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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NWO Plan Has Changed? Francis No Longer Visiting Argentina

NWO Plan Has Changed?  Francis No Longer Visiting Argentina
By: Eric Gajewski

Many of you should recall how Leo Zagami and I have been warning of the potential “bailout” of Francis in Argentina.  This trip was first slated to happen in late 2016 and then was pushed back to the first few months in 2017.  However, now, very strangely, Francis has decided not to make a trip to Argentina altogether.  I find this more than strange considering some of the leading prelates of the Vatican have blocked me on social media.  To add to this the semiofficial paper of the Vatican “l'osservatore romano” has also blocked me on twitter.  Do I believe the Vatican is paying attention to what TradCatKnight is saying or let me be more specific…to what TradCatKnight is exposing?  Absolutely and there is simply no way around the reality that Francis will one way or another bailout somewhere at some point.

There will be no conclave after Francis.  The New World Order Plan is to have the False Prophet “arrive on the scene” after the chaos is unleashed in Europe.  The False Prophet will not be a true Pope (as Francis isn’t a true Pope) but rather he will say “Apostolic Succession” has now begun.  This is why it is important to denote Benedict XVI as the true Pope because he will flee with some conservative Cardinals and it is out of them that the next conclave will choose the true Pope.  Yes, the formal schism is close and recently we saw Antipope Francis putting together more pro sodomite Cardinals into place which will make the next step an easy transition.

Why change now?  So why would Francis now not want to go to Argentina?  This is the million dollar question but really has only one answer.  Francis will bailout regardless it truly does not matter where.  Per Maitreya’s writings Francis is slated to aide “Master Jesus” in the formal uniting of all religions.  This is why there was propaganda about Francis being sick very early on after his supposed election.  This may very well be the New Age plays in terms of getting Francis to step aside as I have been warning.  He is traveling to and fro so be on the lookout for “Francis is sick” articles coming from the mainstream.  Maybe even “the stress of the position” is simply getting to him or who knows what angle the enemy will play.  

Leo Zagami.  Leo, a Vatican insider, who lives right in the middle of all this mess was also very intriqued by this breaking story.  He will be back on TradCatKnight Radio this month to give his analysis on the matter.   It is very important to remember that the one to come after Francis will not be elected at all because the New Age simply cannot have the masses thinking that the Master Jesus is a Pope (as we understand it).  There must be a whole new beginning to them which is why we have had warnings in Scripture and from certain Saints as to this man who is uncanonically elected to show up and simply “take charge”.  As bizarre as that sounds, due to the manipulation of the mainstream press and the sheer desperation (at that point) of many, it is not hard to understand how this agent of hell will assume control.  So has the New World Order plan really changed?  No, in the end, Francis is a still a New Age puppet who is just playing his part and getting all the chess pieces in the right place for when the False Prophet arrives.

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