive Material

Eight Muslims Repeatedly Gang Rape Four Underage English Girls

Eight Muslims Repeatedly Gang Rape Four Underage English Girls, Brag ‘White Girls Are Slags And The Only Thing They Are Good For Is Sex’ And Threaten To Burn Their Houses Down While The UK Government Tries To Cover It Up

Eight Muslims have finally been convicted of raping a group of underage English girls and then threatening to burn their homes down. However, what is the biggest scandal is how the UK government tried to cover up the whole ordeal:
Eight members of an Asian sex gang in Rotherham were today convicted of sexually exploiting teenage girls after making them suffer ‘degrading and violent’ acts.
Sageer Hussain, 30, openly boasted that he was racist and told his distraught 13-year-old white victim: ‘All white girls are good for is sex and they are just sl*gs.’
Sageer was convicted of four rapes and one indecent assault and his elder brother Basharat, 40, of indecent assault against the same girl at Sheffield Crown Court.
Brothers: Sageer Hussain (left), 30, was convicted of four rapes and one indecent assault and his elder brother Basharat (right), 40, of one indecent assault against the same 13-year-old girl.
Six other members of the gang were also found guilty of a further ten charges of sexually abusing the three girls – and face jail when sentenced next month.
Sageer’s victim – who is now 27 – told police, their MP and the then home secretary David Blunkett that she had been repeatedly raped by Sageer.
But the allegations were dropped after men threatened to burn down the family home and gang-rape her mother.
The clothes she was wearing when she was raped by Sageer were lost by South Yorkshire Police days later and the force later gave the girl £140 compensation.
She had a cut lip and bruised thighs and bottom but forensic samples taken from the victim at the time were not retained because the rape allegation was dropped.
Tapes of Sageer’s 2003 police interview were also apparently destroyed.
Files belonging to the youth support group Risky Business compiled at the time of her complaint were also lost as well as phones seized during the police probe.
The girl’s family tried unsuccessfully to get help from the local social services and took the girl out of school.

he first time when she was still a virgin he made her look at him and told her to scream in front of his watching friends who said it would be their turn next.
The victim said Sageer had been taking drugs before the second rape in the alleyway during which he pulled her hair and grabbed her neck.
His cousin Mohammed Whied, 32, sat on his car bonnet and watched Sageer have sex with the girl in the car at Clifton Park.
‘Sageer was banging her head against the window telling her to scream and he called her a white sl*g,’ said Miss Colborne.
The fourth rape occurred when Sageer pulled the girl from Whied’s car and had sex with her in some bushes near Rotherham Museum.
She cried and he called her a ‘big baby’ before flicking cigarette ash into her hair.
She saw Sageer for the last time in Whied’s car when Sageer turned ‘nasty’ and punched her in the mouth causing it to bleed.
He set light to a can of deodorant which he waved in her face before threatening her with a crowbar.
Other Asian males, including Sageer’s brothers, goaded the 13-year-old into performing sex acts on them – once with five men at a Kosovan refugee’s flat.
In police video interviews shown to the jury, the victim said: ‘It was like we were sex objects. There was no respect or care. It was like we were there for a certain reason.’
She said an unknown Asian male once held a gun to her head in Clifton Park and told her she would be shot if she spoke to police about the sexual abuse.
‘He said if you tell anyone what’s happening, I will shoot you in three seconds. He counted down from three to one then pulled the trigger and started laughing saying there was nothing in it.’ (source)
Just read through the whole piece if you do not believe it. These Muslims are evil, and yet observe the absolute silence from the “Muslim community” in the UK. They are silent because they are absolutely complicit in this evil- they know it is wrong and it is going on but they refuse to address it not because they are scared, but because they consent to it.
You cannot separate the acceptance of evil ideas and peoples from their fruits. That is like planting a tomato plant and then getting upset when it bears tomatoes because you really wanted grapes. If you wanted grapes, you should have planted a grape vine and not a tomato plant. Actions have consequence and the fruit that is given comes from the one who gave it.
Muslims rape, murder, and abuse others because Islam is Muhammad and Muhammad was a murderous, abusive rapist. The more pious a Muslim is the more potentially murderous he is because he will conform his life an actions to those of Muhammad.
If you invite Muslims and Islam into your society, you are inviting rape and murder of your own children into your society.
If you tolerate Muslims and Islam in your society, you are tolerating the rape and murder of your own children in your society.
If you say that Muslims and Islam have a place in your society, you are saying that the rape and murder of your own children has a place in society.
If you believe that rape and murder have no place in society, then you must believe not only that Islam and Muslims have no place in your society, but that you have a duty before God and your fellow man to drive them out a an act of mercy for the innocent and justice upon them, for nobody is a Muslim except by choice.

Muslims Take Fifty Christians And Force Them Into Brutal Slavery

Fifty Christians in Pakistan were enslaved by Muslims, being forced to remain imprisoned making bricks. Within these very brick kilns, Christians have been forced to endure all sorts of inhumanities and atrocities, such as rape and other sadistic tortures. While this violation of human rights goes on, our organization, Rescue Christians, has been working on the ground to liberate these slaves from their bondage and torment.
These fifty Christians were finally rescued by our organization, Rescue Christians. We were determined to save these victims but due to security issues and the government connections of the kiln owner it took us over a year to execute any plan to save these people. The plan was finally executed last week. Our team bought the slaves out, and after their liberation they were driven safely away by truck. During the journey, some of the Christians began to sing Psalm 24  ( in Punjabi language), crying out,
“Who is this King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty”
This was spontaneous and not prompted by any of our staff on the ground.  The released slaves were overjoyed at their newfound freedom and this is largely thanks to you, our supporters, who have provided the resources to make this happen. In the video of the singing, you will also see clips from an older video that we previously made, in which the victims are working in the brick kilns, and then you will see these very people after the rescue mission was done, demonstrating that our team liberated the very people that we were interviewing in the past.  You can see the video, with before and after clips:


We are making a new updated documentary, which will include the rehabilitation of the victims, which is now at early stages. We produced several photos of the rescued families:



These Christians are enslaved by their debtors to whom they own money. The loan givers are so cruel that they act like the unforgiving debtor who, when the one who owed him money said, “Have patience with me, and I will pay thee all”, he “cast him into prison, till he paid the debt.” (Matthew 18:29-30) We have also produced the loan documentations of the slaves, for further clarification:
Because of the Kiln owner connections we decided to buy their freedom, as it was too difficult to arrange an escape for 50 people at one go (which is our usual method). If we took out a small amount of families using an escape method this would compromise the ability to get the rest out in a timely fashion. The average cost per person to release them was $150 per person plus another $30 per person to provide food for a few weeks till they started their new jobs, which we arranged for them prior to their release.
Here is a list of the names of the heads of the households of the victims that we helped:
  1. Pervaiz Masih
  2. Shoukat Masih
  3. Ashiq Masih
  4. Razia Bibi
  5. Ditta Masih
  6. Bashir Masih
  7. Irfan Masih .
  8. Siraj Masih .
  9. Shahzed Masih.
It was nine families, and all in all it was fifty Christians, all of whom were rescued by our team.

Muslim Terrorists Kidnap American Christian Missionary, Make Him Take Off His Clothes At Gunpoint And Take Him Away And Now Nobody Knows Where He Is

American missionary Jeff Woodke was working evangelizing Muslims in Africa when Muslim terrorists stormed his home at night and kidnapped him. They forced him to take off all his clothes down to his underwear, and they took him away and now nobody knows where he is:
A California church is now praying desperately for the safe return of an American missionary working in Niger after he was forced to strip down to his underwear and then kidnapped from his home by armed men on Friday.
The missionary, identified as 55-year-old Jeffery Woodke of McKinlyville, California, in the North Coast Journal, is a longtime aid worker with Youth With A Mission charity, according to the Independent.
“We are praying for the safety of Jeff, for the victims’ families and for peace in the region,” the Arcata First Baptist Church said in a statement on Facebook on Saturday.
As recently as Sept. 17, Woodke was listed as an instructor at Redwood Coast School of Missions which is operated by the Arcata First Baptist Church.
“Jeff Woodke is a home grown product of Arcata First Baptist Church where as a student at Humboldt State University he gave his life to Christ,” the church said on the school’s website.
“Jeff’s passion in providing humanitarian aid to those who are amongst the poorest in the world, coupled with his desire to see God’s Kingdom advanced in a largely Muslim world has played a large part in the life and ministry of AFBC,” the church added.
Woodke, who Reuters reports was working with a local NGO called JEMED at the time of his kidnapping, has lived in Niger since 1992. On Friday night the gunmen raided his house in central Niger, killing his guard and housekeeper before driving him across the desert toward Mali, Niger’s interior ministry said in a statement on Saturday.
“These criminals are now heading toward Mali. Our forces are on their trail,” Niger’s Interior Minister Mohamed Bazoum told Reuters.
Residents reported hearing gunfire near Woodke’s home late on Friday and the town’s Mayor, Ahmed Dilo, told Reuters that gunmen first came on a motorbike to kill Woodke’s guard before whisking the missionary off in a truck.
A government source also told CNN on condition of anonymity that witnesses in Abalak said the gunmen forced Woodke to strip down to his undergarments before putting him in their four-wheel drive vehicle. The source said removing clothes from hostages was a usual practice of terrorist groups trying to avoid being tracked.
Pete Thompson, a spokesperson for YWAM, which the church directed questions to on Saturday, told the Independent that JEMED was a partner organization.
“It is not known where he has been taken and no group has yet claimed responsibility for his abduction,” Thompson said.
“His family have been informed and the U.S. government is tracking the situation,” he added. (source)
Hopefully he will come back alive. It is very likely he is undergoing serious forms of torture right now simply for bringing the gospel to Muslims. Given the fact that Islam permits and has a long history of raping non-Muslims in captivity regardless of gender because they are not regarded as humans and the fact that they stripped him to his underwear, it is possible they may be raping him as well.
Pray for Mr. Woodke’s safety, but most importantly that he would remain strong in the Lord to the end if necessarily so. For just like the Christian martyrs of the ancient world, nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, and it is those who persevere to the end are the ones who will be saved.


Muslim ‘Anti-Radicalism Advisor’ For UK Government Arrested For Multiple Rapes And Then Threatening To Murder The Victims If They Said Anything

Muhammad was (among many things) a mass murderer and a rapist. Since Muslims call Muhammad’s life the perfect image of Islamic piety and devotion for Muslims to follow, it should come as no surprise when they rape and murder too, because they are just acting in the image of their prophet, such as with this person. Once an ‘Anti-Radicalism Advisor’ for the UK government, he has now been arrested and charged with multiple rape counts and then threatening to murder the victims if they exposed him:
A former Government advisor on tackling Muslim radicalisation is due to face trial for rape on November 10.
Farooq Siddique, of Moorhill Street, Easton, has denied three counts of rape, two counts of causing actual bodily harm and one count of making threats to kill between 2009 and 2014.
A trial was due to start in April but Judge Julian Lambert gave the prosecution and defence more time to review the evidence in the case, pending a pre-trial review.

Siddique has previously been employed by the Government to advise ministers on how to tackle radicalisation. (source)
There is an old European folk tale that goes by many names, but is commonly known as the Farmer and the Viper. In the story, a farmer finds a baby viper dying from the cold winter weather. He brings the viper inside his home and nurses it back to health, upon which almost immediately after regaining his senses the viper bites the farmer and delivers a lethal dose of venom. Before the farmer dies, he asks the viper why he killed him after he helped him, and the viper responds that such is his nature- by nature he is a murderer, and the help given him did not matter because he acted in accordance with who he is.
So must this lesson be remembered with Islam. While there are many outwardly good people who are Muslims, never forget that the perfect model of Islamic piety for Muslims is a mass murderer and a rapist. Until they clearly and publicly reject Islam and embrace the One True Faith, they can never be truly trusted, for just like they asp, all it takes is an act of the will for them to embrace the evil nature that Islam gives them.
The Farmer and the Viper. It is a timeless lesson especially relevant for the situation with Islam today as it was centuries ago.

  In addition, I just received this email:

Hello Mr. Gajewski,

Here are some videos of the Muslim crisis in Europe that I have seen.

I will try to send some articles and information when I can.  I hope some of this helps and Thank you again for all of your hard-work!

Best, "Crowned Hussar"