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Monday, October 17, 2016

Hillary's ties to Monsanto mean more GMOs

Hillary's ties to Monsanto mean more GMOs, less transparency in labeling


This year's choice of presidential candidates being offered by the two major political parties could not be more unorthodox, and clearly there are things about both of them not to like.

GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump is lewd, has no filter whatsoever and prone to saying (and tweeting) whatever immediately comes into his mind. Not a politician, Trump is the last person many Republicans thought they'd see atop their party's ticket in 2016.

Then there's Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, one of the most dishonest, scandal-ridden and unexciting candidates that has ever run for the nation's highest office. But what makes her especially unappealing is her "insider/establishment" pedigree.

For instance, in recent days, thanks to data dumps by whistleblower site WikiLeaks, we now know that she has conspired with the power-hungry elite and globalists to produce a "compliant citizenry" that does what they're told, when they're told, and never questions authority. These are the people 'advising' Clinton and will no doubt be part of her administration.

'Bride of Frankenfood' has a history of Monsanto collusion

Part of citizen compliance, of course, has to do with "conspiring" with major corporations like Monsanto to poison our food chain, dumb down the people and ensure that any ill-effects from said food chain destruction is kept hidden.

As we have reported, and as has been documented in this white paper by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, along with editors of NewsTarget.com, Clinton has longstanding financial ties to Monsanto.

"Hillary Rodham Clinton's ties to agribusiness giant Monsanto, and her advocacy for the industry's genetically modified crops, have environmentalists in Iowa calling her 'Bride of Frankenfood'" reportedthe Washington Times in May 2015. "A large faction of women voiced strong support for Mrs. Clinton's candidacy until the GMO issue came up, prompting them to switch allegiances to Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont, a liberal stalwart challenging her for the Democratic nomination."

There's more, however. Clinton repeated all of Monsanto's favorite talking points at the 2014 Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) conference. In her speech she said she is in favor of using the company's GMO seeds and other products that have a "proven track record," even though there are no statistics to justify such broad praise. In fact, if anything, Monsanto's Roundup has been associated with the creation of superweeds that are harder to kill and are now encroaching on more crop acreage, forcing agricultural operations to use as much as 10 times the amount of toxic herbicides that would be used otherwise on normal, non-GMO crops.

As TruthWiki notes further:

Hillary tries to bleed together GMO with hybrids (traditional natural breeding methods), a typical miseducation and disinformation conversation many other biotech shills use for propaganda, such as Bill Nye, the science fraud guy, and Neal DeGrasse Tyson, also a known biotech huckster. Clinton goes so far as to say during her "BIO" presentation that all anti-GMO people are anti-science idiots who can't comprehend the "facts."

Trump has no history of destroying the country's clean food supply

There is even more. Clinton hired Jerry Crawford, a prominent long-time Monsanto lobbyist, to run her current presidential campaign. He is reportedly the force behind Monsanto's regular efforts to haul small farmers into court, in order to protect the company's growing monopoly on the world's seed market. Also, Clinton's one-time law office, the Rose Law Firm, represented Monsanto and other agri-business companies.

Besides her ties to Monsanto and the influence the corporate giant would wield in a Clinton administration, Hillary is a big believer and pusher of phony climate change/global warming, the narrative of which has changed back and forth from "global cooling" to "global warming" and then to just "climate change" so that she and every other climate hoaxer can claim any severe weather event is due to man-made activity.

So while both presidential candidates may have a list of undesirables, one – Trump – at least does not have a political history of selling the country's food supply out to corporate interests who care nothing about clean food.


Vaccine ingredient warning: Aluminum phosphate increases toxicity of mercury, therefore the CDC severely underestimates caution about mercury intolerance

Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on earth, and one scientific fact that most Americans do not know is that aluminum, listed as aluminum phosphate and aluminum hydroxide in vaccines, greatly increases the toxicity of mercury (listed as thimerosal). Why is this so alarming? We already know that thimerosal (about 50% mercury) is suspected as a cause of autism and the recent massive spikes in cases over the past couple decades. So now, we can realize that the caution about "minimum mercury tolerance" doled out by the CDC is actually severely underestimated, though this warning is not provided on vaccine inserts, which hardly a living soul reads anyway. Now, consider this: there are 25 mcg in one average flu vaccine, and the EPA safety limit is 5 micrograms, so do the math.

Children who are vaccinated simultaneously with multiple vaccines receive over 10 times the safety limit of mercury in one day. Think about that for a second. The safety limits are completely and utterly blown out. This brings us to the conclusion that the present systemic risk in any influenza or infectious disease inoculation has never been evaluated, and therefore, no vaccines can be considered safe or effective.

Thimerosal-containing vaccines (TCVs) are not limited to flu shots

Mercury is toxic to humans, at any level or dose. To even pretend for one minute that injecting this neurotoxin into muscle tissue can be of any benefit is to play into the hands of the ruthless and highly experimental vaccine industry, that has been using this immunization "preservative" for nearly a century. Using aluminum phosphate in vaccines catapults the toxicity of thimerosal, sending the central nervous system of infants and children into panic mode. Vaccine pushers and propagandists say that the more intense the immune response (at vaccination), the stronger the immunity that is built by antibodies for the long term.

This is a huge lie built on a false hypothesis that's already been proven wrong. In contrast, the hyper-immune response to being injected with neurotoxins causes many humans to go into anaphylactic shock, comas, and even death. Long term nervous system disorders are becoming more and more commonplace as the vaccine schedule includes more and more vaccines closer together in time. American children today receive as many as 65 immunizations before age seven. Go figure. Now, thousands of people have immune-deficiencies and severe allergic reactions to certain drugs (and foods) thanks to being overloaded with toxic jabs filled with neurotoxins that are catapulted with aluminum phosphate and aluminum hydroxide.

Did you know that in many developed countries, the use of TCVs is restricted to children at least six months old? In America, the CDC added the influenza vaccine (flu shot) to the vaccine schedule, so it is recommended to pregnant women and infants. The flu shot was revealed by Mike Adams and CWC labs to contain 25,000 times more mercury than is allowed in drinking water. Now add in some aluminum phosphate and inject it into your muscle tissue, then call it "safe and effective." Why does the CDC still use mercury? It's cheap. Period. However, that cost contention, between single-dose and multi-dose vials, has been challenged time and time again.

Neurotoxic chemical doses increased exponentially for infants and done purposely by the CDC

It gets worse. In the last 30 years, the number of pediatric thimerosal-containing vaccines has increased as well as the aluminum–mercury ratio (A1:Hg), rising from 10-fold to 50-fold in certain vaccines today. Consider hepatitis B vaccines (HBV). Add to that mayhem the scientific fact that children are more susceptible than adults to the toxic effects of heavy metal exposure, and the research that reveals fetuses are even more vulnerable. Autism is a big money maker for the vaccine and pharmaceutical industries nationwide. Twenty years ago, only one in 10,000 children in America had autism, and now it's one in every 68. Holistic doctors estimate that, if the toxic jab trend continues along with forced vaccination nationwide, then one in every three children will be diagnosed with some form of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by the year 2050.

Bottom line: proper function of the brain depends directly upon the integrity of the whole central nervous system, and any injections of mercury and formaldehyde into muscle tissue can have life-long consequences, including a shortened life-span. Of course, the abominable CDC and the insidious vaccine industry have performed no studies of A1 toxicity following immunizations with A1-adjuvanted vaccines. Aluminum salts are obviously catapulting the problems of injecting the "preservative" and "microbial" reducing thimerosal into children, babies, and pregnant mothers, but as long as Big Pharma keeps paying off politicians and our regulatory agencies to look the other way, the chronic damage will continue.

Want natural immunity for you and your children? Look into colloidal silver, organic garlic, vitamin C and D, licorice root, and of course oil of oregano.