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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Immigration Crisis: Police in Malmö at the End of Their Rope

Immigration Crisis: Police in Malmö at the End of Their Rope

The police in the southern Swedish city of Malmö have reached the limit of their capabilities. Six murders, twenty shootings, and countless carbecues — and that’s just for this year. It’s a small-town police force facing a Chicago-sized crime wave, but with Islam thrown in, it’s even worse.
Many thanks to Tania G. for translating this article from Danish public TV:

After Sunday’s shooting in Malmö, the Malmö police force are now begging the rest of Sweden for help. “We are stretched to the max” says the Police Chief.
After the shooting in Malmö last Sunday, in which a 19-year-old man was shot and killed and another three wounded, local police currently have so many big homicide cases that they are now asking for help from police forces in other parts of Sweden.
Malmö police now have six different homicide investigations from this year alone, at least twenty gunfire episodes since June, and an avalanche of car burnings throughout the summer.
“We simply can’t handle any more. We are quite simply tapped out,” says Malmö’s Police Chief Stefan Sintéus to the paper Sydsvenskan.
According to the paper, the Malmö police already have around twenty people on each of the five earlier homicides, and they have now asked other police jurisdictions for assistance, and that they take over the investigation for the shooting this past Sunday.
One killed, three wounded in car
Sunday’s violent shooting targeted four men in a car, who were shot at by two men with automatic rifles. Around twenty rounds were fired, some of which hit the four men plus nearby apartment.

Some of the cases in Malmö intersect with each other where it would appear to be violent retaliation. One of the three wounded from Sunday’s shooting was arrested the following day for his role in one of the city’s other homicides that cost a 22-year-old man his life in March.
All resources used up
Malmö Police have already re-prioritized so that all efforts are used on the homicides and the approximately 25 attempted homicides registered after the many shootings. The Police Chief doesn’t see any other option but to ask for outside help.
“I expect to get help. Otherwise we will have to do some very tight prioritizing” says Stefan Sintéus to Sydsvenskan.

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