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Monday, October 3, 2016

Rosica Alert: "Pope Francis IS the new evangelisation"

Rosica Alert: "Francis IS the new evangelisation"

Vox Cantoris 

Note: TCK does not hold Francis as the true Pope. I was blocked on Twitter by Rosica

Rosica Alert: "Pope Francis IS the new evangelisation" - silly Catholic, you thought it was all about Christ!

I've written it before, sometimes this blog just writes itself. No sooner did I write in the post below about "the Rosicas of the world" who perpetuate the narrative myth about the positive outcomes of the "Francis Effect," comes this little gem by no less than Tom Rosica, himself.
We call these moments of theological and communicative  brilliance, "Rosicanisms."
Perhaps, rather than conjecture and anecdotes, Tom Rosica, a member of the collapsing Basilian Congregation and the Executive Producer of the little watched and less relevant, Salt + Light Television, and not so-regular Vatican spox anymore, might wish to put forward some scientific research about how that "new evangelization" is actually going.
The latest research is that attendance at Holy Mass and the sacraments, the only true measurement of Catholic practice is plummeting. This is true in North America and in Europe where the Church continues to bleed adherents, Mass attendees and paying out damages to victims of priests for buggery and the bishops who covered it up.
Yet, Father Rosica, coined the phrase, "The Francis Effect." We, here at Vox, know more about "The Rosica Effect," which continues to improve every day.
He continues to try to convince one and all that the Pope is actually bringing people back to the Church, back to Christ. You would have to be an idiot to actually think this is happening. Has anyone seen the crowds at the Vatican lately? It was said, that in the past, people "came to see John Paul II but to hear Benedict XVI" as a way of describing the enormous crowds who came to listen to them proclaim Christ. The people aren't stupid, they know when they are being sold a bowl of rotten fruit based on the Masonic ideals of "dialogue" and "encounter."
Rosica states that the "pope isn't inventing new doctrines." But readers to Vox know this well, that is not how doctrine is invented, is it? 

"Will this Pope re-write controversial Church doctrines? No. But that isn't how doctrine changes. Doctrine changes when pastoral contexts shift and new insights emerge such that particularly doctrinal formulations no longer mediate the saving message of God's transforming love. Doctrine changes when the Church has leaders and teachers who are not afraid to take note of new contexts and emerging insights. It changes when the Church has pastors who do what Francis has been insisting: leave the securities of your chanceries, of your rectories, of your safe places, of your episcopal residences go set aside the small minded rules that often keep you locked up and shielded from the world."

With that quote, (originating at the NCReporter) Father Thomas J. Rosica, on numerous occasions, laid out the plans of the Synod on the Family. A fact that is now so well known as we have conclusive proof that Francis himself favours the sacrilege of Holy Communion for adulterers. A disgraceful position for the Vicar of Christ, a scandal to the faithful and a betrayal of Our Lord.
If Father Rosica and Jorge Bergoglio wish to fill the Churches (with paying fans),  it’s not going to be by postulating the papolatry of Francis as the new evangelisation come to earth and his "god of surprises."

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This picture should frighten real Catholics...

Folks, Rome Is Universalist not Catholic.  The NeoSSPX leaders are to dumb to figure this out and have been pitching their "used car salesman routine" for quite some time.... that they be accepted by these heretics and labeled "Catholic".   One of the leaders of the NeoSSPX thought it would be a great idea to be a tool of Francis for the new evangelization! Oh my how the Society has fallen. Naive is not the word...incompetent is more accurate